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4 Self-Charging Smartwatches

4 Self-Charging Smartwatches

Smartwatches are excellent devices that work more than a regular timepiece. It serves as a smartphone extension where you can do many activities, from watches that track distance and pace to tracking your sleep patterns. Besides, smartwatches are compatible with many...

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The 5 Best Smartwatches for Hiking

The 5 Best Smartwatches for Hiking

Smartwatches are capable of many things, from displaying mobile notifications on your wrist to tracking activity and fitness stats. Yet a lot of those extra features you don’t need when you’re out in the wilderness on a hike or a long-distance trip. You’re not going...

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Learn About Smartwatches

5 Best Bluetooth Sunglasses

5 Best Bluetooth Sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses is not only for the summer season. Even in winter, a pair of sunglasses can protect your eyes from the glare coming from snow and car windows when you're driving. So if you want to keep your eyes healthy, it would be best to always carry a pair of...

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Does It Matter Which Arm I Wear My Smartwatch On?

Does It Matter Which Arm I Wear My Smartwatch On?

Smartwatches are among the popular wearable tech that you can easily find in the market today. Be it smartwatches for kids, men, or women, indeed, there's a perfect device that suits your style and needs. Upon buying a smartwatch, or even a fitness tracker, you're...

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What is Smart Jewelry?

What is Smart Jewelry?

Gone are the days when things only served one purpose. For instance, watches have become more modernized as they consist of GPS trackers, music, and various applications to provide better communication and entertainment. Aside from watches, jewelry like rings and...

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The Pros and Cons of Smartwatches

The Pros and Cons of Smartwatches

Christmas is just around the corner. Have you already found a gift for your loved ones? If not, you may consider wearable technology that every tech-savvy person would surely like. Smartwatches are among the in-demand wearable technology you can buy in the market...

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How to Use WhatsApp on a Smartwatch

How to Use WhatsApp on a Smartwatch

Gone are the days when people had to wait for a long time to receive a reply from their message. With the help of technology, there are applications that you can use to send and receive messages instantly. Some of the popular messaging apps which people use nowadays...

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Apple Watch News

Does A Samsung Watch Work With An iPhone?

Does A Samsung Watch Work With An iPhone?

When searching for smartphone accessories, people tend to look for items with the same manufacturers. It assures them that it will work with their phones, allowing the devices to perform in full capacity. There are misconceptions that a Samsung Watch can only be...

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The Best Smartwatches for Sleeping: Apple Series

The Best Smartwatches for Sleeping: Apple Series

Most of the time, Apple is always included in the leading brands regarding gadgets and other innovative accessories. If you search the internet today about the best smartwatches for women and men, you'll find the Apple Series to be on the featured list. One reason why...

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Apple Watch OS8 New Features

A watch that can send and receive text messages and calls; a timepiece that allows you to monitor your heart rate; a device that will enable you to track your activities - these are things that a smartwatch can do. No wonder many tech lovers are going crazy about...

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WatchOS 8: What You Need to Know

Apple Watch has been one of the front runners when it comes to wearable technology. Many people have been using it to monitor their health and accompany them in their active lifestyle. This year, it is expected that Apple will be releasing the watchOS 8. What does it...

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Smartwatch Reviews



Swimming and jogging could be two of your favorite pastimes. Do you want to know how to keep track of your performance? If you're an athletic person or someone who loves sports, you might need an INCUS NOVA. "ONE DEVICE, ONE ATHLETE, THREE SPORTS," as their famous...

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Garmin Instinct Solar Review

Smartwatches are popular these days, so are sports watches. One of the famous sport watches out there is Garmin Instinct Solar. If you are looking for another Garmin watch with high functionality, you might like this sports watch. To know whether it's worth your...

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The New Tamagotchi Wearable

Do you remember those little creatures on a pixelated black and white screen that you have taken care of as a kid? They will be back as Tamagotchi wearable. The Tamagotchi Wearable Back in the mid-late ‘90s, everyone went crazy for Tamagotchi. It was a smash hit,...

