3 Reasons Why Your Smartwatch Battery Is Draining So Fast

When buying a smartwatch, most people look for the exciting features a smartwatch brand can offer. Aside from that, they also look for something stylish or anything suitable for their lifestyle. It is essential to know that these things are not the only features you need to consider when choosing a smart wearable. Another crucial thing to look for is the smartwatch battery life. There are many trusted smartwatch brands to choose from, but not all can provide excellent battery life. Suppose you have already purchased a smart wearable that can only last for a few days; we’re here to give three reasons why the battery is draining fast and what you can do about it.

Why Your Smartwatch Battery Is Draining Fast

Smartwatches for women and men can provide many features to their users. Some of the essential functions that you can see include message notifications, music, and activity tracking. However, you cannot enjoy these features if there’s no smartwatch battery life anymore. You could be lucky if you can buy smart wearable that can last for a week. But there were reports that tech users were only able to use some smartwatches for four to five hours. So why does your smartwatch battery drain so fast? Here are some of the common reasons:

Health App

If your smart wearable has the S Health application, know that it is one of the primary causes of a huge drain on the battery. This is because even if it is not used, the application constantly uses all the resources to track the heart rate and keep the rest of the functions active.


If there are apps that you don’t use, then you don’t have to turn on the updates because they can also consume much of your smartwatch battery.

Weather Application

For Samsung smartwatches, the weather application on the Gear App can also cause a massive drain on the battery. This is because it requires many resources.

How to Improve Your Smartwatch Battery Life

Instead of buying a new smartwatch, you can improve your battery by following the tips below:

  • Consider turning off new health-related features on your watch.
  • Don’t forget to delete unnecessary storage data and close apps running in the background.
  • Keep your smartwatch on power-saving mode.
  • Make sure that your smartwatch and app software is updated to the latest software version so that it will not update when you need the battery most.
  • Never expose your smartwatch to very cold or very hot temperatures.
  • Try customizing your notification settings.
  • You may turn off the network and Bluetooth connections on your watch when they’re not in use.

Smartwatches come in different styles and functions, but one of the primary things you need to look out for when choosing one is battery life. Not all can last for days, so if you have bought a smart wearable that can only last for hours, make sure to improve the smartwatch battery life by fixing the issues. Knowing what drains your battery is one step to do it.

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