4 Self-Charging Smartwatches

Smartwatches are excellent devices that work more than a regular timepiece. It serves as a smartphone extension where you can do many activities, from watches that track distance and pace to tracking your sleep patterns. Besides, smartwatches are compatible with many applications that allow you to play music, communicate with your loved ones, or even watch movies. Self-charging smartwatches allow you to use these features without interruption.

Although smartwatches provide different features, these devices still have limitations. They cannot function for a lifetime, meaning they run out of power. You need to charge them once these devices have used up all their energy. But what if you are using it and there are no available power outlets? Worry not because there are 4 self-charging smartwatches to save your day.

Self-Charging Smartwatches

Some people doubt buying a smartwatch because they need it to charge from time to time. That’s why several companies have added additional features to these timepieces to solve the said problem. You don’t need to be frustrated anymore because self-charging smartwatches now exist. This way, you don’t have to search for a power outlet once the smartwatch has used its battery or wonder how long does a smartwatch battery last.

Do self-charging smartwatches exist? If so, how do they work? The technology behind the self-charging smartwatches is simple. Companies use different methods to make it possible. Among these options are kinetic movement, solar power, and thermoelectric generator (TEG). All of these methods can be used to get power for the device.

Although these methods are helpful when acquiring the smartwatches’ power, they give limited power. That’s why companies are looking for other ways to generate power for the device. It includes the energy that can be harvested as radio frequency (RF), converting heat into energy.

LunaR Smartwatch – Solar Powered

LunaR Smartwatch is a solar-powered hybrid smartwatch. This device can absorb sunlight and artificial light using an ultra-thin transparent solar panel. After collecting light, it is stored in a rechargeable battery. You can monitor the amount of light entering the device from a smartphone app. 

Aside from the self-charging feature, LunaR can also determine the amount of time you’ve spent under the sun in minutes. It also tells the charging status and battery level, helping you monitor your smartwatch’s battery status. LunaR has many fitness tracking features that can help you in your daily activities. Its sleek design makes it one of the best smartwatches for women.

Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Smartwatch

One of the 4 self-charging smartwatches that you may consider is the Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Smartwatch. It features a sleek design that uses the sun’s energy to extend battery life. Like other smartwatches, it can also monitor your health stays and track your sleeping patterns.

Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Smartwatch’s advanced features include PacePro for grade-adjusted pace throughout your activity. It also has environmentally adjusted VO2 max and training status estimates. The device’s rechargeable lithium battery provides up to 21 days of battery life in smartwatch mode.


PowerWatch features a MATRIX-powered thermoelectric engine that allows the device to be powered by its wearer’s body heat. It takes pride as the world’s first smartwatch that uses this method, meaning you don’t have to charge it. PowerWatch’s other features include a full-color display, heart rate monitoring, GPS location monitoring, and sleep monitoring. You will fall in love with its rugged design and water resistance features.

Casio Solar Powered Smartwatch

The Casio Pro Trek PRW2500T is one of Casio’s solar-powered watches that feature digital movement. It has a built-in triple sensor that can measure altitude, atmospheric pressure, and direction. This device can also sync with atomic clocks worldwide, providing ultra-precise timekeeping. Casio solar-powered smartwatch has a massive case with a contrasting bezel. It also comes with a lightweight and durable titanium band, giving a stylish design.

A smartwatch provides several benefits to the wearer. But like a smartphone or any device, it also has limitations, especially to batteries. You may consider buying smartwatches with a long battery life. Or, you may pick among the 4 self-charging smartwatches that make recharging more convenient.

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