Swimming and jogging could be two of your favorite pastimes. Do you want to know how to keep track of your performance? If you’re an athletic person or someone who loves sports, you might need an INCUS NOVA. “ONE DEVICE, ONE ATHLETE, THREE SPORTS,” as their famous tagline goes. This is what INCUS NOVA claims: SIMPLE. But, first and foremost, what is Incus Nova?

What You Need to Know About INCUS NOVA

If you’re a swimmer or triathlete, you may have heard about INCUS or seen the tiny, luminous NOVA gadget being road-tested by elite athletes. INCUS is the most popular platform for learning and developing in swimming, running, and triathlon. Their main goal is to make professional sports analytics easy to understand to everyone. INCUS NOVA is one of their leading smart gadgets that can help athletes monitor their progress. 

What distinguishes this wearable device from other smartwatches for women and men on the market?

The Nova is a swimming wearable placed on the upper spine and kept in place by clothing designed by the Loughborough-based company. It’s jam-packed with improved versions of the sensors used in smartwatches and motion capture devices. With those sensors, the Nova can detect strokes, breaths, and kicks on both the left and right sides, providing detailed information on stroke techniques. 

Unlike other fitness trackers, the INCUS NOVA gives you professional, precise measurements of your swim and run performance from a gadget you wear on your back. The gadget detects components of your technique related to your routine and injuries, including world-first efficiency and balance measurements. It also connects to your current smart devices to centralize all of your performance data.

INCUS NOVA: Pros and Cons

Though INCUS NOVA is the first of its own, every technology has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Here are some points to think about before deciding whether or not to purchase the INCUS NOVA:


  1. Less is more

To obtain a complete view of your progress, you can stop wearing, syncing, and charging many different sports trackers. It also has more than one month of memory capacity.

  1. Real-time or post-session feedback

For real-time or post-session feedback, the NOVA device can be connected to the CLOUD. The INCUS insights teach you what your fitness data means and how to utilize it to better tomorrow, allowing you to run and swim more proactively.

  1. Pro tips from the experts

Get unique tips and tricks from top INCUS pro athletes daily to aid you in your fitness quest.


  1. Not suitable for all sports

The Nova’s sole drawback is that it is designed to be used while swimming. This device isn’t suitable for all sports.

  1. Pricey

It is true that not all regular swimmers will be able to obtain this cutting-edge technology that will aid their development as athletes. However, not all low-cost trackers are capable of assisting them. So why not get a high-quality smart tracker?

In addition to the gadget, INCUS has been working with designers to create new clothing, including skin suits for the British Olympic teams, to provide other options to use the technology in the water. It’s also focusing on incorporating additional trend-spotting algorithms into the data collected by its wearable. As a result, this device will improve with time to become an even better triathlon training partner.

Up until recently, there hasn’t been much in the way of swimming technology. Swimming has been left in the shadows in terms of analytics, whereas cycling and running have a significant lead. The INCUS NOVA has shown to be especially beneficial to athletes under lockdown, where real-life coaches’ sessions were not permitted.

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