The Best Smartwatch for Exercise

Smartwatches nowadays become more innovative as watch companies add more features. Aside from having a GPS tracker, smart wearables these days have exciting features that allow you to monitor your heart rate, calculate your distance walked, and even assess your sleeping patterns. All of these features are helpful, especially if you want to live a healthy lifestyle. If you are a fitness enthusiast, choosing the best smartwatch for exercise could be a daunting task. You need to consider several factors, such as watch size, shape, color, and style. You also need to ask find out how long does a smartwatch battery last. But most of the time, people prioritize the prize without considering the quality of the watch. In this article, we’ll help you pick the best smartwatch for exercise.

8 Features to Consider When Buying A Smartwatch

Have you ever worn watches that track distance and pace? What about a smart wearable that lasts for a year? Having these exciting features in a smartwatch could already convince you to buy one. But before you shop to the nearest watch store or add your favorite brand to your online cart, take a look at the following features that could help you select the best smartwatch for exercise:

1. Battery

Look for a smartwatch with a good battery. Usually, smartwatches can only last for a week because of the apps used in the wearable. You may consider it, but if you find a smartwatch that can last for more than a week, it could be a better choice.

2. Cost

The cost of the smartwatch does not speak for its quality. But if you found an expensive smartwatch but has fewer features, there could be a better option. Look for something worth its price.

3. GPS Tracking

Ensure that the GPS tracking is accurate in the smartwatch. If not, then try to look for another option.

4. Heart-Rate Tracking

If you are buying the best smartwatch for exercise, it should have a feature to monitor your heart rate. This would help you assess whether your workouts are giving the results you want.

5. Sleep Monitoring

Aside from the heart-rate monitoring feature, you also need to identify whether you have a healthy sleeping pattern. Search for a smartwatch with sleep monitoring to know whether your circadian rhythm is balanced or not.

6. Storage

If you are considering downloading any apps, look for a smartwatch with large storage.

7. Style

Smartwatches come in various styles, so make sure to choose the one that suits your personality. You may consider the size, color, and shape of the smart wearable (related: best smartwatches for women)

8. Water-Resistance

If you have an active lifestyle and prefer water adventures, it would be best to look for a smartwatch with a water-resistance feature.

The Best Smartwatch for Exercise

Suppose you are having a hard time picking the best brand for smartwatches; look at our featured brands in our list of the top GPS for watches that track distance and pace. But if you need a quick option, you may consider Garmin Vivoactive 4. Garmin is one of the famous brands when it comes to smart wearables. You’ll never go wrong with this smartwatch because of its unique and exciting features. Not only that, but it is also trusted by thousands of customers, no wonder Gramin has been featured in many blogs.

What’s Garmin Vivoactive 4?

Garmin Vivoactive 4 is one of Garmin’s newest smartwatches in the market. Unlike other models, the Vivoactive 4 has several upgrades like having new on-screen workouts, two-size options, and music storage. Some watch experts say that this smartwatch is the wearable you need to track your every move. It’s more than a fitness GPS because it does more than that. The Garmin Vivocative 4 has:

  • Body Battery Energy Monitoring
  • Heart-Rate Monitoring
  • Pulse Ox Sensor
  • Respiration and Hydration Tracking
  • Sleep-Tracking
  • 20+ Pre-Loaded Sports Apps

The Pulse Ox sensor is responsible for monitoring your blood oxygen saturation levels. On the other hand, the Body Battery allows you to check your energy levels throughout the day. With this feature, you can easily schedule your workouts and rest time accordingly. Aside from that, Garmin Vivoactive 4 has a built-in GPS that allows you to map outdoor runs without bringing your phone. And the best part? This smart wearable is waterproof up to 50 meters.

As a smart buyer, people usually consider the price of the gadget before buying it. Although it is not wrong, remember that the price does not speak of its quality. Whether it’s cheap or expensive, you cannot identify that a smartwatch is of high quality unless you look at its features and the materials where it is made. You may consider the features we’ve listed in this article or buy the Garmin Vivoactive 4 as the best smartwatch for exercise.

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