Skagen Hagen Smartwatch Review

If you are planning to buy a smartwatch, chances are you have already come across the Skagen Hagen Smartwatch. If not, this Skagen Hagen Smartwatch review will help you explore the functionalities and features of this device. Is Skagen Hagen Smartwatch an ideal wearable device? What’s unique about this timepiece? Find out the answers here.

Our Skagen Hagen Smartwatch Review 

It is indeed quite challenging to pick a smartwatch out of all the available options you can find in the tech market today. Some smartwatches come in various styles, while others are simple yet packed with exciting features. In this Skagen Hagen Smartwatch review, you’ll learn more about the device’s designs, colors, features, and the things that you might not like about it. This way, you can come up with a better decision about whether to buy this smart wearable or not.

What’s Best About Skagen Hagen Smartwatch?

The Skagen Hagen Smartwatch is a hybrid smartwatch; it combines an analog watch and a smartwatch. So what are the best things about this timepiece? Take a look at the following;

  1. Affordable price
  2. Classic design
  3. High-quality materials
  4. Innovative technology
  5. Long battery life
  6. No charge feature

What’s Not-So-Good About the Skagen Hagen Smartwatch?

If you are looking for an affordable smartwatch made of high-quality materials, the Skagen Hagen Smartwatch will not disappoint you. However, you might not like the following:

  1. No digital display
  2. Limited features

The Skagen Hagen Smartwatch is ideal for you if you want a classic design that offers innovative technology that a smartwatch offers. But if you are focusing on the tech side, such as digital display and other tech features, this device may not be suitable for your preferred timepiece.

Skagen Hagen Smartwatch – Features 

Although the Skagen Hagen Smartwatch has no digital display and other tech features you are looking for, it takes pride in other things. In this Skagen Hagen Smartwatch, you’ll learn more about the timepiece’s design, size, colors, remote link, connectivity, charging, and apps.

Design, Size, and Colors 

The Skagen Hagen Smartwatch provides a classic design perfect for both casual and formal looks. You can choose between a real leather or Silverstone metal strap, though both of these options are incredibly striking. The tan leather strap creates a contrast with the watch’s metal casing. The Skagen Hagen Smartwatch only comes in one size, but it can fit different wrist sizes. You can choose between Black-Silver, Brown-Gold, Brown-Gray, and Silver-Silver in terms of color with either leather or metal straps. The classic design makes it great for men, but it also makes it one of the best smartwatches for women.

Remote Link

The technology behind the Skagen SMartwatch allows you to control music, snap photos, and control other things on your phone just by tapping on the side of the watch.

Android and iOS Connectivity 

The Skagen Smartwatch can connect to Android 4.4+, and iOS 8.2+ enabled phones wirelessly. It easily synchronizes with the Skagen APP and saves progress.


How long does a smartwatch battery last? This smartwatch utilizes a regular coin cell battery, keeping it running for 4-6 months at a time. With that being said, you don’t have to charge it daily or worry about its charging. Its battery can be replaced when you have used all its power.


The Skagen Connected notifies you with its haptic vibration and a dial-based analog pointer. The best thing about it in terms of notifications is it allows you to select the notifications that you only want to be nudged for, such as emails, phone calls, messages, and other app notifications.

Activity Tracking

The Skagen Smartwatch can track the counting steps, calories burnt, distance traveled, water intake, and sleep. With these features, we consider it a top contender for the best smartwatch for exercise. You may set your goals and monitor them with the Skagen iOS or Android app.


The smartwatch pulls the time and the date when it is synchronized with a device. It also supports multiple time zones. Tapping on the side button will show your desired time and date.

The Skagen Hagen Smartwatch may not provide the features you are looking for to in an advanced smartwatch. But it has the qualities that other timepieces don’t have, like long battery life and classic design. Besides, it is affordable, allowing you to enjoy the features of an analog watch and a smartwatch. Is it worth it to buy? Based on this Skagen Hagen Smartwatch review, it is!

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