Spark Watch Keeps You Awake With A Buzz

One way smartwatch makers hope to work their products into the hearts and minds of the general public is through special use functions.

We’ve seen plenty of smartwatches for sports enthusiasts, including highly specialized niches such as specific watches for basketball players or golfers.

Well here comes a smartwatch whose specialized function is to keep its wearer awake by vibrating whenever he or she begins to nod off. With sleep deficiency becoming an increasingly common ailment in these crazy, multi-tasking times of ours, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this function catch on in other smartwatches.

The Spark Watch is currently a Kickstarter project hoping to ship its product by late September. It looks like any other generic smartwatch, but features two motion sensors that can tell if the wearer is awake. The sensors detect movement velocity and frequency, and the data collected is processed by a unique algorithm to judge the wearer’s conscious state.

Image from Kickstarter

Image from Kickstarter

While the vibration generated when a wearer nods off is said to be painless, it is persistent and will continue until the wearer wakes up. The Spark Watch is equipped with a small vibration motor capable of different and adjustable frequencies and intensities. It runs on a lithium-ion battery and lasts between five and seven days on a single charge, and boasts a micro USB port for charging.

We use the term “smartwatch” advisedly for the Spark Watch, since the keeping-awake function is the only smart thing it does — no phone alerts or any other interactivity. But for a suggested price of $49, we wouldn’t expect much more anyways.

Seeing as statistics show that one in five motor vehicle accidents are caused by drowsiness, we certainly see this device having some merit in terms of public safety. Its makers say the device is also aimed at students who have trouble staying awake in class or businesspeople crashing during business meetings.

Too bad we don’t have a device yet that makes boring meetings or classes more interesting.

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