Tag Heuer Connected x Super Mario: A Video Game-Themed Smartwatch

The world’s most famous plumber is back. Not only on your game consoles but your smartwatches as well. Tag Heuer Connected released a collaboration with Nintendo featuring Super Mario. It is a combination that no one anticipated but everyone loved. There is no question about who leads the market when it comes to smartwatches. Yet, the Tag Heuer Connected x Super Mario is the first collaboration between a watch manufacturer and a video game company. That itself makes it stand out in the wearable market. If you are a fan of video games, you would surely want the collaboration between Tag Heuer and Nintendo.

The Collaborators

Tag Heuer is known for being one of the luxury watch brands along with Rolex and Omega. In 2015, they released a high-end smartwatch that features the Swiss mechanism. This smartwatch is called Tag Heuer Connected. It uses the operating system developed by Google, which is the Wear OS. It can be connected with both iOS and Android phones. The first generation of the smartwatch doesn’t have enough fitness trackers and relies primarily on apps. However, the recent release is equipped with more sensors and higher-resolution screens. 

On the other hand, Super Mario is an icon of pop culture which originated in Japan. At first, he was portrayed as a carpenter in 1981 and then introduced as a plumber in the 1985 version. Mario is living in the Mushroom Kingdom, where he tries to save Princess Peach from Bowser. Many people have already helped him save the princess. No wonder the video game has been an enormous hit all over the world.

Watch Face

There are four available watch faces for the collection. There are two versions of the Heuer 02 watch face patterned on Super Mario colors and elements. Another one is a nostalgic chronograph display that resembles the 1985 version of the game. The last one is an orbital face with game elements like the mushrooms and stars orbiting the dial. 


The collaboration will not be complete without incorporating animation in it. Though it is not a game itself, it will make you feel like you are inside a video game. Mario transforms himself depending on your progress in attaining your daily goal. Once you reach 25% of your goal, Mario will grow with the help of the super mushroom. When you are halfway through, he will be popping out of the pipe. 

At 75%, he becomes indestructible with the superstar. And when you complete your goal, you will see Mario waving on top of the goal pole. Having this kind of feature is indeed enjoyable in smartwatches for kids. It is safe to say that this is what the collaboration is about. The Super Mario theme can not only be seen on the screen. You can also find traces of Mario on other parts of the watch. 

Bezel and Crown

There are only a few smartwatches that have designs on their bezels and crowns. Tag Heuer did not overlook this aspect since they are also notable for their metal design. The bezel is decorated with game elements, particularly the mushroom, pipe, and star. It serves as an indicator for your daily goal.  The crown has the iconic “M” symbol of Mario.


You have two options for the strap. If you are aiming for a more sophisticated look, you can have a black leather strap. However, if you will be working out, you may use the red rubber strap to keep the leather from being damaged by sweat. Both of them have the Mario logo on the lock. 

As of writing, the Tag Heuer Connected x Super Mario is sold out. They only released 2,000 units of the said collection. It cost the buyers $2,150 per unit. It is pretty pricey compared to other smartwatches, but that is what luxury comes with. Still, if you want to get your hands on the collaboration, the Mario watch faces will be available in the latest collection of Tag Heuer Connected.

An icon in the past meets the new technology in the present. Tag Heuer and Nintendo certainly know what they are doing, and the people did not let them down. The Tag Heuer Connected x Super Mario release is only the start of beautiful collaborations in the future.

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