The Best GPS Tracking Watches for Kids: Updated for 2017 Shopping Season

This list has been updated for 2017, complete with new GPS tracking watches for kids.

Latest Update: Updated for 2017 Shopping Season

One of our most successful articles here at Smartwatches is our list of the best smartwatches for children. In that list is a wide variety of devices from entertainment wearables, to full-on GPS tracking watches for kids.

Strapping a wearable with tracking support to your child’s wrist makes a lot of sense, especially when it allows you to monitor their current location and habits in real-time.

In the past, it was perfectly acceptable to allow your children free roam of the neighborhood without supervision. Parents would usually set a dinner curfew and children were expected to return at the appropriate time.

The world isn’t so forgiving anymore, at least it sure doesn’t seem to be. Every day we hear stories about children being abducted, going missing or being involved in some kind of accident. As a parent, you can never be too safe with your child.

That’s why we’re going to take a look at some of the best GPS tracking watches for kids.

Some things to note first:

  • There are no truly “tamper-proof” models it seems. Most include a silicone band that can be easily removed. Some of the devices do have tamper alerts to let you know if the child – or someone else – tries to remove it, but there’s nothing stopping them from doing so.
  • Pay attention to the GPS limitations. If the device is SIM-enabled and has an active subscription it can usually be tracked anywhere, even internationally. If the device does not connect to mobile networks, range is going to be severely limited.
  • Identify the features you want most, as in which are most important to you and your family and go from there. Some devices sacrifice features to make room for others. For example, if you want to track your child’s location no matter where they are, without fear of range limits, you’ll need to pony up the cash for a wireless subscription. In this case, that might mean your budget will suffer more than expected.
  • A “water resistant” rating rarely means waterproof. In most cases, it’s not safe to submerge water resistant devices, nor is it safe to go swimming, take a bath, or get in the shower with them. Be responsible.
  • Android and iOS are the most common smartphones supported when it comes to companions apps. If you have another type of phone – or an out of date model – you might want to consider an upgrade.
  • An overwhelming majority of these devices are crowdfunded through platforms like Kickstarter or IndieGoGo. This means, people have the opportunity to financially back and support a project before it’s commercially available. For whatever reason, sometimes these projects fail and the devices are not released. We do our best to keep you updated, but just be aware of this.
  • We’ve done our best to choose safe, family-friendly devices that have a good reputation. Sometimes, there’s just not enough info. This is where we rely on you – our community – to weigh in with your experiences as you have done in the past. Thank you.

The Best GPS Tracking Watches for Kids

By choosing one of these GPS tracking watches for kids you will be able to monitor your child’s location, and call them back if they stray too far. The idea is not to be a burden on your child — as if any parent is more concerned about that than safety — but instead to ensure they are safe at all times.

Each device on the list includes a separate set of features, and a unique price tag. We recommend considering everything that’s here before making a final decision about which of the GPS tracking watches for kids you will buy.

Note: We plan to keep this post up-to-date. As more devices GPS tracking watches for kids are released and/or devices on this list are affected we will update the post to reflect the changes.


GizmoPal 2 by LG (KizON)

GizmoPal 2 by LG being wornThe GizmoPal 2 by LG is an update to the original model, which was a GPS tracking watch for smaller children. Like toddlers.

The biggest change is the design of the device, which looks better all around. Furthermore, the GizmoPal 2 also includes fun sounds, and a voice clock – which calls out the time – to keep kids entertained.

At any time parents can open the companion app for Android devices and view their child’s location thanks to built-in Wi-FI and GPS.

Parents can even set location reminders through the Android app, which automatically polls the watch’s location to show their child’s whereabouts throughout the day.

After setting boundaries, the watch will send notifications if it detects the child crossing them. This is great if they’re outside playing, or if someone is home watching them.

The device works as a phone, too, as parents can call the watch and children may call out to predetermined numbers. It features built-in support for up to four different numbers. That way children can call Dad, Mom, siblings, or other family members when they need them.

If you’re interested, you can purchase the GizmoPal through Verizon – online or in-store – for $79.99. A monthly subscription fee of $5 will be tacked on to an existing wireless bill — or a new one.


The hereO

The hereO watch is one of the more innocuous GPS tracking watches for kids. At a quick glance it looks like a normal watch with a digital clock face. However, the device can be tracked by GPS for up to 72 hours.

hereO GPS tracking watches for kidsOnce you place it on your child’s wrist, you can monitor their exact whereabouts — until it runs out of juice.

It comes in several styles, all of which are extremely kid-friendly. Because of the design, it looks just like any other kid toy or accessory. That means predators likely won’t have a clue that it’s a tracking device in the event something terrible happens.

The watch will also activate a tamper alert if it’s been removed by someone, even the child. The alert includes last known GPS info that’s pinged from the device when it’s removed. An additional panic alert will automatically send location data to a pre-programmed group of family or friends in the event of an emergency.

The device was funded via IndieGoGo, and will cost $149 for the watch, charging dock, and three months of service. After that, an international service subscription will cost $4.95 per month.

Visit the official website to order the hereO.

You can also get it through Amazon, if you want it sooner.


Kigo Watch

Previously called the Kidswatcher, the Kigo Watch is designed for children of all ages and features a unisex or neutral theme.

Click here to read our review of the Kigo watch…

As you’d expect, the Kigo includes GSM and GPS functionality so adults can track them. The biggest difference with the Kigo is that you can continue to track a child even when they’re inside a building. Not to mention, it offers global SIM support so it can be used in virtually any country.

Kigo watch for kidsThrough a proprietary app on a connected mobile device you can buzz the smartwatch as a sort of alert, or sound an alarm. The app is free and works for both Android and iOS handsets.

The Kigo requires a GSM subscription which is what allows it to be tracked anywhere. International tracking is available thanks to a partnership with Vodafone, which means you can monitor your children no matter what part of the world you’re in — visiting or otherwise.

The Kigo is waterproof with an IPX8 rating meaning it can withstand “continuous immersion in water.” So, yes, your children can go swimming with it on.

