Seiko Smartwatch Review

Seiko is one of the popular watch brands that you can find on the market today. They provide high-quality watches of different sizes, shapes, and colors featuring a stylish design. Their sleek design makes it one of the best smartwatches for women. Despite the many luxurious brands out there, many people still prefer Seiko because of the quality it provides. Some people would love to have a Seiko smartwatch. But does Seiko offer this kind of digital timepiece?

Does Seiko Make a Smartwatch?

Since 1881, Seiko has been an excellent provider of high-quality watches. However, this watch brand does not offer smartwatches. The good news is that you can enjoy a Seiko watch’s quality when you avail a smartwatch from Seiko Epson Corporation. This company is part of the Seiko Group, so you can ensure that the timepiece is of excellent quality.

If you want a Seiko smartwatch, you may consider other options like buying the Sony Wena Smartwatch built using the base unit of a Seiko SKX007 case, handset, and 4 o’clock crown. You can also find Seiko’s other features on the timepiece. With Seiko and Sony Wena Smartwatch collaboration, you can enjoy the best worlds of analog and digital watches.

Is it possible to have a Seiko smartwatch? Yes you can with Sony Wena. The base unit (Seiko) is responsible for the mechanical part of the watch. On the other hand, the bracelet takes care of the digital part. It features a digital screen with the basic functionality of a typical smartwatch, from call answering to fitness gps.

Seiko Watches

Suppose you have decided to buy a standard Seiko watch rather than a smartwatch, what will you choose? You might be overwhelmed with Seiko’s list of stylish and high-quality timepieces. To help you decide, you may consider the following categories:

  1. Astron
  2. Prospex
  3. Presage
  4. 5 Sports
  5. Lukia
  6. Seiko Premier

These watches are part of Seiko’s different brands that can provide you with world-class timepieces. Even if Seiko is not offering a smartwatch, it provides other avant-garde features that you might not find on a smartwatch.

Seiko Astron GPS Solar Watches

Seiko Astron GPS Solar Watch is the first of its kind. You don’t need to worry about the smart watch battery life since it gets its energy from solar power. You can connect it to the GPS network, which makes the timepiece adjust to your timezone. Seiko Astron GPS Solar Watch has the following features:

  • Automatic time adjustment
  • Dynamic movements of the watch’s hands
  • High reception performance

Seiko Kinetic Watches

Seiko is also famous for kinetic watches. Although they might be pricey, the brand ensures high-quality timepieces. Seiko kinetic watches are reliable and accurate when it comes to timekeeping. Some of the popular kinetic watch models are Direct Drive, Kinetic Perpetual, and Kinetic GMT. Seiko kinetic watches offer the following features:

  • Accurate timekeeping
  • Long charge storage time
  • Long-lasting capacitor

Seiko Automatic Watches

If you doubt buying a kinetic watch because its capacitor needs to be replaced, then an automatic watch could be a better option for you. Seiko automatic watches come in various styles and models. Most of these timepieces are powered using a 7S26 21 Jewel automatic movement. What’s good about Seiko automatic watches is they power themselves by the motion of your body.

When it comes to watch brands, Seiko will not disappoint you, making your purchase worth every penny. Although the brand does not offer a Seiko smartwatch, they have automatic, kinetic, and solar watches to suit your lifestyle. The price of a Seiko watch depends on the type and model.

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