Use our handy compatibility chart below to find smartwatches that will work with your smartphone. If you don’t already know, most smartwatches are not standalone. They require another device, a smartphone in most cases, to function properly or to access all the watch has to offer.


Smartwatch Compatibility Chart (NC = Not Compatible)
iOS VersionAndroid VersionWindows Version
Abardeen F80NCNCNC
Acer Liquid LeapNCNCNC
AI Technologies AI WatchNoYesNo
Alcatel OneTouch WatchiOS 7+Android 4.3+NC
Alcatel OneTouch CareTimeiOS 7+Android 4.3+NC
Alpina Horological SmartwatchNCNCNC
Androidly AndroidlyNC2.2+NC
Apple Watch5+NoNo
Apple Watch Sport5+NoNo
Apple Watch Edition5+NoNo
Apple Watch Series 2iOS 10+NCNC
Apple Series 2 Nike+iOS 10+NCNC
Apple Watch Series 2 HermesiOS 10+NCNC
Archos SmartwatchiOS 7+Android 4.1+NC
Arrow ArrowNC4.3+NC
ASUS ZenWatchNC4.3+NC
Asus ZenWatch 2Android 4.3+Android 4.3+NC
ASUS VivoWatch8.1+4.3+NC
Asus ZenWatch 3NCNCNC
Blink WatchiOS 8+Android 4.4+NC
Blocks BlocksNCNCNC
Bluboo UiOS 5+Android 5.0+NC
Bluboo XwatchNC4.0+NC
BOLDR VoyageiOS 6+Android 4.0+NC
Breitling B55 ConnectedNCNCNC
Burg 27iOS 7+Android 4.4+NC
Casio WSD-F10iOS 8+Android 4.3+NC
Casio G-Shock G'MIXiOS 7+Android 4.3+NC
Casio EDIFICE EQB500D-1AiOS 4+Android 4.3+NC
Casio GShock GB6900B-1B Classic SeriesiOS 7+Android 4.2+NC
Cherry Mobile Cherry Watch N5NCNCNC
Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity5+NCNC
Cogito ClassiciOS 7+Android 4.3+NC
Cogito PopiOS 7+Android 4.3+NC
Cogito Fit LuxiOS 7+Android 4.3+NC
Cogito Fit SportsiOS 7+Android 4.3+NC
Cogito Fit ExeciOS 7+Android 4.3+NC
ConnecteDevice Cookoo5+4.3+NC
Creoir IbisYesYesNC
Dell SmartwatchNCNCNC
Doogee KeeperNCNCNC
E-Ceros Smart WatchNCNCNC
Elegiant SportNCNCNC
Elemoon ElemoonNCNCNC
Elephone W1NCNCNC
Elephone ELE WatchNCNCNC
Ematic Smart WatchNCAndroid 4.1+NC
EVO FiLIP 2iOS 7+Android 4.0+NC
Filip Technologies Filip6+2.3+NC
Fitbit BlazeNCNCNC
Fossil Q FounderiOS 8+Android 4.4+NC
Fossil Q GrantiOS 8+Android 4.3+NC
Fossil Q54 PilotiOS 8+Android 4.4+NC
Fossil Q MarshalNCNCNC
Fossil Q WanderiOS 8+Android 4.4+NC
Frederique Constant Horological SmartwatchNCNCNC
Garmin VivosmartNCNCNC
Garmin VivoactiveiOS 7+Android 4.3+NC
Garmin Fenix 3 SapphireiOS 5+Android 4.3+NC
Garmin Fenix 2iOS 5+Android 4.3+NC
Garmin EpixAndroid 4.3+Android 4.3+NC
Garmin Approach S4iOS 5+Android 4.3+NC
Garmin Approach S5iOS 5+Android 4.3+NC
Garmin D2iOS 5+Android 4.3+NC
Garmin Fenix 3iOS 7+Android 4.3+NC
Garmin QuatixiOS 5+Android 4.3+NC
Garmin Approach S6Android 4.3+Android 4.3+NC
Garmin tactixNCNCNC
Garmin Forerunner 15iOS 4+NCWindows 7+
Garmin Approach S2NCNCNC
Garmin Approach S3NCNCNC
Garmin Vivomove SportNCNCNC
Garmin Approach S20NCNCNC
Garmin Forerunner 735XTiOS 7+Android 4.3+NC
Garmin Forerunner 35NCNCNC
Garmin Quatix 3NCNCNC
Garmin Tactix BravoiOS 8+Android 4.3+Windows 7+
Garmin Fenix ChronosNCNCNC
Gearbest NT08NCNCNC
Go Life GoWatch 820iiOS 8+Android 4.3+NC
Go Life GoWatch X-ProiOS 8+Android 4.3+NC
Google SmartwatchNoYesNo