An emergency mode activates when children press the designated button for longer than 3 seconds. When activated, the watch will send alerts to all designated contacts to let them know something is wrong.

The Kigo even has a detection system that will ping alerts anytime the watch is removed unexpectedly.

The Kigo Watch is available now for €189.00 (approx. $209.94 USD). A basic subscription in Europe costs €6 per month, while an international subscription costs €8 (approx. $9 USD).


MyKi Kids Watch and GPS Tracker

myki-features-with-blue-watchThe MyKi kids watch is GPS-GSM enabled, which means with a wireless subscription you can keep an eye on your child’s whereabouts no matter where they are.

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It is an exceptional wearable for anyone that is interested in this kind of thing. It allows you to make calls and chat with your kids via voice and text messages. Children can also activate an SOS mode when they’re in trouble, and it will automatically begin to alert pre-defined contacts.

You can also track your child’s physical activity and sleep habits, which is all recorded for you in the companion app.



This is another device that was funded via Kickstarter. This watch was previously further down the list in our “preorder” section, but it’s now available.

DokiWatch GPS tracking watches for kidsThe DokiWatch is a smartwatch for kids. It includes everything a name brand smartwatch does, but there’s one feature that sets it out in front of the pack, video calling support.

It includes phone and messaging support, just like a phone, but it also offers two-way video calling through the companion app. You don’t just get to hear your munchkin when they’re away, you can see them too.

It takes SIM cards and comes unlocked with support for any 3G mobile networks. To activate, just throw in a micro SIM card and sign-up for voice and data service through your wireless provider. All GSM and WCDMA networks are supported including Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, and many more.

The kids get an electronic pet – similar to a Tamagotchi – games, stickers, and plenty of customization options. There are fitness and activity tracking modes too.

As for the features you care about as their guardian, check ’em out:

  • Advanced communications
    • Video calling
    • Voice Messaging
    • Text Messaging
    • Send and receive emojis
  • Location tracking via GPS, GSM and Wi-Fi
  • “AlertArea” geofencing support to set boundaries and location limits
  • SOS/Emergency mode – if the child holds the designated button for 3 seconds it will send alerts to all preset contacts, collect and send a 60 second recording of your child’s surroundings, and immediately begin tracking location with updates every 60 seconds
  • Moderated contacts list – you can add trusted family members and friends for your child to contact
  • Moderated friends – Children can add other friends easily who also own a DokiWatch, but parents always have the final decision as they get alerts when a child adds friends
  • Class and silence mode – Parents can deactivate the games and entertainment features when their children are in class or in environments where it’s inappropriate
    Fitness tracking

You can pre-order the DokiWatch now through the official site for $199. There are four colors available including yellow, blue, pink, and black/grey.


iGPS Watch

iGPS watch for kidsThe iGPS Watch is one of the newest tracking watches for kids, and it provides support for both Android and iOS smartphones.

Features include GPS and GSM location tracking, two-way voice calling to select contacts, geo-fencing tech for setting boundaries, and SMS text support to and from the device.

The watch comes in either blue or pink, and includes an emergency “SOS” button that sends the watch into alert mode. While in this mode the watch will begin calling all the contacts in the phonebook one by one until someone answers.

The iGPS Watch is $109.95 and it’s available now.


The Tinitell Watch

The Tinitell Watch was designed from the ground up with one concept in mind: simple communication between a child and their guardian(s).

Like other GPS tracking watches for kids, it functions as a mobile phone allowing children to call a preconfigured set of numbers. It also allows parents to call their child. For example, a mom can ring the watch to say that dinner is ready, and it’s time to come home.

The Tinitell includes a module so parents can GPS track their child’s location in realtime.

Tinitell GPS tracking watches for kidsIn a smart move by the manufacturers, the device can be controlled through voice commands. This eliminates the fumbling and heavy limitations of a touchscreen or cumbersome UI. Children only need to say commands like “call Mom” to get the device to spring into action.

There’s a single button on the front of the smartwatch to turn it on or off, and two volume buttons to adjust audio levels. The battery will last for a continuous sixty minutes of talk time, or a full week (7 days) in standby. The exterior is IP57 dust and water resistant which means you don’t have to worry about your children ruining the watch while they play — or if they spill drinks on it.

There are several colors available including black, pink, green, and blue.

The Tinitell Watch has been successfully funded through Kickstarter, and the first models were already shipped to backers. The price has been listed at $149, regardless of color. You can order through Tinitell’s website.


The FiLIP 2

The FiLIP 2 watch for kids

Please Note: Filip Technologies Inc. has filed for bankruptcy protection. Please see this article for more information. You may still be able to purchase their devices through third-party sellers, but official support will likely not be offered if you run into issues.

The FiLIP 2 watch is a wearable phone and “smart locator” for kids, updated to include additional features (the original was the FiLIP first gen).

You can call your child directly by dialing the device, or you can pinpoint their location using GPS. It uses a combination of GPS and Wi-Fi triangulation methods to track location data, as opposed to GPS alone.

Unique to the FiLIP is the option to send text messages to the watch, although texting is a one-way feature. Children can receive a message from their guardian, but not send them.

Kids do have the option to call pre-programmed contacts using the watch, however.

A companion app is available for iPhone and Android handsets, which pair to the watch. Once connected, parents have “one-touch” access to every feature they need.

New to the FiLIP 2 is a dedicated “intelligent emergency” feature. At any time, your child can press the red button on the side of the watch to activate emergency mode. They must press and hold the button for a total of four seconds, so it’s unlikely for them to activate the mode by accident.

When emergency mode is active the watch will automatically call the primary contact, and if there’s no answer it will continue through the list of emergency contacts until it gets an answer. During the call, it will record the conversation, including background noise. Finally, it will send an immediate update with your child’s location, and this will continue every 60 seconds until emergency mode is canceled.

Parents can also designate safezones – like a daycare center, home, or school – and the device will ping alerts anytime the child enters or exits a safezone.

