Smartwatches for Kids: TickTalk 4 Review

If you search for a perfect gift for your kids, TickTalk could be the answer you are looking for. It is one of the trendy smartwatches for kids that you can find on the market today. There are other smart wearables that you can choose from, but we’re here to give you an honest review about the TickTalk smartwatch, including its pros and cons. This way, you can decide whether to choose this timepiece among all the other options. 

The Smartwatch That Can Do It All

TickTalk 4 is the upgraded version of TickTalk 3, which offers additional and exciting features for your kids. No wonder it is included in one of the best smartwatches for kids. TickTalk 4 is a great companion for your children because it has video calling features. Not only that, but it also has an iHeartRadio Family and dual cameras. If your kids like taking pictures, the TickTalk 4 is an excellent option for smart wearables.

If you are asking if it’s worth buying TickTalk 4, you can decide based on its pros and cons. The following are the good and bad sides of this smartwatch.

The Pros

  • Better display
  • GPS tracking feature
  • iHeartRadio Family feature
  • Improved smart watch battery life
  • Secure call and messaging¬†
  • Step tracking feature

The Cons

  • No geofencing
  • Thick and heavy

What to Like About TickTalk 4

Compared to other smartwatches for kids, TickTalk 4 is more affordable because its price starts at $150 depending on where you will buy it. You can get great deals when you purchase this smart wearable together with other compatible items such as headphones. If you are undecided whether to buy it or not, here are some reasons why you have to:

  • TickTalk 4 has a dual camera, which means it also has a selfie camera. If your child loves to take pictures, including selfies, this smart wearable could be your best pick.
  • The smartwatch offers a 1000mAh battery which is housed in a large casing. Although it is pretty bulky, it is packed with many features such as a loudspeaker and multiple health-tracking sensors.
  • TickTalk 4 has also improved its location tracking and reporting compared to the previous version, making it a great kids tracker watch. TickTalk 3 relied on Wi-Fi and cellular to determine the watch’s location, but there is inaccurate reporting. GPS tracking is a must-have feature in smartwatches for kids because it can help parents determine the exact location of their children.

The Not-So-Good Features of TickTalk 4

If there are pros, there are also cons about the TickTalk 4. One of the things that you might not like about the smart wearable is its bulkiness. Since it is packed with many features, it might be too heavy for your kids. If you are looking for comfort and style, TickTalk 4 might not be on your top list.

TickTalk 4 is one of the best smartwatches for kids because of its unique and interesting features that other smart wearables don’t have. Although it’s not a perfect smartwatch because it also has downsides, this is a great investment, especially for your kids

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