Haier WatchiOS 9+Android 6.0+NC
Hannspree Sports WatchiOS 7+Android 4.3+NC
Henlen Henlen smartwatchiOS 8+Android 4.4+Windows 8+
HopCentury Bluetooth Smart WatchNCNCNC
HP Michael BastianNCNCNC
HP Michael Bastian ChronowingiOS 7+Android 4.3+NC
HP Isaac MizrahiiOS 8+Android 4.4+NC
Huawei WatchiOS 8+Android 4.3+NC
Huawei ElegantiOS 8+Android 4.3+NC
Huawei Watch JeweliOS 8+Android 4.3+NC
Huawei Honor Band ZeroiOS 7+Android 4.4+NC
Huawei TalkBand B1iOS 4+Android 2.3+NC
Hug Innovations Hug SmartwatchiOS 9+Android 4.3+NC PULSiOS 7+Android 4.0+NC GucciNCNCNC
i'm S.p.A i'm Watch4+4.0+NC
iMCO CoWatchiOS 9+Android 5.0+NC
Infomark IF-W510S JooN 2iOS 7+Android 4.0+NC
Infomark IF-W565SNCNCNC
Infomark IF-W509S JooN1 KidNCNCNC
Infomark IF-W520S JooN3 LTE KidNCNCNC
Intel Basis PeakYesYesNC
Intel MicaNCNCNC
Intex iRistNCNCNC
Intex Irist JunioriOS 7+Android 4.4+NC
Intex Irist ProNCAndroid 4.4+NC
JideTech D360NCNCNC
K8 3GNCAndroid 4.4+NC
Kairos Hybrid MSW115NCNCNC
Kairos Hybrid SSW158NCNCNC
Kisai Blade Wood LinkNCiOS 8+NC
Kisai Xtal Wood LinkiOS 8+NCNC
Kisai Sequence Wood Link LEDiOS 8+NCNC
Kisai Spider Wood Link LCDiOS 8+NCNC
Kreyos Meteor4+2.3+8+
Kurio WatchNC4.0+NC
LeFun GearNCAndroid 4.3+NC
LeFun U8PNCAndroid 4.3+NC
Lenovo Vibe Band VB10NCAndroid 4.4+NC
LG GNo4.3+No
LG G Watch RNC4.3+NC
LG Lifeband Touch5+4.3+NC
LG UrbaneiOS 8+Android 4.3+NC
LG Urbane LuxeiOS 8+Android 4.3+NC
LG Urbane LTENCAndroid 4.3+NC
LG G Watch R Pro AudiNCNCNC
LG GizmoPal 2iOS 7+Android 4.0+NC
Martian Passport6+4.0+NC
Martian Guess ConnectNCNCNC
Martian NotifieriOS 6+Android 2.3+NC
Martian ActiveiOS 8+Android 4.0+NC
Martian VictoryNCNCNC
Martian G2G7.1+3.0+NC
Meta Watch Ltd. MetaWatch Frame6+2.3+NC
Meta Watch Ltd. MetaWatch Strata6+2.3+NC
MetaWatch M1YesYesNC
Michael Kors AccessiOS 8+Android 4.3+NC
Microsoft BandNCNC8+
Misfit PhaseiOS 7+Android 4.3+Windows 8+
Mobvoi TicwatchNCNCNC
Mobvoi Ticwatch 2iOS 8+Android 4.3+NC
Momentum Labs MomentNCNCNC
Mondaine Helvetica No 1 SmartwatchNCNCNC
Mota SmartWatch G2 ProiOS 7+Android 4.1+Windows 8+
MOTA SmartWatch G2 LiteiOS 7+Android 4.1+NC
Mota SmartWatch G1iOS 7+Android 4.3+NC
Motorola Moto 3608.2+4.3+NC
Motorola Moto 360 SportNCNCNC
Movado BOLD Motion 3660001iOS 8+Android 4.4+NC
MyKronoz ZeTeliOS 7+Android 4.3+NC
MyKronoz ZeWatch3iOS 7+Android 4.3+NC
MyKronoz ZeClockiOS 7+Android 4.3+NC
MyKronoz ZeSplash 2iOS 7+Android 4.3+NC
Mykronoz ZeCircleiOS 7+Android 4.3+Windows 8+
MyKronoz ZePhoneNCNCNC
MyKronoz ZeBraceletNCNCNC
MyKronoz ZeKidiOS 8+Android 4.3+Windows 7+
MyKronoz ZeRoundiOS 8+Android 4.3+NC
Neptune PineNC4.1+NC
Nevo WatchiOS 8+Android 4.3+NC
Nevo Balade ParisienneiOS 8+Android 4.3+NC
Nevo & Wiko WatchiOS 8+Android 4.3+NC
Nixon MissioniOS 8+Android 4.3+NC
No 1 G2iOS 8+Android 4.3+NC
No 1 D5NCAndroid 4.3+NC
No 1 D3iOS 8+Android 4.4+NC
No 1 Sun S2iOS 5+Android 4.0+NC
No 1 D2iOS 7+Android 4.3+NC
Nokia FacetNCNCNC
Olio Model OneiOS 9+Android 4.4+NC
Omate TrueSmart6+4.2+NC
Omate RaceriOS 7+Android 4.3+NC
Omate RiseiOS 9+Android 4.3+NC
Omate XiOS 7+Android 4.3+NC