The watch is available in several colors, and has been manufactured with a dust and water resistant body, so — like the Tinitell — you don’t have to worry about the smartwatch breaking.


Caref GPS Phone Watch and Kidsport GPS Band

Caref GPS tracking watches for kidsThe reason we’re including the Caref GPS phone watch and Kidsport GPS tracking band together is because they’re from the same company — Precise Innovation — and they do the same thing. The only difference between the two is that the Caref GPS phone allows children to call their parents from the watch.

As for additional features, they constantly monitor a child’s location through GPS, and deliver updates every ten minutes via the mobile app. Parents can set geo-fence boundaries that activate automatic alerts as soon as a child crosses them.

If your child is in trouble, they can press an SOS button on the device to call for help. It systematically begins to call contacts in a pre-programmed list, and if the first number doesn’t answer it will call the next until it goes through the entire list.

Please Note: Several customers of Caref and Precise Innovation have advised against purchasing their products within the comment thread below. Although, a company representative has responded to these comments, we feel it is warranted to include this statement. Read the comments below for further information.

Available for Pre-Order

AmbyGear Smartwatch

If you’re looking for a genuine smartwatch with all the bells and whistles (we hear you!) then you might want to check out the AmbyGear smartwatch.

AmbyGear smartwatch - GPS tracking watches for kidsIt is – as you’d expect – a true smartwatch with activity and fitness tracking, messaging, apps, mobile tools like a calendar, and location tracking. Your child gets to have fun and enjoy the device, and you get to keep an eye on them at all times! It’s a win-win scenario for everyone.

Additional features include:

  • Two-way text messaging between you and your child
  • The option to establish “safe zones” where your child can roam freely (geofencing)
  • Create events that will ping reminders and alerts to your child (ex. Come home for your doc appt)
  • 3G connectivity thanks to an integrated SIM card with a proprietary service plan (no need to bother with third party providers)
  • Replaceable armbands that can grow with your child, or simply replace broken ones
  • A truly waterproof and shock resistant body, so your child can swim with the watch on (even in the ocean)
  • Full control over installed apps (you enable them through the companion app)
  • Several color schemes: Red, Blue, Green, Orange

The AmbyGear smartwatch isn’t available for everyone just yet, that’s why it’s in the preorder section. Initial shipments went out in September, 2016. The next bundle of shipments aren’t expected until July, 2017.

You can pre-order the watch now for $109 (saving $50 off the retail price). There are specials for buying in bulk too.

The first 12 months of service are free, with plans starting at $14.90 per month after that.

We’ll update as soon as the AmbyGear is available to everyone.

Bonus GPS Trackers for Kids

Amber Alert GPS Child Locator

The Amber Alert GPS child locator is a small module that includes a variety of monitoring features. It also has an SOS button that can be used to systematically call pre-programmed emergency contacts. Yes, that means voice calls.

Amber Alert GPS child locatorWhat makes it particularly special – compared to the other trackers on this list – is that it can access the Megan’s Law National Sex Offender Database. Anytime your child comes within 500 feet of a registered offender’s address you will receive a notification. This is an extremely useful feature if your child travels home from school, an aftercare program, or a family or friend’s house.

Through the mobile app, you can designate emergency contacts. You can track the device’s location at any time. There’s also geofencing support, text messaging, low battery notifications, and mobile connectivity (see pricing for plans below).

It comes in multiple colors such as blue, green, pink, and black. The module is bundled with a lanyard, carrying pouch, another wrist pouch, and a faceplate.

The Amber Alert is usually in excess of $120, but you can find it for much cheaper. It works through AT&T’s 3G network and requires active service; the Basic plan offers 30 voice minutes and 150 text messages for $15 per month, while the Advanced plan offers 30 voice minutes and 300 text messages for $18 per month.



AngelSense GPS tracking watches for kidsThe AngelSense is not like the other GPS tracking watches for kids on this list. In fact, it’s not even a watch at all. It’s a small clip-on device that can be attached to any pocket, garment or belt.

Once your child is wearing it, you can track their current location in realtime through GPS. The mobile app is updated automatically, always giving you a full schedule of your child’s daily activities.

Of particular note, are two extremely unique features of the AngelSense. At any time you can tap in and listen to what your child is doing, thanks to an integrated mic. The device also snaps the location of your child’s whereabouts via Google Maps throughout the day. AngelSense bills this as a way to share your child’s day with them, but it’s also a great way to monitor their lives — such as who they’re spending time with, what’s happening at different locations and much more.

AngelSense offers a 30-day free trial, whereupon you’ll receive the GPS tracking device for free along with an entire month of service. Alone, the GPS module is $149 while a single month’s subscription is $39.99 so that’s a great deal.


KidGPS Tracker

KidGPS TrackerThe KidGPS Tracker is another handheld/module type device that includes a variety of monitoring features. It actually resembles – in shape and size only – another device on this list; the Amber Alert GPS.

There is a panic mode that can be activated by a button on the device. It will automatically sends you alerts about the child’s current whereabouts. You can also set geofencing boundaries – named “zones” – and ping the device for location any time. Your child can also share their location with a number of trusted contacts. This is so several know where the child is, in the event of an emergency.

Battery lasts for about 3 to 5 days, and it does require a service plan. The plan is through the KidGPS company.

There are three plan options: $9.99 per month, $7.99 per month for 6 months billed twice per year (semi-annually), and $5.99 per month for a year billed annually. You are not locked into a contract with any of these plans, and can cancel any time you wish.

There are mobile apps for both Android and iOS.


Trax Play GPS Tracker

If you don’t really care about GPS tracking watches for kids and just want a reliable GPS locator, then Trax Play is your best bet. The older models – Trax Personal GPS Tracker – are just as good too.

Trax Play Personal GPS TrackerIt offers geofencing support, so you can setup “safe zones” and boundaries for your children. If they cross these invisible boundaries the companion app will alert you immediately and ping your child’s current whereabouts.

