The Future of Smartwatches

Smartwatches have been in the market for years. Every year, new models of these timepieces from various companies are released, featuring new innovative functions. Some smart wearables have advanced GPS features, while others offer water and scratch resistance. There are also watch companies that have upgraded their activity trackers, benefiting athletes and health enthusiasts (related: best smartwatch for exercise). It seems like there is no end to innovating smartwatches, making people wonder what would be the future of smartwatches. In this article, discover what will is in store for the future of smartwatches.

From Luxury to Necessity

In the first few years of having smartwatches, some people believe that owning a  smart wearable is just a luxury. This is because smartwatches are high-priced commodities, meaning only a few people can afford them. What makes smart wearables more expensive than traditional watches is the additional functions they can provide, such as sleep and heart monitoring and activity tracking. But are smartwatches a luxury?

According to Pew Research Center, about one in five Americans use a fitness tracker or smartwatch. Meaning, the future of smartwatches would transition from being a luxury to being a necessity. The popularity of these devices has increased over the past years, and more and more people are interested in having one. The revenue for smartwatches has also boosted to 20% in the last two years. It is expected that the smartwatch revenue would go up to 14.5% between 2019 and 2024.

The real question is, are smartwatches a necessity? If so, why?

As years pass by, wearable manufacturers are focusing on health functionalities in their devices. This is because people who buy smartwatches use these devices to monitor their sleeping patterns, which can assess their health. Not only that, but smartwatches have helped detect heart problems and other health conditions. Even healthcare providers have seen the importance of using smartwatches to prevent the greater incidence of chronic diseases, conditions that need long-term monitoring and management to avoid complications.

How Developers are Affected by the Increasing Popularity of Smartwatches

The increasing popularity of smartwatches does not only affect tech indoors but the developers as well. This is because manufacturers and developers need to find a solution to prolong the battery life. Smartwatches’ innovations consume much of the battery, which poses problems, especially if people prefer those with long battery life. According to tech experts, as the wearer spends more time on their watch, such as interacting with an app, the smart watch battery life will drop quickly. People have been buying smartwatches because these devices also allow playing a game, watching videos, etc.

Although having a long battery life with many smart functions is challenging, some brands have already overcome this problem. There are watch companies out there that offer innovative functions and, at the same time, allow you to use the smart wearable not just for a few days but for weeks. But of course, as a buyer, you need to weigh down your priorities when purchasing a smartwatch.

Smartwatches have been helpful devices to teach enthusiasts and those who want to improve their health. With the activity tracking and sleep monitoring system the devices provide, smartwatches can now access their health and prevent any severe health conditions with continuous monitoring. There is so much more to expect from smartwatches, as well as options of a kids smart watch, and time will only tell if they will still be in demand in the coming years. The future of smartwatches is seen as a positive by tech experts, knowing that more and more people are interested in using these devices.

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