WatchOS 8: What You Need to Know

Apple Watch has been one of the front runners when it comes to wearable technology. Many people have been using it to monitor their health and accompany them in their active lifestyle. This year, it is expected that Apple will be releasing the watchOS 8. What does it mean to have a new update on the operating system? If you are satisfied with how your smartwatch works, wait and see how it can get better.

WatchOS 8 Features

Just like any other device, the Apple Watch uses operating systems. However, it is different from what your other devices have. While your iPhone and iPad have iOS, Apple Watch has watchOS. Since the announcement in June 2021, smartwatch users have been anticipating this update. Therefore, here is a sneak peek at how awesome the new watchOS 8 will be.

Watch Face

Starting from the first thing, you see on your watch, the watch face. Have you ever wanted to put your portrait photos on your watch face? Now, you can. It will look more appealing because of the depth in the photos. You can layer it with the time, date, and even the weather. 


There are a couple of updates with regard to photos. First, you can now look back on your memories. The images were taken on the same date as last year or even in the past years are available for viewing on your watch. Second, sharing your photos through Messages and Mail is only a few taps away.

Messages and Mail

Aside from photos, level up your messaging by sending GIFs. You need to have the right keywords to find the best one from the wide selection. Moreover, the new Music app allows songs, albums, and playlists to be shared via Messages and Mail.


If you have smart devices in your home, you will love this update on the Home app. When one of the devices is activated, you can choose to control the neighboring ones through suggestions given on your screen. For example, you can choose to unlock the door when the doorbell rings.

In addition, the status of your devices is displayed on the interface. You can check how many lights are open or if the cameras are working. If the security cameras are on, you can view them in the new Camera room. Also, you now have easy access to scenes. It can also activate on its own, depending on the time when you often use it.


Car key on your wallet is not a new thing for Apple Watch users. However, with the latest technology present in the Apple Watch Series 6, you can now unlock it even from afar. If you want this feature, you might want to check the participating car manufacturers.

To make it more exciting, how about entering your house with a digital key? Yes, it is made possible in the watchOS 8. It works with different lock brands that have home-key-enabled locks. Plus, you can share your digital key with your family.


You will no longer find the Breathe app in the new update; instead, you will have a better Mindfulness app. This includes the improved Breathe and Reflect as features. It also has Mindful Minutes, which gives an overview of your session.


There will be new types of exercise in the Workout app. This update will be nice on smartwatches for women because it has pilates on it. Together with Tai Chi, these two are the latest additions in the selection of workouts.


Concentrating is hard when notifications are popping from time to time. Focus enables you to filter out the notifications depending on what you are doing. It also informs your family and friends when you don’t want to be disturbed.


Nowadays, fitness trackers come with sleep trackers. You will now be able to know your respiratory sleep rate or the number of breaths per minute when sleeping through the Sleep app. You can view your sleep data in the Health app.

Other Features

Several other features are also included in the new update. This includes finding lost devices, always-on display, contacts app, audio controls, and setting multiple timers. There is also a feature that allows people with deformed limbs to use the device.

With all of these improvements, how can you not want the watchOS 8 on your Apple Watch? It will contribute to increasing the productivity of your day and at the same time keep yourself in good health.

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