The device is durable and dust/water resistant. It comes with several types of clips so you can attach the device to a piece of clothing, belt, or even a pet collar (yes you can track your furry kids too).

The smartphone app is available for iOS and Android, and offers “unlimited sharing and following, speed alerts, augmented reality, geophones and on demand notifications.”

It comes in two flavors – blue or pink – for $99.

Oh, and it’s probably worth mentioning that although there are no reviews for the new models, the company appears to have a good track record with the old ones.


Snowfox Trackerphone

The Snowfox is not a watch. It’s a phone and GPS tracker combo designed for children ages 4 to 8 years old.

Snowfox phone and GPS tracker for kidsIt is a small clip-on sized module, that includes a lanyard. You can always attach the lanyard to a backpack or piece of clothing.

According to the developers, it’s “ready out-of-the-box” and you don’t need to sign up for any third-party service plans. That doesn’t mean there’s no sub fee to use the device, however. You and your child will gain full access for just $9.90 (USD and EUR) per month.

While active it connects to all major 3G and 2G networks so there’s decent coverage available.

The Snowfox includes a single button so your child can ping you with a “call-me” notification through the companion app. You can also call your child at any time (it has an embedded SIM card).

The other specs are fantastic, as well.

  • Extended battery life of up to a full week on a single charge
  • Voice call your child at any time, no matter where they are
  • Snowfox is equipped with a powerful antenna
  • It has durable casing and is “play proof”
  • Free companion smartphone app with location tracking, smart notifications, and voice calling support

The Snowfox is only available in Finland right now. We’ll update as soon as it is available for everyone.

Click here to visit the Snowfox IndieGoGo profile…


Guardian Angel Kid Tracker

The Guardian Angel Kid Tracker is a full-fledged kit that comes with everything you need to monitor your child’s location. It comes with two tracker modules – resembling ladybugs – that you can attach to your kids clothing or something else you want to track – like your luggage.

Guardian Angel GPS tracking kit for kidsThese modules report back to a main hub which includes visual (LED) and vibration alerts.

If the child – wearing the ladybug tracker – moves beyond the alarm distance it will sound an audible alarm on both the remote unit and the hub. The main hub will play a melody and vibrate, as well.

If the child is out of sight which is usually the case, the main hub will illuminate a set of 4 LEDS to show the direction of the child’s location.

The kit comes bundled with two tags, but you can buy and sync up to two others with the main unit. So, there’s an option to expand if necessary.

Unfortunately, several customers have made it clear the unit only reports back to one instance of the companion app. So, for example, it is not possible to install the app on both you and your spouse’s devices simultaneously. Only one of you can track your child at a time.


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      angelsense has the call the police feature – you can create a list of people /numbers it will call with a one button tap on your app if your kiddo runs off/goes missing – it then links all those people with the tracking app!

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      The reason why someone would rather buy a GPS tracking watch for their child is the following: 1) They don’t feel the child actually needs to become glued to their phone all the time, 2) they can limit exactly who the child can communicate with as these watches offer two way communication to selected people 3) Children lose phones 4) as you mentioned data plans 5) bad guys who abduct a child would be wise to throw away a phone but not necessarily give a second thought to removing a watch (which tends to send a signal to the parent when removed anyway).

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      Tinitell is waterproof.

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        Actually David, the chip is implanted in the child’s neck, typically under the child’s collar so it won’t be as noticeable to the other children. I have found that vets do it for a much better price than pediatricians. Hope that helps. Cheers!

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      kigowatch is waterproof, shockproof and has on/off detection. You’ll receive an alert whit location when the watch has been taken off

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    Does the igps watch work in Canada ? I bought a GPS tracker watch Q50 and I can’t get it to work properly! The watch won’t stay connected and can’t get it to work with the app at all and now my clock part in my watch is back to 2004 :/ and can’t change it if it’s not connected to the app:/
    And anyone give me any more information on the igps watch ?
    My girls are 9 and 11 and I don’t want them to have a phone that they can lose or play on/with I am just wanting a watch to communicate with for things like change of plans or if someone forgets to pick them up from activity or stuff and a GPS so I can tell where they are and once and I while have them walk home from school when needed

    • Bente Van Den Oosterkamp

      Hi Becky, The Kigowatch works worldwide, also in Canada! And you can bring it to any trip abroad!

  • Heather Bassford

    Our son has had the Filip since August, it’s always crashing and has many bugs that need to be fixed. We have found it very unreliable and are in the process of researching to purchase a new gps watch

    • Briley Kenney

      Thanks for the comment Heather! Sorry to hear that. I’ll make sure to edit the post if I notice a pattern.

      Have you reached out to customer service?

  • Blaine Markland

    DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THE KIDSPORT GPS. My wife and I recently purchased the Kidsport GPS for my ten year old adopted son with FASD and RAD. Recently he has developed a very alarming tendency to run off and go missing. We have had to call the police multiple times for assistance in finding him. We have tried almost every conceivable option to keep track of him but finally decided we had to find a GPS device that would stay on him. We really hoped that this device would be an important piece to us keep him safe. We were terribly disappointed in this product. It began with the annoying tendency for the device to tell us that our Joey had gone outside the boundaries of the geofence we set up even though he was sitting in the room right beside us. Then it would bounce back and forth between him being in the geofence and being outside of it even though we had set the fence up for two houses in each direction. Then within 4 hours (4 hours!!!!!) of putting the band on my son the band had broken. It had torn across and split up the seem. $200 for 4 hours of use. When I contacted customer service, their reply was “It is stated in our website that broken devices will not be covered by warranty. What we can do on our end if you will not be using the band, we can cancel/remove this from your account.” They won’t even stand behind the quality of their device for 4 hours. Extremely disappointing. I strongly recommend looking elsewhere for a product to protect your special needs child.

    • Paul Darrah

      Yes, the product quality is lousy, the geofence function is a joke, and the company is dishonest.

