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We have a lot to offer here at Smartwatches.org and it can become a little overwhelming for a new vistior. We’ve included a list to help you get a bird’s eye view of all the features on our site. If you still have questions about smartwatches in general or one in particular, you can always contact us directly at our Contact Page.

News and Rumors

As you have seen, we will continue to cover the latest and greatest news in the smartwatch industry. Our main focus is going to be just that, but occasionally we may cover a rumor or two if the information is noteworthy.

smartwatch news

Smartwatch Database

We now have one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date smartwatch databases around. We will continue to update information as it becomes available or changes. If you would like to explore the current market and see what devices are available – or coming soon – go check out the models page.

smartwatch database


Worried that the smartwatch you want isn’t compatible with your smartphone? Take a peek at our compatibility chart which is updated regularly. You can find a watch that fits your additional devices, and while you’re at it head on over to the smartwatch database to read up on additional support.

smartwatch compatibility

Smartwatch Timeline

Believe it or not, smartwatches have been around for quite some time. If you want to see the history of smartwatches, feel free to take a look at our interactive timeline. Just as everything else on this site will be updated regularly, so will the timeline. Innovative and game changing events still continue to happen in the market – like the recent AndroidWear announcements.

smartwatch timeline

Learn and How Tos

Wondering about smartwatches in general, how they work and how to take care of them? Head on over to our learn section to read up on all the latest tips, tricks and how tos. There are some device specific guides, but even if you don’t have a smartwatch yet you can still find some great stuff. Many of the learn articles will answer questions you may have about smartwatches, so it’s a great place to explore if you’re considering a purchase.



If you happen to come across a term or phrase on the site that you don’t understand you can hit up the glossary! You don’t have to be an uber geek or gadget enthusiast to enjoy the world of technology – or more specifically smartwatches. Feel free to jump back and forth between the glossary and our content – if you deem it necessary. The glossary will also be updated on a regular basis as more content is added to the site.

smartwatch glossary


Any basic smartwatch questions have been answered in the FAQ. Should you buy a smartwatch now? What do you need to know before making a purchase? What does a smartwatch do differently than a smartphone? All these questions and more are answered, so feel free to pay the FAQ a visit to put those wonders to rest. This is another great resource for those considering a purchase in the near future. The information offered should help you make a more informed decision.

smartwatch faqs



If you want to see our review of the Pebble Steel go ahead and check out the reviews section. We will be covering more devices – like the Samsung Galaxy Gear or Neptune Pine – as time progresses, so keep checking back!

Pebble Steel Review

Smartwatch Buyer’s Guide

Our Smartwatch Buyer’s Guide is a list of important features and tips to consider when searching for a smartwatch to spend your hard earned money on. Even if you already own a smartwatch and are looking to add to your collection, it is a good idea to review these tips as a refresher.


Yes! We cover crowdfunded smartwatches to help you become the earliest adopter of the early adopters. We search for the next Pebble and try to break the news early on failures such as the Kreyos Meteor.

Smartwatch Dynamic Ranking (Top Devices)

Coming Soon!

We will be putting together a dynamic list of the top smartwatches on the market. They will be arranged according to a unique “buzz factor” algorithm. In short, the most popular smartwatches will remain at the very top of the list. Like many other resources on the site it will be updated regularly so that it always includes streamlined information. It’s coming soon so keep your eyes peeled!

We Won’t Bite

If you’d like to get our attention about a story for the site – or perhaps even something else – feel free to visit the contact us page to get in touch. Please participate when you feel so inclined by leaving a comment or two. Community interaction is very much encouraged and we will respond accordingly and in kind.

Thank you for taking a peek at our most relevant features. We look forward to sharing the latest smartwatch news and content with you!