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Samsung’s OLED Skin Display Review

Are you a Samsung fan? If so, probably you have already heard about the company's OLED skin display. But for those who are clueless about it, you're on the right page because you'll learn today about this latest breakthrough.  OLED Skin Display: Stretchable...

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Smartwatch ModelMarket StatusBattery LifeiOS CompatibleAndroid CompatiblePrice
Abardeen F80On Market8GB$150
Acer Liquid LeapPre-production
AI Technologies AI WatchPre-production150 hrs standbyNoYes$279
Alcatel OneTouch WatchOn Market2 daysiOS 7+Android 4.3+$150
Alcatel OneTouch CareTimeOn MarketiOS 7+Android 4.3+$120
Alpina Horological SmartwatchOn Market730 days$521
AndroidlyOn Market2.2+$175.00
Apple WatchOn MarketUp to 18 hours5+No$549 to $1,099
Apple Watch SportOn MarketUp to 18 hours5+No$349 - $399
Apple Watch EditionOn MarketUp to 18 hours5+No$10,000+
Apple Watch Series 2On Market1 dayiOS 10+$369
Apple Series 2 Nike+On Market1 dayiOS 10+$369
Apple Watch Series 2 HermesOn Market1 dayiOS 10+$1149
Archos SmartwatchOn Market2 daysiOS 7+Android 4.1+$50
ASUS ZenWatchOn Market4.3+~$99-$199
Asus ZenWatch 2On Market1.5 daysAndroid 4.3+Android 4.3+$149
ASUS VivoWatchOn Market7-10 days8.1+4.3+
Asus ZenWatch 3On Market2 days$255
Blink WatchOn Market2 daysiOS 8+Android 4.4+$195
Bluboo UOn Market3 daysiOS 5+Android 5.0+$30
Bluboo XwatchOn Market450mAh4.0+$99
BOLDR VoyagePre-production182 daysiOS 6+Android 4.0+$179
Breitling B55 ConnectedOn Market60 days$8900
Burg 27On Market2 daysiOS 7+Android 4.4+$499
Casio WSD-F10On Market1 dayiOS 8+Android 4.3+$500
Casio G-Shock G'MIXOn Market730 daysiOS 7+Android 4.3+$197
Casio EDIFICE EQB500D-1AOn MarketiOS 4+Android 4.3+$380
Casio GShock GB6900B-1B Classic SeriesOn MarketiOS 7+Android 4.2+$180
Cherry Mobile Cherry Watch N5On Market300mAh1,999 Php
Citizen Eco-Drive ProximityOn Market1095 days5+$400.00
Cogito ClassicOn Market365 daysiOS 7+Android 4.3+$179
Cogito PopOn MarketiOS 7+Android 4.3+$130
Cogito Fit LuxOn Market2-3 monthsiOS 7+Android 4.3+$149
Cogito Fit SportsOn Market2-3 monthsiOS 7+Android 4.3+$99
Cogito Fit ExecOn MarketiOS 7+Android 4.3+$129
ConnecteDevice CookooOn Market274 days5+4.3+$130.00
Creoir IbisConceptYesYes
Dell SmartwatchRumored
Doogee KeeperOn Market5 days
E-Ceros Smart WatchOn Market4 days
Elegiant SportOn Market5 days$60
ElemoonOn Market$399
Elephone W1On Market7 days$50
Elephone ELE WatchOn Market3 days$115
Ematic Smart WatchOn Market4GBAndroid 4.1+$99
EVO FiLIP 2On Market2 daysiOS 7+Android 4.0+$150
Filip Technologies FilipOn Market2 days6+2.3+$199.99
Fitbit BlazeOn Market5 days$200
