5 Best Bluetooth Sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses is not only for the summer season. Even in winter, a pair of sunglasses can protect your eyes from the glare coming from snow and car windows when you’re driving. So if you want to keep your eyes healthy, it would be best to always carry a pair of sunglasses with you. When buying sunglasses, you might want to consider the best Bluetooth sunglasses that are stylish and functional.

Must-Haves! Best Bluetooth Sunglasses

If you want a stylish pair of sunglasses but have unique features, you could look for Bluetooth sunglasses. Here are some of the best buys you can find in the wearable tech market this year:

Bose Frames Alto

First on the line for the best Bluetooth sunglasses is from Bose. It is one of the top choices because of its balanced price, comfort, battery life, and style. The Bose Frames Alto sunglasses provides two different sizes, 53- or 54-millimeter rectangular lenses, and these lenses can block up to 99% of UVA/UVB rays.

Bose Frames Rondo

Another ideal sunglasses from Bose is its Frame Rondo sunglasses which are pretty identical to the Bose Frame Alto. Both come in a matte black design with gold-plated steel hinges. Unlike the Alto, Rondo sunglasses are rounder and narrower because they have 49.5-millimeter rounded lenses.

FLOWS Bruno’s

The third on the list is from FLOWS Bruno’s, an ideal option if you are looking for an inexpensive and comfortable pair of Bluetooth sunglasses. Worry not because the audio from these Bluetooth sunglasses is still high-quality, considering its affordable price. Expect 5.5 hours of battery life with the FLOWS, giving you enough time to enjoy this tech piece.

lucyd Lyte Sunglasses

Though the lucyd Lyte sunglasses might not look like smart glasses, you would still love this wearable tech because of its stylish design. Compared to other sunglasses, this piece has a slimmer design with decent and loud sound quality. Tech enthusiasts on a tight budget may still consider these lucyd Lyte Sunglasses because of their affordability. Not only that, but it also has unique attributes like its water-resistant design and polarized lenses.

Razer Anzu Smart Glasses

The last on the list for the best Bluetooth Sunglasses is the one from Razer. Its Anzu smart sunglasses come with polarized and blue light-filtering lenses, and its blue light lenses filter up to 35%. As such, it can protect your eyes and reduce your eyestrain. It can last more than 5 hours, and it also has a water-resistant design.

It is vital to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, and that’s why it is crucial to have a pair of sunglasses with you. If you want something stylish, unique, and functional, you might want one from the best Bluetooth sunglasses mentioned earlier.

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