    • Erik Recter

      Hi Blaine Markland.
      What a story you experienced. We need to solve the problem with your son. We are the manufacturer of KiGO watch, a competitor of Kidsport. Our watch has no geofencing option, and no voice calling. So when these features is very important to you I can’t help. We have some experience with children with special needs.
      When you think KiGO is suitable for your little one please let me know. KiGO has a standbye time of 20 hours, it’s very small, light and is extremely strong. As a one time exception, I would like to support you. So send me an email, I hope I can help you and give your child the freedom he deserves.

  • Koshy Jacob


    my daughter is going on a trek from UK to laos, vietnam & china. which would be a good GPS tracker watch please for her. she is 17

  • Word to the wise: DO NOT buy any GPS tracking bands from Precise Innovation. They are crooks as far as I’m concerned. First the [insert swearword of choice here] thing (Kidsport band) didn’t work, I went around and around with their customer service. Sent it back to them and now almost 3 weeks after returning it, am having to go round and round for my $200 back. I’m so infuriated. Thought I’d share 😛

    • Paul Darrah

      It seems to be their business model. I’m sure they get away with stealing from lots of people who just don’t have the time to pursue these thieves.

      • Briley Kenney

        Thanks for the warning. The post has been updated to reflect your experience with the company.

      • To be fair, I did finally get a refund from them. It was still a nightmare of a customer service experience, but I hope they are ironing out their issues.

    • Brian Sullivan

      Anna, I was informed by my customer service director that we issued you a refund. Is that not the case?

      • I did finally get a refund, thank you. It was still one of the the worst customer service experiences I’ve ever had, but I appreciate you stepping in and making that happen!

        • Brian Sullivan

          Thanks Anna. So sorry we didn’t meet expectations. We try to learn from each experience. I wish you the best of luck.

  • You can also consider SantWatch. It is compact and packs a lot of features.

  • Tammy Aveni

    Any information on the doki watch?

    • Briley Kenney

      We added the Doki watch to the latest update!

  • Kari Kujala

    Hi Brian, great post! Perhaps there could be an extension to the GPS tracking devices category for kids? Snowfox trackerphone:

    While back our team was wondering how much kids spend time with smart devices and thought we wanna make a Nokia-quality device that does the opposite. So we made Snowfox. It’s a GPS tracker and a phone without a screen. It’s got 1-week battery life, real-time locationing, and it can be placed freely anywhere you like – also wrist band in accessory lineup coming up. Ready out-of-the-box with fixed monthly cost on data+calls.

    These products are already being manufactured and sold in Finland, built-in SIM+connectivity allows fast deployment to new countries. Looking at rest of Europe, UK, US and Canada where it works already!

    • Briley Kenney

      Thanks Kari, the post has been updated!

  • Alisha

    I’m looking for a watch for my 3 year old son. He has issues with running away and also leaving the house. He’s a very smart boy. He’s figured out how to unlock all the doors even the ones with child proof locks !! So I’m looking for a watch that will tell me where he is, will alarm me if he goes out of area, will alarm me if he takes it off. I don’t need the SOS feature. I don’t want to call his watch or text his watch. I just want something simple and durable. Must be waterproof as well. Also must work in Ontario.

    • Paul Darrah

      Stay far away from the Caref watch. It does not work as advertised and the company has TERRIBLE customer service. You will be out money with no functionality.

  • Paul Darrah

    Do Not Buy Caref GPS watch. The seller in the US, Precise Innovation in Leawood, KS will steal your money.
    I bought one and the battery did not last but a few minutes to a few hours even when making no calls or texts, in an area of solid cellular coverage. They sent a replacement, but it came with a demand to ship the defective unit back at my cost, threatening to charge me more than the purchase price if I didn’t. After contacting the company and being refused a return label I got them to agree to refund my purchase. I finally got one shipping label from them and had to pay to ship the replacement back. USPS confirmation of delivery of both was 21 days ago and they claim they have not received them and will not issue a refund. They also charge more for the monthly service than they quote you. The baseline plan is $9.95 but they billed $10.44, adding 5% for some reason (more money).
    When the watch was working the GPS accuracy was poor, within about 40-50 meters with lousy precision (standing still the watch would show it is moving around an area about the size of 2-3 residential blocks. A simple cell phone can reliably give you 6 meter accuracy and much better precision. The Geofence feature was also a problem. It kept alerting me that the watch(and presumably my child) had, somehow, gone to Iowa in a period of about 5 minutes (from Denver). A few minutes later a message would come that the watch was miraculously back in the Geofence area. I tried to turn off the Geofence due to the excessive text messages it was sending to me but it would not go off, even after deleting all geofence definitions from the account.
    In summary, product does not work as described and the company is dishonest and will steal from you.

    • Brian Sullivan

      Anna and Paul, my name is Brian Sullivan and I am Founder and CEO of Precise Innovation. I sincerely apologize for the experience you faced with your Kidsport band. As a husband and father of three kids myself, I can assure you our #1 goal is to create happy customers. Regarding your issue, I am going to personally ask my Director of Customer Service. Our policy states that as long as the band is unbroken and is returned within 30 days, we will always do the right thing. Please email at if you would like to chat directly. Again, so sorry you didn’t have a five star experience.

    • Brian Sullivan

      Paul, please email me at to discuss your experience. I am the Founder of the company and will always do what is right for the customer.

    • Brian Sullivan

      Paul, my Customer Service Director told me we gave you a refund. Is that not the case?

  • Chentinno

    Hello there! I’m glad I bumped into this article cause I think I can contribute with an idea here. I just bought a “Top Watch” gps watch for children, and it doesn’t look like any of the smartwatches shown in your research. Instead, this watch looks like any analog kids toy watch, and that’s what makes it more secure, in my opinion. In case of a kidnapping -sadly a more and more common situation in the city where I live- hopefully they will not notice it is a gps traceable watch. I still haven’t received it, since I bought it online, but the comments from other buyers showed they were very satisfied in general.
    There are some youtube video reviews showing its functions, and even though the watch is Chinese, the instruction manual, website and App are in English. Well, I hope it adds up to your yet thorough watch review. Cheers!