Fossil Q FounderOn Market1 dayiOS 8+Android 4.4+$275
Fossil Q GrantOn Market7 daysiOS 8+Android 4.3+$195
Fossil Q54 PilotOn Market7 daysiOS 8+Android 4.4+$175
Fossil Q MarshalOn Market1 day$275
Fossil Q WanderOn MarketiOS 8+Android 4.4+$275
Frederique Constant Horological SmartwatchOn Market730 days$1312
Garmin VivosmartOn Market7 days$169.99
Garmin VivoactiveOn Market7 daysiOS 7+Android 4.3+$219.99
Garmin Fenix 3 SapphireOn Market2 daysiOS 5+Android 4.3+$569
Garmin Fenix 2On Market2 daysiOS 5+Android 4.3+$400
Garmin EpixOn Market2 daysAndroid 4.3+Android 4.3+$550
Garmin Approach S4On Market42 daysiOS 5+Android 4.3+$250
Garmin Approach S5On Market140 daysiOS 5+Android 4.3+$350
Garmin D2On Market2 daysiOS 5+Android 4.3+$449
Garmin Fenix 3On Market2 daysiOS 7+Android 4.3+$500
Garmin QuatixOn MarketiOS 5+Android 4.3+$450
Garmin Approach S6On Market10 daysAndroid 4.3+Android 4.3+$400
Garmin tactixOn Market2 days$370
Garmin Forerunner 15On Market8 daysiOS 4+$169
Garmin Approach S2On Market21 days$200
Garmin Approach S3On Market28 days$250
Garmin Vivomove SportOn Market365 days$150
Garmin Approach S20On Market56 days$200
Garmin Forerunner 735XTOn Market11 daysiOS 7+Android 4.3+$450
Garmin Forerunner 35On Market9 days$200
Garmin Quatix 3On Market2 days$449.99
Garmin Tactix BravoOn Market2 daysiOS 8+Android 4.3+$600
Garmin Fenix ChronosOn Market7 days$1500
Gearbest NT08On Market7 days$40
Go Life GoWatch 820iOn Market21 daysiOS 8+Android 4.3+$176
Go Life GoWatch X-ProOn Market18 daysiOS 8+Android 4.3+$202
Google SmartwatchRumoredNoYes
Haier WatchOn MarketiOS 9+Android 6.0+$220
Hannspree Sports WatchOn Market10 daysiOS 7+Android 4.3+$45
Henlen Henlen smartwatchOn MarketiOS 8+Android 4.4+$185
HopCentury Bluetooth Smart WatchOn Market6.25 days$159
HP Michael BastianConcept
HP Michael Bastian ChronowingOn Market7 daysiOS 7+Android 4.3+$350
HP Isaac MizrahiOn Market5 daysiOS 8+Android 4.4+$250
HTC PetraPre-production
Huawei WatchOn Market2 daysiOS 8+Android 4.3+$350
Huawei ElegantOn Market2 daysiOS 8+Android 4.3+$500
Huawei Watch JewelOn Market2 daysiOS 8+Android 4.3+$600
Huawei Honor Band ZeroOn Market4 daysiOS 7+Android 4.4+
Huawei TalkBand B1On Market6 daysiOS 4+Android 2.3+$180
Hug Innovations Hug SmartwatchOn Market2 daysiOS 9+Android 4.3+
i.am PULSOn Market5 daysiOS 7+Android 4.0+$400
i.am GucciPre-production
i'm S.p.A i'm WatchOn Market.25 days4+4.0+$349.00
iMCO CoWatchOn Market1 dayiOS 9+Android 5.0+$279
Infomark IF-W510S JooN 2On Market2 daysiOS 7+Android 4.0+
Infomark IF-W565SOn Market2 days
Infomark IF-W509S JooN1 KidOn Market
Infomark IF-W520S JooN3 LTE KidOn Market
Intel Basis PeakPre-productionYesYes~199-299
Intel MicaOn Market2 days$495
Intex iRistOn Market8 days$189
