The Sad Story of Pebble

Pebble, the company behind the first commercially successful smartwatch, seemed to have a bright future. However, in early December 2016, the company announced it was shutting down. Below, we’ll... read more

14 Best Smartwatch Apps for Work

The smartwatch was a highly anticipated tech gadget that the technology world is still trying to bring to full potential. Every day, people develop more and more apps and... read more

Amazon Unveils the Echo Look

From way out in left field, Amazon just unveiled a new Echo branded device, called the Echo Look. It seems ridiculous, especially when you hear the water cooler pitch,... read more

MiniFinder Pico GPS Review

Because this is not a wearable, I’d like to start with a brief message. I’m going to be doing this review a little different than usual. The MiniFinder Pico... read more


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