Apple vs. Samsung: Which is Better for Smartwatches?

As people walk through this digital era, two massive corporations are always striving to be at the top of their game regarding technology. Whether it’s smartphones, wearables, PCs, or other devices, they’ve long been regarded to be the market’s most formidable competitor.

Shopping for a smartwatch may appear simple at first, but it may rapidly become overwhelming. If you are an iPhone user, you undoubtedly consider the Apple Watch first. And, if you’re an Android user, it could be the revamped Wear OS on the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

With the new Google Wear OS, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 competes with Apple’s smartwatches. But how does the Android watch do in comparison to the even newer Apple Watch Series 7?

Apple vs. Samsung

Although comparing the features of the two competing smartwatches is entertaining, most consumers will choose the one that fits their current operating system, mainly because the newest Apple Watch requires an iPhone while the Galaxy Watch requires an Android phone. However, if you enjoy bragging to your friends about which watch is the best, keep reading.

What to Expect from Apple Watch?

Apple Watch Series 6 is considered the best overall smartwatch in the market as of today. Rather than a radical new feature or design change, the Series 6 received a few minor enhancements that can significantly impact. Another essential item to note is that Apple Watches are only compatible with iPhones. You’ll configure them using the Watch app, which comes preloaded on an iOS smartphone and handles setup, settings, and other functions.

And, as of this writing, the Series 6 is the only Apple Watch with an always-on display. It’s helpful to monitor your core metrics throughout a workout because you can’t always lift or tap to wake up. The always-on display gives it the appearance of a real clock. The Apple Watch Series 6 offers a plethora of functionality and an appealing look in a complete, albeit costly package. If you’re concerned about your health and want an always-on display in addition to all the Apple Watch can do, the Series 6 is the best option.

What to Expect in Samsung Smartwatch?

The most advanced smartwatch for Android users is Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 – it’s a step better from prior Galaxy watches in practically every regard, with a more polished appearance, clearer user interface, and a new operating system. The proprietary Tizen OS is gone, and Google’s Wear OS has replaced it, so for the first time, Google applications and services, as well as a vast library of third-party apps from the Play Store, are supported on the Galaxy Watch 4.

When it comes to new technology, pricing is one of many individuals’ most critical decision factors. Keeping this in mind, the Galaxy Watch 4 is $150 less expensive than the Apple Watch 7’s initial pricing. 

When compared to the Apple Watch 7, the Galaxy Watch 4 offers some additional distinct features. They include BIA body composition analysis and improved sleep tracking, and more frequent nighttime blood oxygen tests. 

The newest Exynos W920 chipset powers the Galaxy Watch 4. The watch also has a new Google Wear OS that was co-created by Samsung and Google. It is the first smartwatch to use the latest software, officially known as Wear OS 3.

Any wearable, including a smartwatch, is a highly personal item, and your decision may be significantly influenced by your phone of choice. Whether you go with Apple or Samsung, the most crucial factor to consider is your comfort. Anything that brings you joy and convenience will be regarded as the greatest smartwatch.

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