Pebble Tech Time Round Smartwatch

Pebble Tech  Time Round Smartwatch

The third generation smartwatch from Pebble is the company's first foray into colored display territory as the previous models use a monochrome (black and white) design. It also happens to be their first round face watch, with a style that resembles traditional wrist watches. This time around Pebble opted to release different versions of the Time; one being simply called the Pebble Time, one being called the Pebble Time Steel and the other Pebble Time Round. Its multiple watch face selection, preference on notifications and ever-growing app store make it a very capable gadget. Although functionality has not changed with this iteration, design and style certainly have. However, it has received a significant update to its software interface, now dubbed Timeline. It is one of the most accessible devices to average consumers, and would be a great fit for anyone even those who don't consider themselves tech-savvy.

Time Round
ManufacturerPebble Tech
Battery Life2 days
Display Features
Screen Size1.25"
Display TypeE-paper
Water Resistance
Case Diameter38.5mm
Android Compatibility4.3+
iOS CompatibilityiOS 8+
Windows Compatibility
Additional Info