Stress Wearables: 3 Devices That Monitor Stress

People experience either positive or negative stress. Eustress or positive stress is essential to one’s life because it can motivate you and improve your well-being. Examples of eustress include expecting a child from your wife and anticipating your first date. On the other hand, distress or negative stress is something that you want to avoid because too much of it can cause some adverse effects. When not appropriately handled, distress can affect your mental health and emotional well-being. Not only that but it is also associated with some severe health conditions. Therefore, you need stress wearables that can help you monitor if your stress is good or bad.

Why Monitor Your Stress?

Stress is inevitable, and even if you don’t want to experience distress, there are circumstances when you need to overcome it. However, not all people are good at managing stress considering the current problems that the world is facing nowadays. Although the COVID-19 pandemic started last year, its effects are still felt now.  Many people suffered from unemployment leading to loss of income. Even many students had to stop schooling because their parents were afraid that they might contract the virus. With the situation that people are in right now and the unwanted events that happen every day, more and more people suffer from chronic headaches and migraines.

Since stress has been affecting people’s lives, it is crucial to understand how to overcome it. One step to deal with distress is to monitor it to assess what ways you should do to deal with it. Many stress wearables can help you in stress monitoring. These wearables are smartwatches that you can wear like a timepiece but do more than timekeeping. If you want to monitor your stress accurately, you need to choose the best smartwatches for women and men.

Stress Wearables: 3 Smartwatch Brands for Stress Monitoring

Are you now excited to experience the wonders of a smartwatch? Here are some of the best smartwatches for stress monitoring that you can find in the market today:


When it comes to innovative gadgets, Apple is always one of the leading brands. Even in smartwatches, Apple has been praised for its smartwatches which offer unique features. For example, Apple has launched its watchOS 3 before, which provides a Breathe app. Its goal is to help you relax by focusing on your breathing. This is done through heart rate variability measurements (HRV). What’s impressive about the Apple app is it can remind the user every five hours to take time out to work out on breathing which is a form of meditation.


Garmin’s latest wearables offer stress tracking features that can take on-the-spot stress measurements. Firstbeat, Garmin’s app, can take HRV measurements throughout the day and night. These measurements break down stress into low, medium, or high stress, which helps users assess whether they have been too much distressed or not. The watch provides a daily score from 1 to 100, in which a lower score indicates lower stress levels.


If there is Apple, there is Samsung, which is another famous brand for gadgets and accessories. Samsung watches use heart rate variability measurements to generate stress tracking insights. Users can quickly check the assessment on the dedicated watch face. Samsung also offers breathing exercises to help you overcome distress. In addition, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Watch Active have teamed up with mindfulness and meditation app Calm to combat stress.

Stress is part of people’s lives. Although you cannot avoid distress, there are several ways on how to overcome it. For better stress management, wearing stress wearables like the smartwatches mentioned here can help you monitor your stress. Stress monitoring is vital because it enables you to take the proper steps to deal with distress. It is highly recommended to use a smartwatch because it is used for stress monitoring and provides other exciting features designed for fitness and health.

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