How Long Does A Smartwatch Battery Last?

Smartwatches are indeed high-tech devices, allowing you to be updated with time and use innovative features. There are several types of smartwatches, including classic, watches that track distance and pace, and those with advanced features. You can even find a smartwatch with smartphone features, allowing you to send messages or call your loved ones. With these features, it is evident that most smartwatches couldn’t last for a month. The question is, how long does a smartwatch battery last? Are there smartwatches that offer long-lasting batteries? Find all the answers here.

Smartwatch Battery Life

The more apps a smartwatch has, the less chance that it has long battery life. This could be a problem, especially if you want an innovative timepiece that lasts long. Not only that, but many customers consider battery life as a factor when purchasing a smartwatch. Every year, watch brands release updated models for their smartwatches. Surprisingly, most of them have answered the need to have long-lasting battery life. But on average, how long does a smartwatch battery last?

The average smart watch battery life can only last a few days. You could be lucky if you find a smartwatch that can last for a week or more. But the truth is, how the battery lasts depends on your usage. The reason why standard watches last more than a smartwatch is that they have fewer apps. Smartwatches that display notifications, monitor activities, and track GPS consume most of the battery cells. One way to save the smartwatch battery life is to limit the features’ use, especially if you don’t need them for the day.

Long-Lasting Smartwatches: Best Finds

How long does a smartwatch battery last? The answer is 1-2 days. But the good news is several watch brands have produced stylish smartwatches with long battery life. Some of them can last for a week or even a month. And the best part? Some smartwatches can last up to 365 days! Yes, you’ve heard that right. The Cogito Classic can give you a one-year smartwatch battery life. 

The Cogito Classic is an ideal option if you hate charging your device consistently. It takes a standard CR2032 size watch battery that can last for up to 365 days or a full year. The Cogito Classic has a traditional analog watch face with LED indicators in the background. These indicators are more than icons that light up to signify what app or service has alerts available. Some of the device’s best features include remote selfie and music controls, activity tracking, phone battery indicators, and a companion app.

Aside from the Cogito Classic, there are many smartwatches out there that also offer long-lasting battery features. All you need is to find your ideal smartwatch and consider other factors such as price, style, brand, etc (related: best smartwatches for women).

How to Improve the Smartwatch Battery Life

If you already bought a smartwatch but can only last for days, you may do the following to improve your timepiece’s battery life:

  1. Block the notification from the unnecessary apps.
  2. Consider limiting your smartwatch connectivity.
  3. Hibernate your smartwatch.
  4. Keep an eye on your smartwatch’s battery level.
  5. Make sure to turn down your smartwatch’s brightness, especially if you are in a dark place.
  6. Try to disable the tilt to wake feature.
  7. Turn off the always-on display.
  8. Turn on the Airplane mode when needed.
  9. Turn off the Google Assistant voice detection.
  10. Turn off the notifications of the apps you are not using.
  11. Uninstall unnecessary apps.

Some people who buy smartwatches consider the smartwatch battery life. They are concerned with how long does a smartwatch battery last, considering the apps and features this device has. The average battery life could be a few days. However, there are watch brands that offer long-lasting battery features, so consider buying those brands, mainly if they can produce high-quality timepieces.

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