    • Rachel Bruce

      please let me know how it goes with this watch. I really just want a regular watch with geofencing, gps, and sos for my son. Thanks.

    • Briley Kenney

      Thanks for the comment. We do our best to steer clear of the ultra cheap, generic devices. Not because they are necessarily bad – or good – but because they are usually a hit or miss.

      It’s good to hear from our community about them though, so thank you for sharing!

    • Danyelle Barron

      Hi. I work in the GPS tracking industry and wanted to share my thoughts. Typically, if a tracker does not have wifi included for indoor tracking or even cellular triangulation (which if it just roams on US networks it probably doesn’t), it will send the last location of the tracker when it got its last GPS fix. So if the tracker hasn’t been near a window or outside during a GPS fix the location will be off. Also, there is what is known as GPS drift which means the device can show in another location. This has to be fixed in the firmware of the device. So you should share those instances with the manuf. Hope that helps.

      • Brian Sullivan

        This is a great tip Danyelle. Our current Caref Watch has GPS and also LBS (which is cell triangulation as you mentioned) however it isn’t an exact science. We have learned that when parents purchase a product like this they expect it to be perfect. As a father of three, I totally get it. Our next product that will be released in January will also have Wifi triangulation to help with tracking indoors. Again, it’s not perfect but is much better than having no way to track your child. Take Care Danyelle!

        • Stacie Hurst

          Mr. Sullivan – What is the name of your product that was released in January? I have been reading reviews and am trying to decide between the GizmoPal2 and the Caref. Does the Caref now have wi-fi triangulation? Thank you for your response.

          • Brian Sullivan

            Stacie, it’s good to hear from you. Our new product that does have Wifi triangulation will be launched in about 3 weeks. We have been putting it through a ton of tests (including on my daughter Maggie) making sure it works great. And it does! I will keep you updated here when we are good to go! In the meantime, you can go to to learn more. Thanks Stacie!

  • Brittney

    Learn from my mistake… i bought the iGPS smartwatch for my six year old daughter. According to the website the watch will use GPS to track your child’s location, allow inbound calls and outbound calls from 8 predetermined numbers and well as receive incoming texts. Also, says it includes Geo Fencing. However, when I received my watch I found out that is all a lie!! The gps was off by two miles, which is huge with a missing child. Also, you cannot view on a map (which the website claims) instead you just get an address and coordinates. Only ONE number can call the watch, and that is your primary contact (SOS). You can program 8 numbers, but can only call the SOS number, all others are for when the SOS button is pushed. Also, you cannot change names so it is listed as Family1 #, Family2 #and so on. As far as the texting goes, you can only send the watch a “command text”. (For example: when programming the watch you send it a text with a code to program the time zone.) You cannot send a text that can be read. The “Geo Fencing” says that is unavailable. The screen is also only the middle third of the screen.

  • Brittney

    I also called their customer service and first the tech told me it was all normal. Then got me over toJamie, the supervisor, who hung up on me when i said i wanted to return and get a refund. So i called back, got Jamie again and she told me they’d refund the $109 but not the $13 activation fee, $16 monthly fee, $9 shipping and I have to pay shipping back. So i am out over $50 when it is all said and done. Jamie also hung up on me the second time while Iwas asking how to return the watch. The positive on the watch is the feature that tells you if the watch is removed worked great!!! Also, when it displays the time it is very easy to read and clear.

  • Laina Aquiline

    I have looked for the FiLIP 2 for weeks. I was told by AT&T Customer Service and several stores in my area that the item is out of stock, discontinued, and that FiLIP Technologies has ceased manufacturing. AT&T will continue to service the item but no longer sell it. FiLIP’s Facebook page continues to say that the the FiLIP is available at AT&T and Best Buy – they are not. Their support email is also a dead end/unmonitored vacuum.

    • Jason Noblet

      Just ran into the same thing!

  • jlynnm

    Verizon also has the Gizmo Gadget – it’s a higher model than the GizmoPal2 – it allows more contacts (10) and you can text through the Gizmo App. My son has one and we LOVE it. It’s $149 but still only $5 a month on your Verizon plan.

  • ford4life69

    The Amazon listing for the LG “watch” has several reviews saying there are newer models out there. Can anyone tell me what they are? I can’t get Verizon site to work right now for some dumb reason. LG is actually a company I’ve heard of and I would prefer to deal with their customer service than one of these fly by night crowd funded quick start and quick death companies…..

    • Cathy Thompson

      We have the newer Gizmo Gadget for our 9 year old son who has been recovering from brain trauma and still in therapy most of the week. I believe we paid about $150.00 for it about 6 months ago. Bought it from Verizon Store. We program the only people / phone numbers he can dial and only those numbers can call the gizmo. Additionally, I believe you are allowed to program 8 primary care givers and that allows them to GPS track child on the gizmo app you install on each caregivers phone. App is free. We pay a $5.00 per month fee to our existing Verizon account. You can pre program many text replies and emojis as well, which my son really loves, being 9 years old. The silicone/plastic band is replacable luckily, (our dog chewed his first band into pieces!) The GPS on this Gizmo Gadget is HIGHLY accurate and dependable. Very pleased with this purchase and the minimal monthly fee.

  • Eva Hunter

    Wow I think it’s crazy that people have hadifferent bad experiences with the kidsport caref GPS watch. I bought one for my then 4 year old for pre k and bus riding then church and anywhere we went really. That was about a year and a half or two ago and it’s still going strong. We have had excellent service, clear calls, and texting, my little one is now 6 in 1st grade and loves his “smart watch.” It is 100x easier to conceal or make it seem like a normal watch to potential predators. The GPS tracking works great and I loved that i can set zones and alerts. The emergency system is set up perfect to call through the contacts. More than anything it gives me peace of mind being able to check on my little one at school. The company has excellent customer service and has always gone above and beyond for any questions or issues. In fact, our neighbor purchased 4 and uses them with her kids to this day after seeing our. We will definitely continue giving them our business and telling everyone we know. You never know what can happen these days with school shootings, terrorists, creeps, and clowns walking around. I can sleep a little easier knowing when we go to amusement parks or the zoo if my kids get separated I have a fast and excellent source to find them. Also, the price is incredible and I love that I can just go to Walmart or Amazon and order if needed.

