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Most smartwatches are known for a whole lot of things, and hardly for having a camera. However, there are several smartwatches out there having a camera in addition to their list of already impressive features. Varieties of smartwatches come with a camera which can be used to take photos, record short videos and even make video calls.

Like always, there’s always going to be the best which varies from the rest. This is why we have gathered a list of smartwatches having the best camera to help you out in your search.

1. Arrow Smartwatch

The Arrow smartwatch is one of the best smartwatches out there in the smartwatch market with a camera. It has a camera which can be rotated 360° to facilitate picture taking with 5MP and video recording in 1080P HD quality. All your photos and videos can be stored in an 8GB storage capacity. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and is also packed with important features which usually come with a smartwatch.

Fitness and health features are also present to track your fitness goals. You get quick and on time notifications for emails and calls etc. Apart from its unique camera and other great features, the design is also something to admire.

2. Samsung Gear 2 Neo Smartwatch

Samsung is a well known and established name when it comes to smartwatches. Which is why it is represented on this list by the Samsung Gear 2, which has an autofocus camera with 2MP. With the autofocus option, capturing beautiful pictures and recording good videos is made easier. Apart from a great smartwatch camera, the Samsung Gear 2 also has several features to give you a complete package.

If you are a fitness lover, you can benefit from the pedometer and a heart rate monitor. It also has an AMOLED screen, with a stylish look which makes it easy to access your messages and go through notifications. Another game changer for this smartwatch is that, it is waterproof.

3. Le Pan pro Smartwatch

With Le Pan pro smartwatch, you get control of everything on your wrist, including a good camera. The 2MP built-in integrated camera lets you take clean and quick photos without having to use your phone. This smartwatch also comes with GPS map tracking, Voice assistant and satellite positioning. All these to help you determine the right direction.

Le Pan pro smartwatch can also be connected to Wi-Fi directly, which lets you browse the internet. Furthermore, it comes with a heart rate sensor. This heart rate sensor helps you monitor your heart rate anywhere and anytime.

4. Collasaro Sweat-proof smartwatch

Collasaro smartwatch comes with a 0.3MP camera for you to take photos right from the comfort of your wrist with ease. As a dual mode standalone smartwatch, you can receive calls through a sim and also via Bluetooth by connecting it to your smartphone. Its 1.54 inch TFT HD LCD display let’s you easily go through the smartwatch to check notifications and carry out other activities.

Other useful features include: getting quick notifications, a sleep monitor, pedometer, voice recorder and music player etc.

5. Scinex SW20 smartwatch

Scinex SW20 is a reliable smartwatch which can be very useful in your everyday life. It comes with a sim slot which allows you to make and receive calls with no hassle.  You can capture photos and record videos with the 1.3MP camera. Furthermore, you have up to 16GB of storage which can be extended with a 32GB memory slot if you need more space.

Your Emails, stream music app and Whatsapp can all be access from the comfort of your wrist. With its reliable notification, you can set alarms and organize your schedule. Without forgetting to take advantage of a sleeping monitor and a pedometer.

6. GZDL Bluetooth Smartwatch

Lastly, we have the GZDL Bluetooth Smartwatch. It comes with a micro sim and memory card slot, and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. An efficient 2MP camera is present, so you don’t have to struggle to take your phone out of your pocket to take quick and high quality pictures or record videos.

It is also packed with 1.54 TFT HD LCD High capacitive touchscreen and can easily be connected to your phone using Bluetooth. We can’t also
leave out the fitness features which helps you track your activities.

You now have several watches to choose from if you were in search of a smartwatch with a good camera. With the above mentioned smartwatches, you can benefit from a good camera and other important features which you need in a smartwatch.

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