The First Smartwatch Ever Released

Many people get hyped every time a new smartwatch is released, especially from big brands. This is because smartwatches are becoming more innovative these days, which means they have features that you can’t find in a traditional timepiece. Although smartwatches are pretty expensive compared to standard watches, you’ll know how valuable they are because of their functionality. There are smartwatches for everyone because each brand wants to cater to the needs of its customers. You’ll find smartwatches for women and men, and there are also for kids. But have you ever wondered, what is the first-ever smartwatch released in the market?

Calculator Smartwatches

A smartwatch can look like a regular timepiece, but it is packed with many exciting features. Usually, the one that you can find nowadays has smartphone-related functionality that allows you to take and receive calls and text messages. You’ll also find smartwatches that have GPS, activity tracking, and heart rate monitoring. Indeed, you are lucky if you can purchase a smartwatch with all of these features at an affordable price. Before, people also spent more money on these devices compared to regular watches. However, they were not able to enjoy all of these features.

So what is the functionality of the first smartphone ever released?

Before we answer that, let us discover first which is the first smartwatch offered in the market. It’s pretty challenging to determine the first smartwatch released because many smart wearables claim they were the first. Besides, some people consider a timepiece as a smartwatch even if it has only a few functionalities compared to the modern ones. For instance, watches before had calculators in them offering a nine-digit display. One of the first calculator smartwatches was Calcron, released in 1975. 

Another batch of watches with computing capabilities came from Seiko. The Data-2000 (1983) was able to store two memos of up to 1,000 characters each. These fit into a keyboard on which the user entered the information. Besides calculators and watches, the RC-1000 (1984) allowed users to connect the device to a personal computer. The Receptor MessageWatch (1990) was able to receive pager messages via FM radio signals.

The First Smartwatch

If you ask tech experts, one of the first true smartwatches (if not the first) includes the Microsoft SPOT (Smart Personal Object Technology). This device was introduced in 2004. Like the smartwatches today, the SPOT received important information, including weather, news, and stock updates, through FM radio. Not only that, but this smartwatch was able to receive e-mail and instant messages. But unlike modern smartwatches, users could not reply using SPOT.

Technology has made people’s lives easier and more convenient. And when it comes to smart wearables, watch brand companies are becoming more creative and innovative in adding helpful features. With these, users can become more mindful of their health and achieve their fitness goals using the best smartwatch for exercise. Isn’t it amazing to know that from the first smartwatches released that only had a  few functionalities, you can now do many things with these smart wearables?

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