What to Expect from the Facebook Smartwatch

It’s still 2021, but many tech enthusiasts are already looking forward to the year 2022. This is because Facebook has been working on its own smartwatch, which Google powers. Once done with it, there’s a possibility that it could be released next year, making many people go crazy about it. But what’s with the Facebook smartwatch that makes a lot of tech lovers excited?

The Future of Wearable Devices

Wearing a smartwatch has been a trend for the past few years. Although new wearable devices are released every year, smartwatches are still popular. The truth is more and more companies are competing to be on the number one spot for the most innovative smartwatch. Most of them have basic features like fitness GPS tracking and text and call capability. But others have raised the bar for having several fitness trackers which are designed for health enthusiasts. Other watch brands added water and scratch resistance features. With all of these, how can Facebook be unique about its timepiece?

According to credible sources who work closely on the project, they said that Facebook smartwatch would be based on its messaging services. Not only that, but they will also focus on health and fitness, leaving a question, “What unique features does the Facebook smartwatch offer?” First, it is believed that it is set to run on an open-source version of Google’s Android software. Facebook is also considered to produce its custom OS, a follow-up device, in the next two years. With these features, Facebook could provide a better smart watch battery life.

Facebook Smartwatch for Messaging and Fitness

One type of smartwatch is something that you can use to send text messages or call your loved ones. As mentioned, Facebook will be focusing on messaging and fitness for its smartwatch. According to sources, Facebook could have a cellular connection since it has Facebook Messenger, connected to Instagram. Besides, it also owns Whatsapp, another popular messaging app.

Aside from speeding up social interactions through smartwatches, Facebook also plans to be a social prowess for health and fitness. Tech experts think that Facebook could go against Strava because it has millions of users worldwide. Though not all Facebook users are interested in having a smartwatch because it’s relatively more expensive than a regular timepiece, it could still attract more people than other companies. 

Why Choose Facebook Smartwatch?

With all the smartwatches that have gained many people’s trust, why is Facebook launching its smartwatch? But the real question here is how many are interested? Will they be able to compete with the big brands? If you are considering buying a smartwatch in the future, you may consider the industry’s top brands today. You may also consider Facebook but make sure it offers the features you need in a timepiece.

Facebook smartwatch looks promising, but it can only be proven once it is released next year. If you need a smart wearable as soon as possible, you can choose from the big brands competing these days. Check out our reviews and find the best smartwatch for men and women, or even for your kids too (related: kids smart watch)!

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