Intex Irist JuniorOn Market3 daysiOS 7+Android 4.4+$60
Intex Irist ProOn Market5 daysAndroid 4.4+$73
JideTech D360On Market7 days$100
K8 3GOn Market1 dayAndroid 4.4+$125
Kairos Hybrid MSW115On Market3 days$1400
Kairos Hybrid SSW158On Market3 days$2550
Kisai Blade Wood LinkOn Market5 daysiOS 8+$159
Kisai Xtal Wood LinkOn Market60 daysiOS 8+$159
Kisai Sequence Wood Link LEDOn Market30 daysiOS 8+$159
Kisai Spider Wood Link LCDOn Market5 daysiOS 8+$159
Kreyos MeteorOn Market7 days4+2.3+$170.00
Kurio WatchOn Market2 days4.0+$60
LeFun OneOn Market3 days$99
LeFun GearOn Market3 daysAndroid 4.3+$99
LeFun Gear SOn Market7.5 days$88
LeFun U8POn Market10 daysAndroid 4.3+$97
Lenovo Vibe Band VB10On Market7 daysAndroid 4.4+$89
LG GOn Market400mAh (2 days)No4.3+$229
LG G Watch RPre-production410mAh (2 days)4.3+
LG Lifeband TouchOn Market2-3 days5+4.3+$149.99
LG UrbaneOn Market1 dayiOS 8+Android 4.3+$170
LG Urbane LuxeOn Market1 dayiOS 8+Android 4.3+$1200
LG Urbane LTEOn Market1 dayAndroid 4.3+
LG G Watch R Pro AudiConcept
LG GizmoPal 2On Market9 daysiOS 7+Android 4.0+$80
Martian PassportOn Market7 days6+4.0+$299.00
Martian Guess ConnectOn Market5 days$349
Martian NotifierOn Market5 daysiOS 6+Android 2.3+$129
Martian ActiveOn Market5 daysiOS 8+Android 4.0+$250
Martian VictoryOn Market7 days$299
Martian G2GOn Market5 days/2 yrs7.1+3.0+$295
Meizu Bong XXOn Market25 days$36
Meta Watch Ltd. MetaWatch FrameOn Market6 days6+2.3+$229.00
Meta Watch Ltd. MetaWatch StrataOn Market6 days6+2.3+$179.99
MetaWatch M1On Market5-7 daysYesYes$249
Michael Kors AccessOn MarketiOS 8+Android 4.3+$395
Microsoft BandOn Market48 hrs$199
Misfit PhaseOn Market180 daysiOS 7+Android 4.3+$175
Mobvoi TicwatchOn Market$160
Mobvoi Ticwatch 2On Market1 dayiOS 8+Android 4.3+$199
Momentum Labs MomentPre-production820mAh$229
Mondaine Helvetica No 1 SmartwatchOn Market730 days$865
Mota SmartWatch G2 ProOn Market3 daysiOS 7+Android 4.1+$90
MOTA SmartWatch G2 LiteOn Market3 daysiOS 7+Android 4.1+$80
Mota SmartWatch G1On Market3 daysiOS 7+Android 4.3+$80
Motorola Moto 360On Market320mAh (2 days)8.2+4.3+$249.99
Motorola Moto 360 SportOn Market1 day$299
Movado BOLD Motion 3660001On Market7 daysiOS 8+Android 4.4+$695
MyKronoz ZeTelOn Market3 daysiOS 7+Android 4.3+$196
MyKronoz ZeWatch3On Market4 daysiOS 7+Android 4.3+$87
MyKronoz ZeClockOn Market4 daysiOS 7+Android 4.3+$123
MyKronoz ZeSplash 2On Market3 daysiOS 7+Android 4.3+$142
Mykronoz ZeCircleOn Market5 daysiOS 7+Android 4.3+$90
MyKronoz ZePhoneOn Market3 days$218
MyKronoz ZeBraceletOn Market$86
MyKronoz ZeKidOn Market3 daysiOS 8+Android 4.3+$170
MyKronoz ZeRoundOn Market3 daysiOS 8+Android 4.3+$99
Neptune PineOn Market.5-1 days4.1+$335+
Nevo WatchOn Market182 daysiOS 8+Android 4.3+$330
