7 Smartwatches That Measure Blood Pressure

Smartwatches are still popular today. Many brands incorporate new features to make these wearables more innovative, attracting tech-savvy people. But one part that is always common among these accessories is the ability to measure blood pressure. So if you are searching for a stylish accessory that can help you monitor your blood pressure, buying a smartwatch is an ideal thing to do. Since it’s quite challenging to pick which one is the best, we’ve listed down the top 7 smartwatches that measure blood pressure.

Garmin Smartwatch

Garmin is a famous brand for smartwatches. The company offers variations when it comes to this accessory. You may find a smartwatch dedicated to activity trackings like running, swimming, and other outdoor adventures. Picking the best Garmin smartwatch is indeed a tough thing to do.

Most of the brand’s accessories can measure heart rate, stress, and even SPO2. You may consider the Garmin Vivoactive 3 because it features an excellent fitness tracker to monitor your heart rate. It is water-resistant and takes pride in its seven-day smart watch battery life.

Huawei Watch 2 for Blood Pressure

Huawei is the second on the list for the 7 smartwatches that can measure blood pressure. The Huawei Watch 2 provides a sleek design that is ideal for both style and functionality, making it one of the best smartwatches for women. Its case material is made of metal, plastic, and stainless steel.

In terms of health monitoring and other features, the Huawei Watch 2 has an accelerometer, ambient light sensor, barometer, blood pressure monitor, gyroscope, and heart rate monitor. This accessory has a fingerprint sensor and GPS. One of the best things about this device is water-resistance, making it ideal for water adventures.

Omron’s Smartwatch for Measuring Blood Pressure

Omron is one of the leading smartwatch brands because of its innovative fitness gps features. Many health experts recommend it because the device is clinically accurate in terms of measuring blood pressure. The device’s HeartGuide can record your blood pressure and receive accurate findings in as little as 30 seconds.

Aside from the blood pressure monitor, the Omron smartwatch can also draw correlations between your behavior and heart health by taking the steps, distance, and calories burned. This Timepiece is also best for determining your sleep quality based on your sleeping patterns.

NetGen Smartwatch

Included in the list of 7 smartwatches for blood pressure is the NetGen Smartwatch S18. It is recommended for monitoring your heart rate because you can set a heart rate alarm that gives you a signal whenever your heart rate goes above the given value. 

It has a Dual Sensor that provides near to accurate results all the time for blood pressure monitors. By measuring the blood pressure, you can analyze your health status whenever and wherever you are.

Bakeey A6

Another popular smartwatch in the market today is the Bakeey A6 that has a blood pressure monitor and waterproof camera. It comes fit as a fiddle with a skin cordial. The device has a delicate TPU Band and steel stick clasp. Bakeey A6 is IP67-appraised, meaning the device is protected from water sprinkles and residue.

With Bakeey A6, you can screen the pulse that reveals your pulse condition whenever and wherever you like. Your pulse can be checked to analyze if it’s beating or not using the oxygen consuming activity.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

When it comes to technological devices, Samsung is one of the brands that always take the lead. It offers a thin, lightweight, and durable smartwatch that serves as a perfect fitness tracker. It lasts for days and is made with military-grade protection and Gorilla Glass to avoid scratches.

With Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, you can receive real-time alerts on a high or low heart rate, making you more proactive about your heart health. Galaxy Watch Active also helps you analyze sleep patterns that determine your sleep quality.

Keilor Fitness Tracker

Smartwatch Blood Pressure Accuracy

Smartwatches are designed to help people in terms of health monitoring. Many of these devices can provide accurate results. But you should not only depend on them. Consulting your doctor is still recommended because they can provide the most accurate information regarding your heart health.

Best Heart Rate Blood Pressure Watch

It is quite challenging to identify which is the best among the available smartwatches in the market today. But the perfect heart rate blood pressure watch is something that offers accurate results. Choose something that offers other functionalities and features a stylish design.

Wearing a smartwatch is an ideal thing to do because it can help you monitor your activities and provide health status. Having one of the 7 smartwatches for measuring blood pressure is one way to check whether you have a healthy heart status. With the reports that the fitness trackers provide, you can prevent significant health issues that may arise.

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