You Won’t Believe How Many Apple Watch Models There are to Choose From!

You already know the Apple Watch is coming sometime next year. At least I sure hope you do, otherwise you must have been living under a rock. In addition, you already know the Apple Watch will be customizable through various digital watchfaces which allow you to change the way it tells time. You also know the band will be swappable, meaning you can buy your own if you don’t like the one that comes with the device.

What you probably didn’t know already, however is that there are over 20 different variations and Apple Watch models that will be available to choose from at launch. Pretty crazy, right? There are actually 22 different models, with a total of 34 if you count the different size options in those model variations.

You wouldn’t know it right away especially since Apple didn’t unveil all the different variations up front, but there will be plenty of options. To help you get hyped for the launch – which unfortunately can’t come soon enough – we’re going to show you the different models, and each one gets their own individual highlight (see the image galleries below).

Please keep in mind we’ll explain these the best we can but things may or may not change slightly between now and launch. We may see more variations available, or less. It all depends on what Apple decides to do.

There will be 22 Different Apple Watch Models at Launch

Apple Watch personalizationIt’s difficult to imagine there being so many options when it comes to something as simple as a wearable device, but that’s what’s coming down the pipeline. Of course, it’s going to be a while before the Apple Watch is actually available, which should be plenty of time to decide which variant you want.

Now keep in mind, there are actually only three different models of the Apple Watch: the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch Edition. Each of those three models are going to be offered in several different visual styles and that’s where all the diversity comes into play.

The Apple Watch Models

The basic and main flagship Apple Watch model includes either a stainless steel or black stainless steel (similar to gunmetal) case. There are two band sizes, which are 38mm and 42mm. In addition, the display includes sapphire glass for scratch and shatter resistant protection. As for the software and everything else, it will be the same across the board for all models.

There are 12 different Apple Watch styles to choose from, six of which will be available in both sizes. That means some of the designs are only available in one size or another respectively.

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The Apple Watch Sport Models

The Apple Watch Sport models look remarkably similar to the base Apple Watch. The biggest difference is that they have been outfitted with anodized aluminum cases and they come in two variations: silver or space grey. They do not include sapphire glass but instead Ion-X glass. As for the wrist straps they appear to be a lot more colorful and well, sporty.

There are five separate Apple Watch Sport models and they come in both the small and large sizes (the same sizes as the Apple Watch base model).

Unfortunately, the Apple Watch Sport does not include GPS functionality but it will still be able to track distance, time, calories burned and more thanks to a pairing with iPhone handsets. It does include a heart rate monitor on the back of the device, as well.

We’ll discuss this more in depth later, but it’s likely the Apple Watch Sport is going to be the cheapest of the three Apple Watch models starting at $349. There are no guarantees, however it’s possible Apple will announce a completely different pricing setup.

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The Apple Watch Edition Models

The Apple Watch Edition is Apple’s high-end variant of their smartwatch. They are rumored to be very expensive and will come with several design specifications that warrant the lofty price tag, at least we think so anyway.

They will include 18 karat gold cases, in two different colors: regular gold and rose gold. This is real gold we’re talking about here, not just simple gold plating. They also include sapphire glass like the base Apple Watch models, in order to protect the display from scratches and heavy wear-and-tear.

There are no official, confirmed prices for the Apple Watch Edition models yet. In fact, most of the estimations floating around are nothing but rumors. Hopefully, Apple will announce more on pricing soon.

The Apple Watch Edition is available in five different models, pictured below.

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More on the Various Apple Watch Models

There are so many Apple Watch models to choose fromKeep in mind, all of these different Apple Watch models come with a wristband sure but you can replace them with ones of your own choosing. So, for example let’s say you hate the way the stock wristband looks or feels, but you find a cheap watch – with a comparable sized band – in a local retail store. You can pick up the cheap watch, remove the watchband and install it on your Apple Watch. Again, it depends on the size band the cheap watch has because it has to be able to fit the Apple Watch models. This can be done across all three Apple Watch models including the Apple Watch Edition.

Prices are supposed to vary based on which of the three Apple Watch models you choose. It’s likely the Apple Watch Sport will be the cheapest, with the Apple Watch base model and Apple Watch Edition being the most expensive. Obviously, the latter Apple Watch models will be premium and therefore much higher than anything you’ve seen on the market before – at least that seems to be what all the current rumors are pointing to.

Three different Apple Watch modelsDuring the keynote where Tim Cook – Apple’s CEO – unveiled the Apple Watch he said that it would be starting at $349. That is most likely the price of the Apple Watch Sport models with the other two variants being more pricey.

For the most part, the Apple Watch models will be compatible with iPhone generation 5 and above which includes the iPhone 5S, 5C, and 5. Of course, the newer iPhone 6 handsets will also be compatible. As for older model iPhones, there’s no word on whether or not you’ll be able to update the software so your device is compatible with the Apple Watch models. Therefore, it’s a safe assumption that you’ll have to upgrade and purchase one of the newer iPhone models if you want to use the watch.

As for the release date, we’re looking at an early 2015 launch window most likely sometime in February. That said, Apple may change their launch date between now and then delaying it further or if we’re lucky moving it up sooner. They may also add some new models, style variations or features to the lineup since they are still technically working on the device, although we’d imagine by now mass production is already kicking into gear.

What do you think of all the different Apple Watch models that are going to be available? Which one of the Apple Watch models do you want? Are you going to stick with the stock wrist band or are you already planning to install your own custom band? Feel free to share with the community!

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