Nevo Balade ParisienneOn Market180 daysiOS 8+Android 4.3+$169
Nevo & Wiko WatchOn Market180 daysiOS 8+Android 4.3+
Nicole Lapin CASHOn Market$139
Nixon MissionOn MarketiOS 8+Android 4.3+$400
No 1 G2On Market6 daysiOS 8+Android 4.3+$84
No 1 D5On Market5 daysAndroid 4.3+$119
No 1 D3On Market5 daysiOS 8+Android 4.4+$50
No 1 Sun S2On Market3 daysiOS 5+Android 4.0+$80
No 1 D2On Market5 daysiOS 7+Android 4.3+$79
No 1 S3On Market1.5 days$77
Nokia FacetConcept
Olio Model OneOn Market2 daysiOS 9+Android 4.4+$595
Omate TrueSmartOn Market4 days6+4.2+$199.00
Omate RacerOn Market5 daysiOS 7+Android 4.3+$129
Omate RiseOn Market7 daysiOS 9+Android 4.3+$200
Omate XOn Market7 daysiOS 7+Android 4.3+$129
Omate LutetiaOn MarketiOS 7+Android 4.3+$169
Omate RomaOn MarketiOS 7+Android 4.3+$129
Omate Wherecom K3On Market2 days$129
Orsto X3On Market3-4 daysNoYes$399
Otium SteelOn Market4 daysAndroid 4.4+$95
Otium GearOn Market3 days$48
Otium Gear SOn Market3 days$34
Otium OneOn Market3 daysiOS 7+Android 4.3+$33
Otium U8POn Market10 daysiOS 8+Android 4.3+
Oumax Watch S5On MarketiOS 5+Android 4.0+3 days
Oumax Watch S6On Market3 days$89
Oumax Watch S6+On MarketiOS 9+Android 4.3+$89
Overmax Touch 2.5On MarketAndroid 4.4+$91
Pebble Tech PebbleOn Market7 days5+2.3+$175.00
Pebble Tech SteelOn Market5-7 days5+2.3+$249
Pebble Tech TimeOn Market7 days4S+ on iOS 84.0+$199.99
Pebble Tech Time SteelOn Market7 daysiOS 8+4.0+$249.99
Pebble Tech Time RoundOn Market2 daysiOS 8+4.3+$249.99
PHTL Hot SmartWatchPre-production3 days5+2.3+$179-$249
PHTL HOT BasicOn Market$152
PHTL HOT ClassicOn Market$169
PHTL HOT EdgeOn Market$169
PHTL HOT CurveOn Market$211
Polar M600On Market48 daysiOS 8+Android 4.3+$393
Polar M200On Market6 daysiOS 8+Android 4.4+$150
Qualcomm ToqOn Market2 days4.0.3+$349.99
Razer NabuPre-production4-7 days5+4.3+~$100
Razer Nabu Watch Forged EditionOn Market7 daysiOS 8+Android 4.3+$200
Red Sun Fashion S9110On Market16 days$85
RefsixOn Market$233
Rufus CuffOn MarketAndroid 4.4+$339
Runtastic MomentOn MarketiOS 8+Android 4.3+$180
Samsung Galaxy GearOn Market2 days2.3+$295.00
Samsung Gear 2On Market2-3 daysNoYes$299.99
Samsung Gear FitOn Market3-4 daysNoYes$199
Samsung Gear SOn Market2 days (300mAh)YesYes�299
Samsung Gear S2On Market2 days4.4+$299
Samsung Gear S2 ClassicOn Market2 days4.4+$349.99
Samsung Gear LiveOn Market1.5 daysAndroid 4.3+$199
Samsung Gear 2 NeoOn Market3 days$199
Samsung Gear S3 ClassicOn Market4 days
Samsung Gear S3 frontier LTEOn Market4 days4.4+$299.99
Samsung De Grisogono Gear S2On Market4 days$15,000
Secret Labs House of Horology AgentOn Market7 days5+2.3.3+$249.00
Shammane WatchOn Market3 daysiOS 7+Android 4.3+$249
Shanda Geak Watch 2On Market7 days$327
