Jumpy Plus Smartwatch Review

The Jumpy smartwatch is a full-featured wearable for kids.

Most smartwatches are designed for grown-ups. The ones that are designed for kids, either have been stripped of functionality, or do one or two specifics tasks. For example, the Kigo is a great watch, but it’s meant to track the GPS location of those wearing it. It has some colorful watchfaces, but there are no activities or games for the little ones.

The Jumpy on the other hand looks a lot like a toy, and it has both fun features and substantial ones. Read on to find out a little more about it.

Jumpy Plus Smartwatch for Kids Review

The Jumpy smartwatch comes in several colors including blue, red, green, and yellow. The software – or operating system – in particular is designed from the ground up for children.

For instance, there’s a virtual pet kids can take care of. It encourages them to exercise by jumping and running to keep the pet in shape. Kids can also feed, clean, and dress it up.

But there’s also a pedometer that counts steps, a calendar to keep track of important dates, and communication apps.

Jumpy Plus smartwatch colors

The band is interchangeable, and can be removed from the main module. This allows kids to swap out band styles if they want a different color. It’s also IP54 dust and water resistant, and the watch has been tested to survive a 1.5-meter drop. This is important because children aren’t exactly known for taking care of their toys.

What is also surprising, is the Jumpy includes decent specs for a device of this caliber. It’s powered by a dual-core CPU, 512MB of RAM, has 4GB of internal storage, a full-color LED display, and also includes Bluetooth support, a mic, speakers and more. There are three sensors to boot: a motion-sensor, weight-sensor, and a gyroscope.
It’s safe to say, for a kids watch, this thing is stocked to the brim. But is it worth the money?



Jumpy Plus Smartwatch Review
Overall: (4/5)4star
Build: (4/5)4star
Design: (5/5)5star
Entertainment: (5/5)5star
Functionality: (5/5)5star
Compatibility: (4/5)3star

Right off the bat, we’ll say that the Jumpy smartwatch has a ton of features. It even has location tracking, voice calls, and safe zone support.

The Jumpy truly is a full-featured smartwatch for kids. If you want a comparison, it’s like an Apple Watch, Android Wear or Pebble.

The target audience is children age 4 and older. While you probably could put it on a child younger than that, that’s what the manufacturer recommends.

It comes in several kid-friendly colors, and has a pretty durable makeup. That’s not to say it’s indestructible, but it should be able to withstand most things kids throw at it. It has an IP54 dust and water resistance rating, and it can survive a drop from 1.5 meters or less.

The watch itself is equipped with a 1.6-inch color touchscreen display, and wireless connectivity through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. That means you can sync it with your phone, but you can also sync it directly with a local network in your home.

The specs are relatively powerful for something like this – it has a dual-core processor and 512MB of RAM – and there is a companion app for Android and iOS.

The software and apps on the watch are also tailored for children. Like we already said, there’s a virtual pet they can take care of, educational games, text and voice message support and more. The Jump smartwatch can even be used as a Bluetooth controller for select toys – like Sphero’s connected toys.

All in all, it’s an excellent smartwatch for your little one and there’s plenty to keep them entertained!

  • Overall: 4/5 – The Jumpy smartwatch is a full-featured smartwatch for kids, and that means it comes with a lot of functionality high-end smartwatches do.


This is a watch for kids, after all, so it needs to be pretty durable.

An IP54 dust and water resistance rating means it’s protected from limited dust ingress and spraying water. To clarify, rain and sweat shouldn’t be a problem, so long as the watch doesn’t remain directly in a downfall for long.

But it’s not waterproof.

It is, however, protected from a fall of 1.5 meters or less, which is good in case it’s dropped.

The band is a silicone material and both sturdy and comfortable. It also separates from the main module of the watch so that children can change colors and styles. They have a small amount of exterior customization thanks to this, unless you only get them the one band.

The touchscreen doesn’t appear to be protected by Gorilla Glass or anything of that caliber. That’s not really such a big deal since it’s plastic not glass. Still, we wouldn’t recommend taking a hammer to it, but it should hold up well.

  • Build: 4/5 – The Jumpy Plus smartwatch is not totally indestructible but it is durable, certainly enough for children.


Jumpy Plus smartwatchTo be honest, the design doesn’t really matter all that much. This is a watch for kids, so as long as it holds their interest that’s good enough in our book.