    • Briley Kenney

      Thank you for the comment. Good to hear!

  • Brian Sullivan

    As the Founder and CEO of the Caref GPS Watch I was floored when I read the comments below which lead to our product going from being the #1 Tracker on the list above to suddenly not being recommended. First thing I did was research the individual issues regarding the reviewers below who posted negative comments. NOTHING is more important than happy customers to me and I must say I was ready to “lose my mind” on my customer service department. After digging into each case however, I learned we had refunded two of the customers (after testing the products we found them to be functioning well), and learned the other two products that were returned were completely damaged.

    As owner of the company, I constantly track comments on Facebook and blogs such as this to make sure we are doing the right thing. Sometimes we do fall short of expectations. But I will promise should you choose my product, you can be assured that the owner of the company cares enough to always do the right thing. I hope you give us a shot. And if you have any direct questions for me, please email me directly at Thanks so much!

    • Briley Kenney

      Just so we’re clear. I didn’t remove the recommendations simply because of a few comments on our post. I also looked up reviews where the watches are available including Amazon. Both elements influenced my decision to amend this list.

      You may want to view some of those, as well.

      • Brian Sullivan

        Briley, as we have all learned in the child’s GPS watch space, few companies receive 5 stars. The technology is new (and difficult to build) and parents expectations are very high (as they should be). More reviews, many positive can be viewed at In addition, we get reviews like the one you see below every day. We will work hard to win back the trust of your community.

        Precise, I can not thank you enough. I am so impressed with all the efforts you made to get me the watch on time. That is epic customer care. You should be very proud of the way you represent your company I would be more than happy to write an evaluation/survey to report my VERY positive experience.

        You have earned me your customer for ever, because you truly treat your customers with at most respect.

        Best regards

        Bouthaina Dabaja MD Professor and Section Chief Hematology
        Department of Radiation Oncology
        University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

  • Julie Hartl


  • Julie Hartl

    Recently I had tried most all of the kid tracker watches… They came with non-American instructions, (meaning they were not correct English and they were hard to follow). The scannable code did not work, and there was no instructions on which app to download. There was no Sim card

    Needless to say, I read the reviews below re GPS Caref watch, and decided to write him an email myself because of his clear dedication to his company.

    I had a great online conversation with the owner of precise innovation. For a company owner to go site by site and dig out the negative comments in order to fix them, is admirable, ethical, and moral.

    He actually offered me a free caref GPS watch because of my bad experiences with other companies products, and it is in the mail!!!!

    As a business owner, I can tell you that people like this are few and far between. There will always be someone to complain. But it’s clear that he puts hard work and dedication into his product .

    Iwould easily buy from precise innovations again! And recommend to my friends and neighbors! Thank you!

    • Brian Sullivan

      Julie, please give me an update on how things are going! I want to make sure you are still happy. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  • Candice

    I purchased 2 Caref Watches for my daughters. One watch worked perfectly, still going strong! The other watch quit working after about 4wks. When I called it was replaced super fast! No hassles! It did come with a problem. Volume wouldn’t lower down. It took a little longer to get it taken care of but, it was finally replaced! I am happy with watches!!
    My daughter has ADHD & this is a way to help her remember important things! Her teacher LOVES it!! Has been showing other teachers. It has given me great peace & kids independence! I’ve had 4 friends purchase watches from Precise Innovations with no problems. They love them too!!

    • Brian Sullivan

      Candice, I am so happy to hear that! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. Again, we aren’t perfect, but I want EVERY customer to be happy. Happy Holidays!

  • Debbie VanderWyst

    I purchased a tracker from Precision Innovation back in April. It has been a headache ever since. We had to wait for my son to get used to wearing it and when we tried to set up the service via their app, it stated it was an invalid band. That took about 10 emails back and forth (you’d think with an invoice # they could pull it up right? Apparently not). Now that the band is “validated” it has no record of me paying $120 for a year’s worth of service. Now I need to send them a copy of my invoice that says it’s paid because they have “no record of that”. How do you function as a company without being able to verify a simple payment based on your own invoice #? I’m at a point now of requesting a supervisor or billing dept call me back. Based on that conversation I may be asking for a full refund. Glad this company is no longer recommended. It seems like it isn’t a legitimate business.

    • Deplorable Me – NLJR

      If they can’t track your payment, why would you let them “track” your son?

  • Stefanie Shelley

    Hi Im looking to buy a GPS watch that my kids can wear and can talk to me when they want. I live in Canada and am having a hard time find something. I dont want to pay more then 170$ per watch and dont want much of a monthly fee as i need to buy 2 of them. Id like it to have a watch aspect not something with a blank screen or one they put in their pocket (they will lose it). thanks for the help

  • Preston McGowan

    If you want to use the GizmoPal without an existing Verizon plan the monthly cost is $40 + taxes. You must purchase the minimum 2GB data plan to pay the minimum monthly fee.

  • april

    does Caref smart watch support ATT 3G/4G?

    • Dr Dad

      It uses its own network through TMobile so as long as you have good TMobile coverage in your area you should be fine

      • Brian Sullivan

        Thanks for the reply Dr. Dad!

    • Brian Sullivan

      April, Caref uses T-Mobile network and is 2G. 2G is supported through 2020 through T-mobile and they recommended we stay on 2G rather than go to 3G at this time. Thanks for checking in. -Brian Sullivan, Founder

      • Ashley Bowen

        I’m so confused how this works. I have been a T-Mobile customer for 15yrs and still don’t understand. Do we buy a sim card from T-Mobile? Do I pay a monthly fee to T-Mobile?

