14 Best Smartwatch Apps for Work

The smartwatch was a highly anticipated tech gadget that the technology world is still trying to bring to full potential.

Every day, people develop more and more apps and uses for it. While a smartwatch may not be the first thing you think of as useful for business, it’s actually a great gadget to utilize for the office if you know the right tools.

The following apps will help you to get the most out of your smartwatch during work.

1. Slack

Slack is the ultimate app for business communication, and there’s a good chance your office is using it to communicate already. If you’re on-the-go traveling or in a meeting, use the Slack smartwatch app to keep up with any urgent news you need to take care of. Notifications pop up on the screen, and you can reply out loud or send template messages back.

2. Salesforce

Salesforce for the Apple Watch allows you to get every piece of data you need right on your wrist. For those important announcements you’re waiting on, the app gives real-time updates — you can breathe a sigh of relief the instant that huge deal closes. It also gives you the ability to look up any piece of data you need right away so you can bring up it in your next meeting.

One of the greatest features of the Salesforce app is that you can utilize it to build your own smartwatch apps. Doing so can serve to extend your company’s web presence. Your team can also design apps to smooth out kinks for in-house use.


IFTTT is the perfect app to connect all of your smart devices. Its applets help certain features work together to make things easier for you. It can connect your voice assistant to your to-do list or calendar, making sure you get everything done you need to. If your office has smart technology, you can get IFTTT to turn on the lights and set the temperature just right when you get there.

The possibilities with this app are endless. With the smartwatch version, it’s even easier to ensure that everything is running smoothly. You can leave your phone behind for lunches or meetings and still get updates.

4. Invoice2go

If you’re in charge of employees that get paid hourly, this app will be your best friend. It logs hours, sends invoices and notifies you when you receive a payment. One of its best features is geofencing technology that allows it to prompt the user to start logging time when they arrive at the job site. Since a watch is always on someone’s wrist, it’s a good way for workers to accurately record time and receive the correct payment amount each pay period.

5. BetterWorks

BetterWorks is the best way for employees to make sure they’re meeting their goals and keeping up to date on their progress. Workers in fields like IT are constantly busy and rushing around, so it’s hard to keep track of exactly what they need to accomplish. Employees can complete little check-ins to report progress. They can also cheer on co-workers who are meeting their goals, which brings a bit of team camaraderie into the mix.

Employees are often motivated by seeing goals and achievements that they need to meet, especially if their peers cheer them on. This app helps both bosses and regular workers by increasing productivity while giving workers a little boost in their day every time they hit an accomplishment milestone.

6. Evernote

Another widely used business app, Evernote for the smartwatch gives you another seamlessly integrated platform to keep track of everything. You don’t have to remember which device you saved those crucial meeting notes on, because Evernote makes sure they’re on every device. The dictation feature is essential on the smartwatch, as it lets you talk out notes while you’re in your car or elsewhere on the go so you can make sure you have them for later.

7. iMeet Agenday

This app connects all of your various calendars — both personal and business ­— into one app so you can keep everything straight. The smartwatch app gives you notifications, countdowns to the next meeting on your calendar and the ability to send a quick “running late” message right from your wrist.

iMeet Agenday is all about meetings and gives you the option to see information like LinkedIn profiles of the people you’re about to meet with. This feature is great for hiring meetings, when high job demand means a high volume of candidates to keep track of. If meetings are offsite, the app provides directions and weather conditions so you always get there on time. You can also join in on conference calls with your watch so you don’t miss anything.

8. Trello

Trello features a unique interface to help you keep track of upcoming projects. If you’re a visual person, Trello’s card interface is perfect for you. The app is similar to something like Pinterest or an actual vision board. With your watch, you can create new cards while you’re out and about, making sure you take advantage of inspiration any time it strikes you.

9. Calculator

A calculator is probably one of the most convenient tools to have easy access to. From numbers in sales meetings to estimating pay for the week, it’s nice to have a calculator on your wrist so you can work the numbers out before you forget them. This version has all the fancy features too, so you can do some serious math work any time you need to.

10. Tool Box

The Tool Box is basically a technical Swiss Army knife for your watch. It features tools like a compass, level, protractor, magnifier, unit converter, barcode reader and flashlight. It doesn’t really matter what business you’re in — you’ll probably find something of use in this app. And even if you don’t, you’ll be able to amuse yourself during boring meetings while still looking productive.

11. Microsoft Outlook

Keep up-to-date with all of your emails by using Outlook on your smartwatch. With their Focused inbox, you can rest assured that the most important emails will be on top where you’re most likely to see them. Email is one of the most prominent forms of communication in the workplace, so it’s crucial for you to have access to it at all times. If employees or clients need an answer back to one of their emails as soon as possible, you can dictate so you don’t keep them waiting.

12. Instant

Instant tracks your overall productivity as a person so you can make sure you’re hitting optimal productivity in every aspect of your life. It tracks sleep and fitness, making sure you’re rested enough to take on your day. It also tracks how long you spend on apps and on your phone in general. It even tracks your travel time!

Tracking phone and app time, an important task for businesses and individuals in the business world, will spike your productivity. You’ll be able to see whether you’re spending time the way you should or procrastinating and playing games too much. Once you know your strengths and weaknesses, you can optimize your time and spend it in a way that allows you to manageably accomplish your goals. You’d be surprised at the dent in your day a quick game break can make!

13. Call Notes Pro

When a call is coming in, Call Notes Pro gives you extremely detailed information so you know exactly who it is, how important it is and whether you should be taking the time to answer it. If you decide you don’t need to pick up at that moment, you can let the call go to voicemail instead. You’ll be able to type notes while you’re on the call and make sure they come up the next time that name appears on your phone.

Call Notes Pro acts as a cheat sheet for phone calls. You can make notes about people who talk on forever and waste precious time, as well as important people you would drop everything and pick up the phone for. Call Notes Pro makes the time you spend on your phone as productive as possible and helps you prioritize the large number of calls you get each day.

14. Polaris Office

Smartwatches may have tiny screens, but they pack a big punch. This app lets you view every kind of document that might get emailed to you — Word, Excel, PDF and more. It might not be the easiest to read on the small screen of a smartwatch, but if something urgent comes up, you may not have another screen available. Polaris Office guarantees that you’ll be able to read any document, no matter what its file type.

Smartwatches bring a lot more to a business than you might think. Stop using yours only for tracking the number of steps you’re taking each day, and start putting that little piece of technology to work.

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