Orbo Kids Smartwatch Review

The popularity of adult smartwatches continues to rise, and the same goes for smartwatches for kids. If you are looking for an innovative wearable for your children, you might encounter Orbo Kids Smartwatch, which is available in the market today. For sure, you want to make your purchase is worth it. To help you, here’s an Orbo Kids Smartwatch review that will help you learn the device’s top features. Knowing its pros and cons can help you decide if this smartwatch is worth buying.

Our Orbo Kids Smartwatch Review 

Smartwatches are not only for adults because they are also designed for kids. Although they are not as advanced as adult smartwatches, you can tell that a kid’s smartwatch is more than a regular timepiece. This Orbo Kids Smartwatch review intends to help you decide on picking the best smartwatch for your kids. Here, you’ll learn Orbo’s top features, including its design and available colors.

What’s Best About Orbo Kids Smartwatch?

An Orbo Kids Smartwatch is a toy smartwatch that features a rotary camera on it. It works more than a regular watch because it can do the following aside from timekeeping:

  1. The smartwatch provides entertainment through interactive and educational games.
  2. The Orbo smartwatch features a rotating camera that allows your kids to take pictures and videos.
  3. The wearable device keeps your kids active through its steps counter to monitor the number of your kids’ steps throughout the day.
  4. Orbo features an iconic calculator, integrated alarm clock, and speaking time master for learning and entertainment.

What’s Not-So-Good About Orbo Kids Smartwatch?

If there are nice things that you will surely love from Orbo, there could also be things that you might not like about it. Among them are as follow:

  1. The camera quality installed in this smartwatch is on the average type. Meaning, don’t expect too much about getting HD images and videos.
  2. The smartwatch might not be as durable as you think; that’s why kids should use it with care.
  3. The Orbo might not have the feature you are looking for in a kid’s smartwatch.
  4. Orbo’s price could be higher than a regular watch.

Orbo Kids Smartwatch – Features 

Is buying an Orbo Kids Smartwatch worth it? You can answer this question once you have learned more about its features:

Design, Size, and Colors 

The best thing about the Orbo smartwatch is it comes in a wide range of colors that your kids will surely love. They can pick their favorite hue or choose something that matches their outfit. Its size is suitable for any hand size, making it an ideal wearable. It is easy and fun to use, perfect for kids aged three to eight.

Although the smartwatch is not water-resistant and has no GPS tracking, it has a responsive touchscreen. It has a bright display offering the highest clarity. The best thing about this wearable is you can manipulate brightness levels to make it suitable for indoor and outdoor conditions.


If your kids are photography enthusiasts, they will like the rotating camera installed in Orbo. They can use the smartwatch to capture exciting events and turn them into photographed memories. Although the quality is not comparable to advanced cameras, the rotating camera is still an excellent device for practicing photography.

16 Fun and Learning Activities 

The Orbo Kids Smartwatch is packed with many entertaining applications that your kids can interact with. It features fun and learning activities that can keep them busy. The smartwatch allows your kids to enjoy while learning at the same time. Some of the entertaining applications integrated into the wearable device include Speaking Time Master, Speech Imitating talking Hippo, and Voice Recorder.

Display Screen 

The smartwatch features a user-friendly, responsive touchscreen. It makes it easier for the kids to navigate the applications installed on the device. It works like a smartphone because they tap and swipe the screen to enjoy the apps.

User Experience for Kids  

When it comes to smart wearables, the Orbo Kids Smartwatch offers the best user experience because it provides many features that a regular timepiece cannot provide. If you want your kids to keep entertained while learning at the same time, this smartwatch is highly recommended.

Bluetooth and USB Connectivity  

What makes the smartwatch more interesting is Bluetooth and USB connectivity. This way, your kids connect the smartwatch to the cell phone. It is like an adult smartwatch that is connected to a smartphone to run applications.

Smartwatches offer more features than a regular watch. No wonder many people, even kids, love to wear it both for fashion and functionality. The Orbo Kids Smartwatch review has provided all the exciting features that you can get out of the device. It is still in your decision whether to avail of it or not. But if you want a smart wearable that promotes entertainment and learning, this device could be the best option.

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