Apple Watch 2 vs Apple Watch – What’s the Difference?

In an Apple Watch 2 vs Apple Watch matchup which model would win?

What’s changed between the two iterations, and is the Apple Watch 2 really that much better? Is it worth the cost? Should you upgrade if you already own an Apple Watch?

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As for this post – the Apple Watch 2 vs Apple Watch – we’re going to do things a bit differently. Instead of subjecting you to a huge wall of text, we’re going to compare the two models visually.

What do we mean by that exactly?

Well, everyone seems to love infographics and image content. To be frank, why wouldn’t they? Media is so much more attractive than text, and it’s easier to read.

That’s why every point made in this article will be accompanied by a relevant graphic. Rather than waste more of your time discussing this, let’s just get started.

Apple Watch 2 vs Apple Watch

The most important distinction to make between the two models are the new features in the Apple Watch 2. It’s new, and it costs more so what does it have?

This graphic should answer that question.

Apple Watch 2 – What’s New?

apple watch 2 vs apple watch whats new

Apple Watch 2 – Unique Models

This time around, Apple partnered up with other companies to create unique versions of the Apple Watch 2. The most common change is the band, like you’ll find with the Hermes model.

The following graphic will give you some idea of what’s different for these models.

Apple Watch 2 – Nike+ Edition

Apple and Nike teamed up to create the Nike+ edition. It comes in four colors, with custom watch faces and a band inspired by Nike’s SportWatch.

apple watch 2 vs apple watch nike edition models

They will be available in October starting at $369.

Apple Watch 2 – Hermes Bands

Hermes will be offering several unique band styles for the Apple Watch 2 including the Double Buckle Cuff, and a unique Sport Band in orange.

If you’d like to see the different bands that Hermes will offer, see the following graphic.

apple watch 2 vs apple watch hermes bands

Apple watch 2 – Waterproof Design

One of the biggest changes made between the Apple Watch 2 and the original model is a waterproof case design. Yes, that means you can take the Apple Watch 2 swimming or in the shower.

It can withstand a depth of up to 50 meters, which is about 164 feet. It’s safe to bring the watch in the pool, ocean water, or even the shower – though you probably want to keep it away from shampoos and chemicals.

Thanks to this addition, the Apple Watch 2 can also track swimming activities and related stats. This includes information like lap times, stroke type, and more. This is a big deal for swimmers and water athletes.

Before the Apple Watch 2 swimmers would have to carry multiple wearables if the Apple Watch was their watch of choice. Now they can simply carry the one.

If you ask us, this feature alone means the Apple Watch 2 vs Apple Watch matchup isn’t fair.


Apple Watch 2 – Faster Processor and Upgraded GPU

The Apple Watch 2 includes two major internal hardware upgrades.

The first is a new processor – a dual-core S2 chipset – which Apple claims is 50% faster than the one in the first Apple Watch.

The second upgrade is a newer GPU, which delivers two times the graphics performance.

This means any apps, games, and media will perform better. The Apple Watch 2 should have less hangups, and offer a speedier, more responsive experience all around. If we’re being honest though, the original Apple Watch performed just fine so it wasn’t a necessary change. But it’s still great to see!

There is also good news for those looking to pick the original model before it’s discontinued. Apple will be manufacturing the Apple Watch Series 1 (the original) with the new processor. So, you’ll still get the performance boost!


Apple Watch 2 – Sizes

Like the original, the Apple Watch 2 comes in two different sizes: 38mm and 42mm. Of course, there are a variety of bands and case designs so in addition to choosing the appropriate size for your wrist, you’ll also need to select a style.

This can make the selection process for the Apple Watch a bit confusing.

There are so many design and band options to choose from. Then you need to choose the size. Not to mention, there are a bunch of third-party options too like the Nike and Hermes editions.

In the Apple Watch 2 vs Apple Watch fight, the newer model wins out in this category. There are way more options to choose from, which translates to better customization. Your Apple Watch 2 may not look like someone else’s, especially when you consider how many watchfaces there are to choose from too.


Apple Watch 2 – Prices

Because there are so many options and styles, there are just as many prices. Many of the models start at a specific amount, and the price increases depending on what case and band style you choose.

For instance, the new ceramic Apple Watch Edition – which replaces the gold plated version from the original lineup – starts at $1,249. It could be more expensive depending on what else you choose.

The same goes for the Apple Watch Sport, which starts at $269 and will vary depending on the band and case you select.

We’ll have a more comprehensive guide available soon, to help you choose the right model. For now, we’ll make things a little simpler by showing the base options and price for each tier. Refer to the graphics below for that information.

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