How Long Do Smartwatches Last?

When the screen of your device turns black, there are only two reasons for it. It is either you broke it, or the battery died. In most cases, the battery died. Imagine you are doing your morning walk when suddenly it runs out of battery. Knowing how long do smartwatches last will give you an idea of when you need to recharge your device.

Importance of Battery Life

A smartwatch can last for a day or two, and it can be shorter or longer than what is expected. It entirely depends on how you use it. Like smartphones, one setback is dealing with this kind of situation where the battery gets used up.

One of the factors that sway you from getting which model is the smart watch battery life. This is why manufacturers are trying to improve the capacity of their batteries so they will last longer. In this way, you will not find yourself wearing a dead smartwatch. It is essential to have sufficient charge, especially in smartwatches for kids. You will only be able to monitor them if their device is active.

Maximizing the Battery Life

There are several reasons why your smartwatch is getting low in battery. Most of it is internal factors, and it contributes to battery usage and determines how long smartwatches last. However, there are ways on how you can utilize them for prolonging the battery life.


Every time you receive notifications, it wakes up your device. Once the screen is turned on, it uses the battery. Yet, not all of those notifications are important. So, you need to filter out what you should be notified of. By turning off some of the notifications, you will be minimizing screen time.

Display and Brightness

Some people want to keep their display on, and it doesn’t matter whether they are looking at it or not. As expected, it only consumes most of the battery. If you are not one of these people, you can choose to turn off your display. Also, some of the smartwatches wake up when tilted, and you can disable this feature too. If you like to have your display in its always-on feature, you might want to adjust the brightness. It will also save some of the battery but not as much as turning off the screen.


It is great to be connected all the time. Whether it is Wifi, Bluetooth, and even GPS, it makes everything more efficient. Still, there are situations where you do not need to have one of them. Being disconnected is not always a disadvantage. Plus, you can turn them on again whenever you want to use them.

Voice Assistants

Smartwatches have voice assistants as well. You can accomplish tasks without lifting a finger. You need to get their attention, and they can get the job done. Some people are fond of using it while some do not use them at all. Likewise, you better turn it off. You may not notice it but having it on standby uses power.


If you are one of the productive population, it is not a surprise that you have many applications on your device. These applications, whether you open them or not, maybe using the battery. Most fitness trackers have applications or processes running in the background to collect data. There are two ways to manage your applications. First, delete the apps that you do not need, and it only consumes space and power. Second, you can turn off app notifications, sounds, and alerts.

One trait that smartwatches did not get from traditional watches is the battery life. Some watches take years before changing batteries, and some do not need one at all. How long do smartwatches last can not only be identified by the battery life. If you are responsible enough to maintain your smartwatch in good shape, it will only go out of circulation when the developers stop supporting the device.

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