Omate LutetiaiOS 7+Android 4.3+NC
Omate RomaiOS 7+Android 4.3+NC
Omate Wherecom K3NCNCNC
Orsto X3NoYesNo
Otium SteelNCAndroid 4.4+NC
Otium GearNCNCNC
Otium Gear SNCNCNC
Otium OneiOS 7+Android 4.3+NC
Otium U8PiOS 8+Android 4.3+NC
Oumax Watch S5iOS 5+Android 4.0+NC
Oumax Watch S6NCNCNC
Oumax Watch S6+iOS 9+Android 4.3+NC
Overmax Touch 2.5NCAndroid 4.4+NC
Pebble Tech Pebble5+2.3+NC
Pebble Tech Steel5+2.3+NC
Pebble Tech Time4S+ on iOS 84.0+NC
Pebble Tech Time SteeliOS 8+4.0+NC
Pebble Tech Time RoundiOS 8+4.3+NC
PHTL Hot SmartWatch5+2.3+Yes
Polar M600iOS 8+Android 4.3+NC
Polar M200iOS 8+Android 4.4+Windows 7+
Qualcomm ToqNC4.0.3+NC
Razer Nabu5+4.3+8.1+
Razer Nabu Watch Forged EditioniOS 8+Android 4.3+NC
Red Sun Fashion S9110NCNCNC
Refsix RefsixNCNCNC
Ritot RitotNCNCNC
Rufus CuffNCAndroid 4.4+NC
Runtastic MomentiOS 8+Android 4.3+Windows 8+
Samsung Galaxy GearNC2.3+NC
Samsung Gear 2NoYesNo
Samsung Gear FitNoYesNo
Samsung Gear SYesYesNC
Samsung Gear S2NC4.4+NC
Samsung Gear S2 ClassicNC4.4+NC
Samsung Gear LiveNCAndroid 4.3+NC
Samsung Gear 2 NeoNCNCNC
Samsung Gear S3 ClassicNCNCNC
Samsung Gear S3 frontier LTENC4.4+NC
Samsung De Grisogono Gear S2NCNCNC
Secret Labs House of Horology Agent5+2.3.3+8+
Shammane WatchiOS 7+Android 4.3+NC
Shanda Geak Watch 2NCNCNC
Shanghai Nutshell Electronic Co. Geak WatchNC4.1+NC
Skagen Hagen Connected SKT1104PiOS 8+Android 4.4+NC
Skagen Hagen Connected SKT1101PiOS 8+Android 4.4+NC
Skagen Hagen Connected SKT1100PiOS 8+Android 4.4+NC
Sonostar SmartwatchAny2.2+NC
Sony SmartWatchNC2.3+NC
Sony SmartWatch 2NC4.0+NC
Sony SmartWatch 38.2+4.3+N/A
Sony SmartBandNC4.4+NC
Sony Smartwatch Steel EditionNCAndroid 4.3+NC
Sony WenaNCiOS 8+NC
Sony FES Watch UiOS 9+NCNC
Sowatch SmartwatchiOS 8+Android 4.4+NC
SpeedUp SmartWatch7+4.0+NC
Suunto Ambit 3 SportiOS 7+Android 4.0+NC
Suunto Ambit 3 PeakiOS 7+Android 4.3+NC
Suunto Ambit 3 RuniOS 7+Android 4.0+NC
Suunto Ambit3 VerticaliOS 7+Android 4.3+NC
SVP Z1 Android Watch PhoneNCAndroid 2.3+NC
Tag Heuer ConnectedAndroid 4.3+
Timex Ironman One GPSNCNCNC
Timex Metropolitan +NCNCNC
Tissot Smart TouchNCNCNC
Titan JuxtiOS 8+Android 4.4+NC
Titan Juxt ProiOS 8+Android 4.4+NC
Tom Tom Spark 3NCNCNC
Tom Tom Spark 3 Cardio + MusicNCNCNC
Tom Tom Golfer 2NCNCNC
Tommy Hilfiger TH 24 7iOS 8+Android 4.4+NC
TomTom AdventurerNCNCNC
TomTom Runner 3NCNCNC
Ulefone uWeariOS 5+Android 5.0+NC
VEA BuddyYesYesYes
Vector Watch LunaNCNCNC
Vector Watch Meridian8+4.4+8.1 and update 1+
Veldt SerendipityYesNCNC
VTECH Kidizoom SmartwatchNCNCNC
Will.I.Am Plus DialNCNCNC
WiME NanoSmart4.0+2.3+No
Withings ActiviteiOS 7+Android 4.3+NC
Withings Activite PopiOS 7+Android 4.0+NC
Withings Activite SteeliOS 7+Android 4.3+NC
Withings Steel HRNCNCNC
Won Rhee Vachen6+4.0+NC
Xiaomi Mi Bunny ETSB01LQiOS 8+Android 4.2+NC
Xiaomi Huami AmazfitNCAndroid 4.4+NC
Yingqu Technology inWatch OneNC4.2+NC
Zeblaze CrystaliOS 8+Android 4.0+NC
Zeblaze RoveriOS 4+Android 4.0+NC
ZTE BlueWatchNCAndroid 4.0+NC
ZTE Venus Business IntelligenceiOS 8+Android 4.4+NC