  • Gem

    I got my son the Gizmo Gadget through Verizon, which is the next level up from the Gizmopal. We have been very happy with the watch. 🙂

  • Yolandi Badenhorst

    I just bought a iTRAK Kids GPS Tracker Smart Watch in South africa. Does anyone else have one? Does it work well?

  • Don Sukantawanich

    Any word on when doki watches will be in stock again for U.S. Customers (1900 MHz)? I can’t find any info on it on their website.

  • Karissa Santy

    I have to say my experience with Precise Innovation was very different. I emailed the company with questions before purchasing and received answers from the founder immediately, even at night. I ordered the watch (which I won for free) and the one year subscription for the cell service which was about 9.99/month. The watch came and I had to email one more time to set up and then was ready to go. The watch works perfectly! The battery lasts all day plus some. I set up geofences around my home and my daughter’s school and it alerts me when she leaves. I can even see when she is in gym class because she is running all over the place in one location! One day I was confused why my husband text messaged me to get him a coffee too, then realized he was tracking my daughter’s watch and we were at Tim Horton’s! I love the security it offers. She loves calling myself and her dad on the watch. I also send her a text at lunch sometimes to tell her I love her and she adores that. The watch stopped working over a year later. I emailed the company to let me know when they have another deal so I can buy a new one and they offered a free watch if I pay 9.99 for shipping. What other company offers a free replacement after a year of use? If I break my phone a day after leaving Verizon I don’t get a free replacement. Technology sometimes doesn’t work. Technology breaks. This is to be expected! I am very impressed with the company and how they stand behind their product. It’s still new and making improvements and the T-mobile cell service still needs to get a little better out by my country home but this is a company I would stand behind and you really can’t beat the price.

  • RP McMurphy

    We have had the Gizmopal 2 for six days, and have already gone over the 1gb data cap. I’m not sure if maybe I need to make sure it’s turned off at night, or only use the call/ping options under the direst of circumstances, but we’re clearly not using the device to call and ping all day long; she’s at school, we’re at work. We bought the item so that she could ride the bus and have contact with us during the walk from the bus to the front door (roughly a two- five minute walk). At this rate, we’d be paying an extra one hundred dollars a month for her service. We’re looking at new options now. I liked the product a lot before this happened, though.

  • Don’t buy the Doki watch – it has major issues in the United States. There’s even a Facebook support group where everyone complains about it ( No one in the US has gotten the video calling to work. The GPS is way off. It has so many technical glitches, it isn’t worth the effort. Even after paying $200 and waiting for shipping from China, we only got half the features to work, and then it completely stopped working after one month. Run away!

  • sheri kijsamnong

    I have bought several of these child location tracking devices I loved our mommy I;m here teddy bear for when we had very young child. Then we moved to Flilip2 watch which worked fine most of the time but very big. Changed to a couple I bought from china for size but found no 2g network in my area SE USA to support them. Finally decided on Verizon Gizmo gadget. Works great almost always precise on location price is $5 a month service but water proof it is not. It is also very big on my now 7 yr old. Although still works currently the screen cracked not easy cheap fix so may be moving on again. And even though they say water proof they are only life proof for water. Would like to see same kind of features in a smaller child size watch like the gizmo…and make water proof for swimming since we need watch for all activities.

  • Chelsea Sarkauskas

    The biggest thing I want is REALTIME tracking for my 3 kids. If we can do it for cars, why can’t we do it for kids? Also I would like to be able to ciommuncate with them through it. Does anyone have a suggestion that won’t break the bank? I have the gizmopal 2 for each of them now but it is so big, the tracking takes FOREVER to find them, there is no geofence that I can figure out, and it kept making noise during school so they ended up taking it off and putting it in their book bag and then would “forget” to put it back on. I just want to keep my kids safe and some of these designs are so huge or bright that, should a predator snatch them, of course it would be the first thing they rip off. Any ideas?

  • Stephanie Cromar

    Hi! I have tmobile and need these features in a kids watch. Can anyone recommend which one would be best? Thanks! 🙂
    -Good gps tracking
    -2 way calling
    -Messaging (not a must)
    -Being able to listen in
    -Water resistant
    -App able to track 2 kids
    -Remove alert
    -Geo fencing (not a must)

    I know it’s a tall order to fill but I couldn’t quite tell from reading all the descriptions of the watches if there is one that meets all that criteria. Thanks in advance for your help!!

    • Here We Go

      Did you find anything?
      This is my list as well.

  • Shawn Lu

    Sounds like GizmoPal 2 by LG is the only kid’s tracker that is reliable and has no complaints. Other kid’s trackers all have their problems and have many complaints. Am I right? Too bad GizmoPal 2 only works with Verizon. I wonder why no mainstream smartwatch provider is willing to build kids tracker? Like Apple, Samsung or even Lenovo, Xiaomi.

  • Mercedes

    Im looking for a GPS tracking watch for my kid that can be supported by AT&T. is there any reliable out there?

  • I have found numerous GPS tracking watches that fit my needs, But I have a question, Why is it that most of the GPS tracking watches are for children? There is a great demand for the elderly as well. Looking for SOS features tracking watch…

  • inthenameofreason

    Media sensationalism and abductions by family members may make things seem worse, but you and your kids are safer by an order of magnitude now than we were back in the “good ‘ol days.”

  • sfowler

    I would never recommend Caref watch. The customer service is horrible. I had purchased a watch in the summer of 2016 it worked great for 1 month. I no longer used it . Late summer of we moved to another state and My child needed it. To turn the service on I was told that I had to pay 4 mos of service that I NEVER used because I didn’t go through their process of discontinuing service. Angerly I paid the money. Then I paid for two months service while I fought to get the watch to work. They sent me a new watch and it still did not work. I then had told customer service to forget it. Oddly they continued to charge me for service. You would think that if the service isn’t working they would quit charging you especially if you have had constant contact with customer service. Almost $100 later I have two watches that sit and collect dust. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look up this watches reviews on You Tube and other sites. DON”T WAIST YOUR TIME AND MONEY!!!