Apple Watch OS8 New Features

A watch that can send and receive text messages and calls; a timepiece that allows you to monitor your heart rate; a device that will enable you to track your activities – these are things that a smartwatch can do. No wonder many tech lovers are going crazy about owning even just one. But for some, having smartwatches has become their addiction. And if you are one of those who love to collect smart wearables, you probably need to add Apple Watch OS8. 

Taking A Glimpse on Apple Watch OS8

Some people are very particular when it comes to innovative devices. Meaning, they prefer a specific brand even if it cost them much compared to patronizing other brands. But when it comes to Apple, the high price is worth it because of the features it offers. Apple has revealed the Apple Watch OS8, the newest version of the company’s Watch OS8. The device’s latest features include an enhanced health tracker, mindfulness app, and improved user interaction.

The New Features of Watch OS8

Apple doesn’t disappoint its users when it comes to gadgets and accessories. And even to smartwatches and other types of smart wearables, you will surely be amazed by how competitive the brand is. Although their devices are pretty expensive compared to other leading brands, you can get your money’s worth with the following Watch OS8 newest features:

Home App

The device’s redesigned Home provides more convenience for accessing the watch’s accessories and scenes. For instance, Apple’s users who have a HomeKit-enabled camera can view who is at the door directly on their wrist. Not only that, but they can also tap Intercom, allowing them to quickly broadcast a message throughout the Home or to individual rooms. This is made possible by using a HomePod, HomePod mini, or other personal devices.

Messages and Contacts

Communication becomes easier on Apple Watch because of the brand’s new tools in Messages. For instance, users can combine Scribble, dictation, and emoji all within the same message. If you prefer dictated notes, you can edit the presented text.

Mindfulness App

Another exciting feature of the latest Watch OS8 is the Mindfulness app which offers an enhanced Breathe experience and a new Reflect. The latest feature offers a mindful intention that encourages its users to focus on it for as little as one minute.

Portraits Watch Face and Photos

Watch OS8 offers new ways to view and engage with your favorite photos, which you can view right from your wrist. The new Portraits watch face allows you to see your favorite portrait photos shot on your iPhone. Another good news for selfie lovers because the Photos app is also redesigned. As such, you can easily view and navigate collections, Memories, and Featured Photos which are sync to Apple Watch. And the best part? Your photos can be shared through Messages and Mail using the new Share Sheet.

Sleeping Respiratory Rate

The Watch OS8 can help you more in terms of sleeping respiratory rate by providing more insights into your overall wellness. This is possible since the device has a built-in accelerometer that measures respiratory rate while sleeping.

Wallet’s Accessibility

According to Apple, they made the Watch OS8 more powerful in contact-free payments, making ways for their users to access the places and things they care about.

Workout Types

The new Watch OS8 has two new popular workout types. These are recommended either for physical fitness or mindful movement: Tai Chi and Pilates. 

Smartwatches for women and men are highly recommended because they can help you do many things even without your smartphone. But since there are many brands out there, choosing the best among the leading brands can guarantee that your purchase is worth it. If you support Apple, you might need to wait for a few days or months to get the latest smart wearable. But for now, make sure to learn the latest features of the Apple Watch OS8.

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