Shanghai Nutshell Electronic Co. Geak WatchOn Market4.1+$330.00
Skagen Hagen Connected SKT1104POn Market120 daysiOS 8+Android 4.4+$215
Skagen Hagen Connected SKT1101POn Market120 daysiOS 8+Android 4.4+$195
Skagen Hagen Connected SKT1100POn Market120 daysiOS 8+Android 4.4+$205
Sonostar SmartwatchOn Market5 daysAny2.2+$180.00
Sony SmartWatchOn Market3 days2.3+$85.00
Sony SmartWatch 2On Market4 days4.0+$199.00
Sony SmartWatch 3Pre-production2 days (420mAh)8.2+4.3+�229
Sony SmartBandOn Market5 days4.4+$99.99
Sony Smartwatch Steel EditionOn Market4 daysAndroid 4.3+$300
Sony WenaOn Market7 daysiOS 8+$287
Sony FES Watch UOn Market21 daysiOS 9+$587
Sowatch SmartwatchPre-production10 daysiOS 8+Android 4.4+$230
SpeedUp SmartWatchOn Market20 hours7+4.0+1,499 IDR ($130)
Suunto Ambit 3 SportOn Market14 daysiOS 7+Android 4.0+$450
Suunto Ambit 3 PeakOn Market30 daysiOS 7+Android 4.3+$450
Suunto Ambit 3 RunOn Market14 daysiOS 7+Android 4.0+$299
Suunto Ambit3 VerticalOn Market14 daysiOS 7+Android 4.3+$469
SVP Z1 Android Watch PhoneOn Market1 dayAndroid 2.3+$200
Tag Heuer ConnectedOn Market1 dayAndroid 4.3+https://www.facebook.com/$1500
Timex Ironman One GPSOn Market$570
Timex Metropolitan +On Market$125
Tissot Smart TouchOn Market365 days$1200
Titan JuxtOn Market5 daysiOS 8+Android 4.4+$240
Titan Juxt ProOn Market1 dayiOS 8+Android 4.4+$240
Tom Tom Spark 3On Market21 days$130
Tom Tom Spark 3 Cardio + MusicOn Market11 days$295
Tom Tom Golfer 2On Market$250
Tommy Hilfiger TH 24 7On MarketiOS 8+Android 4.4+$225
TomTom AdventurerOn Market1 day$331
TomTom Runner 3On Market21 days$228
Ulefone uWearOn Market7 daysiOS 5+Android 5.0+$40
VEA BuddyOn Market10 days, 2 wks standbyYesYes�249
Vector Watch LunaOn Market30 days$349
Vector Watch MeridianOn Market30 days8+4.4+$249
Veldt SerendipityPre-productionYes$900
VTECH Kidizoom SmartwatchOn Market$59.99
Will.I.Am I.am Plus DialOn Market
WiME NanoSmartPre-production4 hr talk 120 hr standby4.0+2.3+
Withings ActiviteOn Market243 daysiOS 7+Android 4.3+$450
Withings Activite PopOn Market240 daysiOS 7+Android 4.0+$150
Withings Activite SteelOn Market240 daysiOS 7+Android 4.3+$150
Withings Steel HROn Market25 days$200
Won Rhee VachenOn Market2 days6+4.0+$169-$279
WorldSIM NeuvoOn Market7 days$82
Xiaomi Mi Bunny ETSB01LQOn Market6 daysiOS 8+Android 4.2+$59
Xiaomi Huami AmazfitOn Market5 daysAndroid 4.4+$120
Yingqu Technology inWatch OneOn Market2 days4.2+$300.00
Zeblaze CrystalOn Market3 daysiOS 8+Android 4.0+$80
Zeblaze RoverOn Market3 daysiOS 4+Android 4.0+$60
ZTE BlueWatchOn MarketAndroid 4.0+
ZTE Axon WatchOn Market300maH
ZTE Venus S2On Market180 days
ZTE Venus Business IntelligenceOn MarketiOS 8+Android 4.4+
ZTE Venus G1On Market180 days/8 hours (GPS)