Apple Watch Launch Pushed Back To Spring 2015

Even though Apple previously claimed their wearable would be available in early 2015, it doesn’t look like the Apple Watch launch is going to happen until later in the Spring. At least that’s the most recent news coming out of Cupertino.

The question is: does late March still qualify as being “early in the year”? Well, it is only the third month of the year, so we suppose technically it does. Still, it’s pretty misleading of Apple to make these claims; it’s akin to a 47-year-old claiming they are in their “mid-forties”.

That’s the great wizard Apple for you, forever hedging and fudging and keeping everyone guessing. When we all expected the Apple Watch launch to happen during the fall of 2014, the company said the device would be available in “early 2015”. Later reports surfaced stating that the Apple Watch wouldn’t likely hit shelves until the Chinese New Year – around mid-February.

Rumors Suggest the Apple Watch Launch Was Pushed Back to Spring 2015

Now we are being told that the much-anticipated Apple Watch launch won’t happen until the spring, which begins March 20. The Apple gossip blog 9to5mac quoted an internal memo from Apple Retail SVP Angela Ahrendts, in which she told Apple employees that “we’re going into the holidays, we’ll go into Chinese New Year, and then we’ve got a new watch launch coming in the Spring”.

So, maybe early Spring is what Apple meant all along when they said “early 2015”, and if that’s the case everything is hunky-dory and on track. However, some observers are not so sure; they postulate that Apple is still having problems with the Apple Watch battery system. 9to5mac suggests that the company is working hard to to speed up the amount of time it takes the inductive MagSafe charging system to fully charge the device.

Apple Watch launch may not happen until Spring 2015For such an important product – the first of a new line of products – it is crucial that they get the Apple Watch launch right from the start. Although, Apple is well-known for this kind of 11th-hour fine tuning.

Ross Rubin, a principal analyst at tech consulting company Reticle Research, said that Apple is “eager to get it to market, but, by the same token, Apple has a history of nailing product releases on the first go.”

“If that means they delay it a month or so to get it right or to get it in the quantities they want to get it in, they are going to do it.”

Since Apple has not announced a specific release date yet, there’s no reason to start worrying about the Apple Watch launch unless they push it back further. Rest assured, if that happens red flags will start flying everywhere and you’ll know.

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