Garmin Lily Smartwatch Review

Smartwatches for women are not only for style purposes. These devices are designed to help women who need a timepiece that works like smartphones or activity trackers. Most smartwatches designed for women today can track GPS locations, sleeping patterns, and vital signs like your heart’s beat. Like smartwatches for men, any smartwatch for women are innovative, helping athletes and health enthusiasts monitor their progress in terms of their fitness goals. If you are considering buying a smartwatch, you may consider the Garmin Lily smartwatch.

What is Garmin Lily Smartwatch?

The Lily smartwatch is Garmin’s first smallest smartwatch that also functions as a fitness tracker. With its design, you can tell that it is specifically designed for the ladies out there. It is a popular choice when it comes to smartwatches for women because of its fashionable and jewelry-inspired design. Besides the stylish features, Garmin’s Lily smartwatch also provides many health tracking features capped at a reasonable price.

There are many smartwatches designed for women that you can find in the market today. Some of them offer the basic features of a smart wearable, while others work like a smartphone. There are also smartwatches that have innovative health tracking features. If you don’t know what to buy, we’ve listed the pros and cons of Garmin’s Lily smartwatch.

The Pros

  1. Affordable – Garmin’s Lily smartwatch’s price starts at $199.99. Compared to other smartwatch brands, it is quite cheaper considering its features. If you think it is expensive, you might want to check the smart wearable’s fantastic health trackers and innovative features.
  1. Functional – The Lily smartwatch has the basic features of the smartwatch, such as phone notifications, music playback controls, and other widgets.
  1. Innovative – Aside from the basic features, the Lily smartwatch can also track health stats, including blood oxygen saturation, calories burned, energy level, heart rate, respiration, sleep, steps, stress, and workouts.
  1. Stylish – As mentioned, the Lily smartwatch is one of the most fashionable smartwatches for women. It has a beautifully patterned face and a 14mm band, slimmer than other watch straps.
  1. User-friendly – Unlike other smartwatches, Gamin’s Lily smartwatch is easy to set up and navigate. The device has no buttons, so you can easily tap or swipe everything you need on the watch.

The Cons

  1. Battery – One of the things that you should consider when buying smartwatches for women is battery life. You want to know how long does a smartwatch battery last. Can it last for a day, week, month, or year? The Garmin Lily smartwatch can only last for 4-5 days, depending on how you use it. This is relatively faster than other smartwatch brands. If you consider long battery life, Garmin’s Lily smartwatch might not be on your top list.
  1. GPS – Garmin Lily has GPS tracking but relies on your phone.
  1. Notifications – The notification replies to this smart wearable is only for Android only.

If you are looking for a smartwatch for women, there are many options that are innovative, giving you the chance to wear a timekeeping device and activity tracker at the same time. If you are buying one soon, Garmin’s Lily could be one of your best picks. Not only it has the essential functions of a smartwatch, but it also has a lot of health tracking apps, making it an option for the best smartwatch for exercise.

Where to buy

You can buy the Garmin Lily smartwatch by clicking below.

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