How to make sure you get the right smartwatch for you

If you’ve finally decided to get a smartwatch then you definitely want to get one which is compatible to your phone and reliable. New and upgraded smartwatches are released each and every year by the biggest brands in the game such as Apple, Fitbit and Samsung etc, and dozens of other companies which come with a lot of interesting features. Choosing a particular company’s smartwatch can be overwhelming with all the options at hand.

With all that said, here is a guide to help you choose the right smartwatch for your smartphone.

1. Make sure it is compatible with your phone

You definitely don’t want to get a smartwatch only to find out later that the brand you have chosen isn’t compatible with your phone.
Apple watches for example can only pair with Apple phones, while other brands like Samsung allow their watches to pair with phones other than their brand. However you can only access the full features when paired with a Samsung phone.

There are a lot of brands out there which you can choose from, some work better when paired with their brand phones. Others are more flexible and will work perfectly with any phone. Before getting a smartwatch make sure it is 100% compatible with your smartphone.

2. The battery life should be worth it

A durable battery life for any device is always of great importance and smartwatches are of no exception. You definitely want a smartwatch which can last the whole day or a reasonable number of hours without you needing to charge all the time.

It should also be able to charge fast without taking too much time. You’ll be better off with a smartwatch that constantly needs charging and takes forever to charge.

3. Display should be up to standard

You get two display options to choose from in the smartwatch market which either come with an LCD screen or AMOLED display. AMOLED screens are a lot colorful and offer better visibility which will permit you to really differentiate colors easily. The only short coming to all this is that, AMOLED displays are not as bright as LCD screens and are more power draining.

4. Choose the most suitable interface for you

You have three different options to choose from for your interface. You could either pick a touchscreen watch which is an obvious choice for must people, a smartwatch with buttons as the interface, or a combo of touch and buttons. A smartwatch without a touchscreen barely feels like a smartwatch so that will definitely be the option to go for. The only problem here is that, the size of the display may not be comfortable enough for you when touching the screen to go through apps, notifications and other activities.

If you want to go for a more old school and simple look then buttons will do the trick. You could also just decide to get a touchscreen and button combination so you get the best of both worlds. The most important thing here is to make sure you are comfortable with the chosen interface.

5. Make sure interesting and useful apps can be downloaded

You are definitely not getting a smartwatch to just look at the time. Smartwatches now come with hundred and thousands of apps available for download and installing. You want a watch which can download and install interesting and useful apps to make your smartwatch using experience better.
Also make sure to check the built in apps of the smartwatch you are getting since those are what you’d be using the most. The built in apps are usually the most useful and most important apps.

6. Notifications and alert should be reliable

One of the most important reasons for getting a smartwatch is to have access to quick notifications. Make sure to get a smartwatch which will notify you immediately you receive an incoming call, email or a message with just a quick buzz to your wrist. This will enable you to check your notifications discretely and decide if they are worth attending to.

While some smartwatches only send specific notifications, some smartwatches send an alert for every app or social media which enables you to never miss out on any notification.

7. It should definitely come with fitness features

Smartwatches are known for their fitness features and you definitely want to get one which will help you keep track of your health and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Most smartwatches come with a heart rate monitor, pedometer to keep track of your steps, a GPS and a variety of other fitness features.

With a heart rate monitor, one can get a reading of their heart rate if they feel that their blood pressure is rising up. With the results, they can quickly decide if it is necessary to see a doctor straight away. You don’t need to be a workout freak to have a smartwatch with useful fitness features. You can always make use of a reliable one.

8. It should definitely be stylish

Getting a smartwatch doesn’t mean you can’t get a stylish and good looking watch. Watches have always been a symbol of class, and no matter how much a smartwatch is packed with interesting apps and other features, it still has to look good on your wrist.

It is important to get a smartwatch whose belt can be changed later on for new ones. Some smartwatches can also be personalized with third party belts which can easily be installed.

Getting a smartwatch is an important investment, so if you are going to get one you need to ensure that it is worth the spending.

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