The Best Smartwatches Compatible With iOS 11

The iPhone has maintained its popularity in the marketplace despite the presence of many competing models.

Perhaps you have one and are interested in purchasing a smartwatch that works with iOS 11 — the newest operating system for the iPhone. Smartphones aren’t as prevalent as iPhones in society, but a growing number of people view these gadgets as worthy additions to their tech-savvy lifestyles.

If you can relate and already own a smartwatch, be aware there’s a chance it won’t work with iOS 11.

After updating to the latest operating system, some users realized certain apps were no longer functional. That’s because 32-bit apps aren’t compatible with iOS. Fortunately, Apple has urged developers to make 64-bit apps for a while, so most of the ones you use will likely handle the switch.

Want to make sure?

Get your iPhone and tap the Settings icon. Then go to the General section on the left, then About and finally select Applications.

Provided you’re still using an operating system older than iOS 11, those selections collectively bring up an app compatibility list that shows any 32-bit apps on the device.

Beware, though, it’s not possible to go through those precautionary steps after updating.

Now we’ve gotten that necessity out of the way, let’s take a look at numerous smartwatches that work smoothly with the iPhone and iOS 11.

1. The Apple Series 3 Watch

It should come as no surprise that Apple’s Series 3 watch works with your iPhone. Also, one version of the Series 3 watch includes cellular data, letting you make calls without solely depending on a Wi-Fi connection and phone app. This smartwatch also works with Siri, so you can ask for directions to a destination without grabbing your phone.

The Series 3 smartwatch has functionality even if your phone isn’t in range. The capabilities range from showing you the weather forecast to sending a text message.

2. The Samsung Gear Sport

Designed for fitness enthusiasts or people who want to start living better, the Samsung Gear Sport features a calorie tracker that alerts you whether you’re over or under your intake goals. It also sends up to 60 workouts to your mobile device and gives suggestions about staying fit even if you can’t avoid being sedentary, such as when you’re on a long flight.

Ever since an upgrade at the start of the year, this smartwatch has an Android- and iOS-compatible app that works with iOS 11, as well as any Apple phone that’s at least an iPhone 5 running iOS 9.

3. The Garmin Fenix 5

This rugged smartwatch features durable components, such as a rear case and bezel made of stainless steel. The Garmin Fenix 5 also measures your pulse via a wrist sensor. Use the performance widget to find out if your hard workouts are paying off, and track progress. Also, enjoy how this gadget offers up to two weeks of battery life in the smartwatch mode.

4. The ASUS ZenWatch 2

Available in two sizes, the ASUS ZenWatch2 comes in three case finishes, including an elegant rose gold option. Choose from numerous face styles, whether you want a simple look or one that’s distinctively sporty. Besides picking from more than 60 built-in faces, you can use your iPhone to design others. The smartwatch’s integrated speaker lets you hear spoken notifications. Use the Wellness Manager and take advantage of the pedometer, or other health-related perks.

5. The Fossil Q Explorist

Consider the Fossil Q Explorist an excellent choice if you prefer a classic look for your watch. Featuring a metal band, the wrist accessory has a large, easy-to-read face. If you’d rather have a different kind of band, just switch out the original one for any 22mm option.

The built-in fitness tracker helps you stay mindful of activity levels. The watch also has an estimated 24-hour battery life, making it easy to charge the gadget while you sleep.

This device works with Bluetooth technology to seamlessly send you notifications. Once one arrives, you’ll feel a light buzzing sensation. You can even use the smartwatch to control music that’s streaming from your iPhone, whether iTunes, Spotify or another service is your preferred platform.

If you frequently travel to places with different time zones, appreciate how the Fossil Q Explorist automatically updates when you go to a new one. Also, it’s easy to check and see what time it is in a different city or country. That’s helpful if you communicate with clients in various parts of the world and don’t want to wake them up at a strange hour.

6. The Motorola Moto 360

One of the handiest features of the Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch is how it responds to voice commands, allowing you to take care of tasks like setting reminders and sending texts hands-free. There’s also a battery-saving ambient mode that shows fewer graphics on the screen, while still allowing you to access information in seconds.

Ever feel like the emoji list just doesn’t cover what you’re feeling? The Moto 360’s screen responds to your touch, letting you use your finger to draw an emoji and send it to a friend.

Try the Moto Body suite of features to get tips about living healthier. The system tracks your heart rate, calorie consumption and activity level, then coaches you about working toward a better state of fitness.

7. The MyKronoz ZeRound2

Put the MyKronoz ZeRound2 on your list if you’re eager to start experimenting with a smartwatch that works with your iPhone, but you don’t want to spend a lot. This one retails for under $100, so it’s an economical choice.

The built-in microphone and speaker let you answer or turn down incoming calls by speaking. This gadget also syncs with Siri, making it possible to modify settings on your iPhone via the ZeRound2.

In addition to an activity tracker, this smartwatch has a sleep tracker. If you’ve been curious about why you wake up feeling refreshed on some days of the week and feel lethargic in other cases, the data it collects while you slumber might provide much-needed clues.

This MyKronoz model is water-resistant, too. Wear it while swimming or showering and don’t worry about having to take it off and potentially losing it.

8. The LG Watch Sport

Even though the LG Watch Sport works with an iPhone running iOS 11, it’s also compatible with Google Fit. When paired with that app, this smartwatch automatically recognizes and tracks your activities. It also monitors the time you spend doing different activities and gives recommendations for how to make improvements.

This watch also has a NumberSync that connects to Wi-Fi networks using your primary mobile number. Browse the Internet, send texts and make calls quickly using Google-powered voice recognition technology.

If you spend a significant amount of time outdoors in bright sunlight and are concerned about having to squint and shade the watch face to read the display, the designers had that common scenario in mind while making the LG Watch Sport. This device features a high-tech P-OLED display. It’s easy to read no matter if you’re indoors or outdoors.

If you thought the Apple Watch was your only option for using an iOS 11-equipped iPhone and a smartwatch together, this list proves that’s not the case. Apple’s gadget is covered here, but there are many other options that may be more appropriate for your needs and budget.

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