Fitness Trackers: How Do They Count Steps?

Smartwatches perform a lot of wonders, such as tracking your physical activities and monitoring your health. Smart wearables nowadays do not only function as timekeeping gadgets, but they can also be your fitness buddy. No wonder tech enthusiasts are going crazy whenever a new smartwatch model is released. But before you check the latest innovations on these devices, have you ever wondered how fitness trackers can count the steps you’ve taken?

The Wonders of Fitness Trackers

Before you discover how fitness trackers work, would it be better to learn some of their basic features? If you are buying a smartwatch in the future, fitness tracking is one of its basic functionalities. However, not all smartwatch brands are the same because some have more fitness apps than others. Suppose you are purchasing soon, make sure that the fitness trackers have the following:

1. GPS

Fitness GPS is an important feature that you should look for in smart wearables, whether smartwatches for kids or adults. If your kids are wearing smartwatches, you can use the GPS to monitor their whereabouts. This functionality can provide map routes while tracking the distance you’ve traveled.

2. Heart rate monitor

When doing physical activities, you need a fitness tracker that can accurately monitor your heart rate. This way, you can get a better idea of how many calories you are burning each day. Not only that, but you can keep up with your workout intensity when you know your heart rate zone.

3. Movement reminder

Fitness trackers should motivate you to keep moving and achieve a more active lifestyle. So make sure to buy a smartwatch that reminds you to take a walk or exercise when you are still for so long.

4. Smartphone integration

You can download fitness apps that can help you monitor your daily activities. But your smartwatch should have a smartphone integration so that it would be easier to do so. Opt for a smart wearable that is compatible with your smartphone model.

5. Sports and exercise recognition

Look for a smartwatch for exercise that has activity sensors. This could effectively detect whether you’re running, cycling, walking, or doing aerobic exercise.

How Fitness Trackers Work

Fitness trackers in smartwatches have various sensors used to gather information, such as counting the steps you take. For instance, most smartwatches today have an accelerometer that measures your movement based on the changes in your speed and direction. This sensor can measure any direction where you move. As such, most of the steps you take are recorded by the accelerometer, in which the data is displayed to your smartwatch or phone. Usually, fitness trackers use a 3-axis accelerometer.

Smartwatches can monitor your heart rate, track your location, and even count the steps you take each day. These devices also function as fitness trackers, where various sensors are integrated to gather the information you need, helping you achieve a more active lifestyle. If you are buying smartwatches, make sure to choose the best one with an effective fitness tracker.

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