The Jumpy Plus smartwatch comes in four styles. Pink and blue, all pink, green and yellow, and all orange. You can see the exact colors on the official site, but we included a sample here too.

The main watch module also detaches from the band, so you could swap out the band color if you really wanted – or if your kids didn’t like the colors for some reason.

That’s pretty much all you need to know.

  • Design: 5/5 – The Jumpy Plus smartwatch is for kids, so if the look and feel keeps them happy – which it seems to – then that’s all that matters.

Games and Entertainment

The virtual pet is pretty awesome. It encourages kids to walk, jump, run and play. They can also dress up their pet and take care of it like a real one – through feedings and cleanings. It gives them something exciting to do.

Jumpy Plus petThere’s also a calendar tool that parents can use to send reminders to kids. So, you could make sure they remember about doctor or dentist appointments, or even important family activities. All of this can be programmed from within the mobile app.

The watch also collects data and information on a child’s behaviors and habits. It doesn’t track anything scary, just what kind of activities they like most on the watch and how they choose to spend their time. This info is sent to the mobile app so parents can stay informed.

There’s also a pedometer that will track steps.

For the kids, there are educational games to play, and there are interactive storybooks pre-loaded too. The watch will read them back in a human voice. Other features include digital instruments, a voice recorder with neat sound effects, and imagination boosters – like super hero sound effects. The watch can even be used to control toys remotely via Bluetooth, like Sphero’s connected toys.

Finally, the Jumpy Plus smartwatch can send and receive both text and voice messages. They can be sent either from a parent via the mobile app, or another Jumpy watch. So, if you get a watch for each of your kids, they can talk to each other.

  • Entertainment: 5/5 – Everything you need is there, plus a heart-rate monitor and sleep tracking. Unfortunately, you have to activate the trackers manually. But since the D6 has access to Google Play, you can install whatever apps you want to replace the stock ones.


Since most of the functionality is tied up in the games and entertainment side of things, this section won’t be long. That doesn’t mean the Jumpy Plus smartwatch is lacking, it’s absolutely not.

Jumpy Plus smartwatch in blueThe most important feature – at least for parents – is the option to send voice and text messages back and forth with your child. You can send them from the mobile app and they work great. Don’t worry, only authorized contacts can reach out to kids and they have to be registered before that can happen.

But if your child knows someone with a Jumpy smartwatch of their own, they can communicate.

Most of the controls are handled via gestures, and that includes the games too. They are simple and call for things like taps and swipes.

The touchscreen is also fairly responsive, which is good. You won’t see your kids frustrated by it because of hang-ups or slowdown, and that’s always a plus.

The charger is a magnetic cable that attaches to the rear of the watch. It just kind of snaps on and stays there thanks to a magnetic connection. Unlike a lot of watches we’ve dealt with that have this feature, the Jumpy is a little more reliable. It’s not perfect, but the charger won’t keep falling off on its own as long as you prop the watch and cable up appropriately.

The battery also appears to be reliable. It will get anywhere from 12 to 36 hours of continuous use, and about 60 hours of standby time. It really just depends on how much your kids are using the watch.

  • Functionality: 5/5 – The Jumpy Plus smartwatch has some great features, especially the voice calls and text messaging.


The Jumpy Plus smartwatch has apps for both Android and iOS. The apps are pretty substantial too with a ton of features and they allow you to track a bunch of data about your kids.

  • Compatibility: 4/5 – The Jumpy Plus smartwatch is compatible with most newer phones including iOS and Android. It also takes a Nano SIM and connects to WCDMA networks.

Jumpy Plus Smartwatch for Kids Review: Conclusion

We think the watch is pretty cool, but that’s not what matters. What really matters is whether or not our little ones enjoyed the watch.

They certainly did. In fact, they enjoyed it so much we would be willing to buy more models for all of our children.

What do you think of that?

If you’re a spec fanatic and want to know what the Jumpy smartwatch has to offer, here you go:

  • Processor: Dual Core 1GHz
  • RAM: 512MB
  • ROM: 4GB
  • Display: 1.6-inch touchscreen
  • Android 5.0
  • Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, GPS
  • Nano SIM, WCDMA (2100/1900)
  • Gyroscope
  • Mic and speaker

We hope you enjoyed our Jumpy smartwatch for kids review. Stay tuned for more coverage!

Where Can I Get the Jumpy Plus Smartwatch for Kids?

You can buy the Jumpy Plus smartwatch from a reputable seller on Amazon. Here, is the best listing.

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