Garmin Instinct Solar Review

Smartwatches are popular these days, so are sports watches. One of the famous sport watches out there is Garmin Instinct Solar. If you are looking for another Garmin watch with high functionality, you might like this sports watch. To know whether it’s worth your purchase or not, it would be better to check its features. Check out this Garmin Instinct Solar review and see if you need an Instinct Solar now.


Unlike smartwatches for women and men, not all sports watches are stylish. This is evident in the Garmin Instinct Solar because it might not be the most fashionable multi-sports watch you can find. Since it is mostly made of plastic, it might look less expensive than other brands. But overall, the Garmin Instinct Solar is still a highly recommended watch for athletes and fitness enthusiasts because of its practical use. It has excellent battery life featuring a well-designed interface. Not only that, but you can also use this device for a wide range of thrilling activities such as triathlon.


Overall, Instinct Solar has a practical design with no frills looks. It also has an excellent layout and transparent power glass, which is ideal for charging. The body of the sports watch is made from rugged fiber-reinforced polymer. It also uses a silicone strap. Compared to the 2018 Instinct, it is 1g heavier, but its case is almost identical. Instinct Solar features 5mm in diameter and 15.3mm thick.

How to Set Up Garmin Instinct Solar

Since Instinct Solar has different functionalities, you might find it challenging to set it up. Worry not because it is easier than you think. First, note that you need to give it an initial charge even if you can use it with solar power. Like other Garmin fitness trackers, you can charge the Instinct Solar using a small USB cable plugs into the case’s rear. 

Once the device is fully charged, you can start installing the Garmin Connect app, available for Android and iOS. If you already have a Garmin coconut, all you need is to log in, but if not, you can easily create a new one. Though creating a new Gramin account takes time, you’ll need it because the user’s physiological data will be used when assessing your fitness goals. 

Instinct Solar: The Pros and Cons

It’s pretty challenging to decide whether to buy a specific product if you don’t know its pros and cons. If you still can’t make up your mind, here are the advantages and disadvantages of buying Garmin Instinct Solar:


  1. Excellent interface. As mentioned, Garmin Instinct Solar has a beautiful interface considering the sheer number of features offered by the device.
  1. Improved battery life. Since Instinct Solar is a new version of the 2018 Instinct, expect enhancements like an incredible battery life because of its solar top-ups.
  1. Durable glass. Instinct Solar is made of Power Glass, which harvests energy. Although it is not as tough as sapphire glass, it’s robust and resistant to knocks and scratches.
  1. Amazing features. The device is also packed with training and navigation features which you’ll find helpful when out for an adventure or working out.


  1. Plug-in. Garmin takes pride in not having to plug in the device because it runs continuously in power-saving mode. However, long performance is only achieved at least three hours of direct exposure to sunlight per day.
  1. Style. As mentioned, the Instinct Solar might not be the most fashionable watch, but it is suitable for running, cycling, and hiking.

Every device has its pros and cons. Though Garmin Instinct Solar does not offer a stylish appearance, still, it is one of the best sports watches you can buy in the market these days. It is ideal for those who are seeking adventures and for people who are into sports.

Where to buy

You can purchase the Garmin Instinct Solar by clicking the image below.

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