The Best Smartwatches For Everyday Activities

1. Apple watch series 5

Apple watch series 5 is an ideal smartwatch to have. It is always on display mood, hence there is no need to flick your wrist in order to see the time or new notifications. With a modern and unique look, the Apple watch series 5 is customizable with third party bands to fit your style. It is easy to use and comes with several useful health features like a heart rate monitor. Not forgetting a built in compass, map that shows you what direction you’re facing and Apple pay etc.

Apple watch series 5 is a perfect smartwatch to have if you have an iPhone. You can easily incorporate your daily activities and benefit from the many cool and unique features.

2. Samsung Galaxy watch

Another smartwatch which is perfect for everyday activities is the Samsung Galaxy watch. With an eye catching design, it is one of the best smartwatches available in the market. It is packed with important features like Samsung pay which allows you to make payments of up to $30 without your wallet. You can also make use of interesting apps like Uber and Spotify which allows you to order an Uber right from your wrist and listen to music using wireless headsets with ease respectfully.

Samsung Galaxy watch is also packed with health features which synchronizes all the data with Samsung health. The Samsung Galaxy watch is also efficient for getting notifications and can be paired with both Android and iOS phones.

3. Amazfit Bit

Next on our list we have Amazfit Bit smartwatch. It is one of the best selling smartwatches out there and also a perfect smartwatch for your daily activities. Amazfit Bit smartwatches looks and feels good on your wrist, they can be gotten in a variety of colors and options to fit your style. The most noteworthy thing about this smartwatch is that it provides up to 30 days of battery life.

Benefit from a built in GPS that allows you to track your steps and distance covered, and a heart rate monitor. With the special sports mode feature, you get to know detailed insights of your frequent activities.

4. Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle HR

This is probably one of the most stylish smartwatches you’ll ever see, especially if you don’t want your watch looking all high-tech and futuristic. They come in silver, dark gray and black to give you more options. You can also change the straps with any interchangeable 22mm watch band.

To complement its stylish and classy look, it also comes with a heart rate and activity tracking which uses Google Fit, a built in GPS, Google assistant and Google pay. Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle is compatible with thousands of apps and runs the smooth WearOS.

5. Huawei Watch

The Huawei watch is a stylish and sophisticated smartwatch that has a sleek 1.4-inch full circle AMOLED display. With this full circle display, you can connect with the world right from your wrist. You have the opportunity to customize your design by selecting from a variety of bands and pre-installed watch faces to suit your day or mood.

You get to choose from over 4000 Android wear apps and get notifications of calls, texts and from apps. Without forgetting to make use of a heart rate monitor, and sensors for tracking, walking, running and other activities.

6. Samsung Gear S3

Lastly, we have Samsung Gear S3 which can blend in with any of your casual wear and still deliver as a smartwatch with an always-on watch face. Samsung Gear S3 is geared with an IP68 water resistance, and is also resistant to the constant weather changes such as extreme heat, cold and dust. This makes it a durable and hassle free smartwatch to wear.

Samsung Gear S3 also come with more capabilities than most fitness watches. With the built in Samsung health app, you can monitor your heart rate, track your steps and carry out more fitness activities. Furthermore, you can access the apps which you use everyday on your Gear S3 to either check your scores, stream music and catch a ride etc.


Getting the right smartwatch is always a hassle as you have to find the balance between good looks and function. This is often difficult because many smartwatch manufacturers often sacrifice form for function. With the above listed smartwatches, you don’t always have to feel like you are wearing a chunk of computer on your wrist. While you still benefit from their reliable and interesting features.

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