Apple Watch Sport 38mm with Pink Band and Silver Case

The Watch Sport is the entry model in Apple’s smartwatch lineup. This particular version comes in the smaller 38mm size, with a bright pink sport band and a silver anodized aluminum case. To clarify, the case is made of aluminum but is adorned with a silver finish.

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If you haven’t heard of the Apple Watch then surely you’ve been living under a rock. Apple claims it is ‘the most personal device’ they’ve ever released. This is because it affords a variety of unique interactions and technologies exclusive to the watch.

The Apple Watch is designed to be a companion to the iPhone and will display notifications, calls, and alerts while sitting on your wrist. This is convenient because you don’t have to look at your phone every time you receive a message, email, or call.

Unique features include:

  • ‘Force Touch’ technology which gives the device more depth through interactivity. It knows when you are pressing the screen with more pressure. The feature can also be used to send drawings, “taps”, and vibration patterns to other watch owners.
  • Control the watch via touch, gestures, or the Digital Crown!
  • Animated emoji exclusive to the Apple Watch that can be customized. Make them wink, feign surprise, or stick their tongue out!
  • Receive calls and texts remotely from the iPhone 5 and up.
  • Analyzes received messages and makes personalized suggestions for replies, allows you to reply much quicker.
  • Send voice messages to other watch owners with the integrated mic (walkie-talkie).
  • Native Wi-Fi support so you can connect directly to a nearby network.
  • Has a heart-rate monitor on the rear of the watch face to measure BPM and activity levels.
  • An accelerometer can track steps taken calories burned, and total activity time.
  • There is a large selection of apps that are compatible with the Apple Watch on the App Store.

This version has the following:

  • Anodized aluminum case with silver finish
  • Bright pink sport band with stainless steel pin
  • Retina Display with Force Touch technology and protected by Ion-X glass
  • Digital Crown (on the side) for more precise controls
  • Integrated speaker and microphone
  • Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz) and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless functionality
  • Sensors: Heart-rate, accelerometer, gyroscope, ambient light sensor
  • Battery Life: Up to 18 hours
  • Magnetic charging cable and USB adapter included in the box

All new Apple devices come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty from Apple. There is a possibility this item may come bundled with a foreign charger. If that is the case, a FREE U.S. adapter will be included also.