How to Use Spotify on Apple Watch

Is there anything in this world that is still not operated by computers? People can’t deny the fact that technology evolved as time went by. Not only computers had their upgrades, but computer-generated technologies operate almost all the things around. Smartwatches for women and men are one of the greatest inventions that made a big noise on the internet and set the trend for all ages. When it comes to smartwatch brands, the Apple Watch has been one of the leading smart wearables in the market.

A Glimpse of the Apple Watch

Apple launched its Apple Watch last 2015 and hit the market. It even set the bar for smartwatches. The popularity of smartwatches grown over time because these devices became the extension of smartphones. You can take calls, send messages, and monitor your health stability using these smart wearables.

If you love music, you can use Spotify, an app that can play thousands of songs in just one tap. Customization of a playlist is one of the features that this app can provide. Apple Watch can now stream Spotify using Wi-Fi or data. The brand even launched a new update, allowing users to play music without even having a phone.

How to Play Spotify

Here’s how you can easily use Spotify on your Apple Watch:

Install the Spotify app on your Apple Watch.

  1. Make sure you have the most recent version of the Spotify app on your phone or tablet since this will ensure that the Watch app is also up to date during the process.
  1. Check if Spotify is already installed on your Apple Watch on the ‘My Watch’ menu, under the option ‘Installed on Apple Watch.’ If Spotify isn’t currently installed, go to the ‘Available Apps’ area and tap ‘Install.’
  1. Open the app grid on your Apple Watch and search for Spotify. When you start playing music on your iPhone, the app will open immediately.

Request a song from Siri.

  1. Spotify now offers hands-free control via Apple’s smart assistant, allowing you to ask Siri to take over when you can’t get your fingers on the Watch screen.
  1. Say ‘Hey, Siri’ to get Siri to play something from your Apple Watch, and then ask it to make one of the following things: Play music, playlists, podcasts, artists, and albums that you enjoy. Volume may be adjusted, tracks can be played/paused, and tracks can be skipped. Listen to my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify and “like” the song that is now playing.

It may surprise some users, but the Spotify app gives a lot of control over music selection and playback right from your wrist. Spotify’s offline support mode is being gradually rolled out, so if you don’t see it yet, it’s possible that it hasn’t yet arrived in your area. While Spotify has created an Apple Watch app that is fantastic, it has a few key flaws that you should be aware of. As of this writing, the app does not provide a way to save music to your wrist for offline listening.

Besides the Apple Watch, there are a lot of brands out there that produce smartwatches. Different features and different designs. But one of the best features a brand can offer is the smartwatch battery life. Smartwatches have a far longer battery life than other electronic goods such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Maybe it’s time to have your smartwatch and make everything controlled at your wrist.

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