The Best Bluetooth Wireless Headphones to Pair with Your Smartwatch

So, you just got your hands on that sweet Apple Watch or Android Wear smartwatch that you’ve been wanting for months. What do you do next? You get to using it, of course! At home, at work or while you’re on the town — it doesn’t matter where you use it. Aside from a few features your device might be lacking on the software side of things, there’s something else you might notice that’s missing and didn’t come bundled in the box with your watch. What are we talking about? Oddly enough, the one accessory that doesn’t come bundled with your smartwatch is a pair of headphones or earbuds. This is something of a letdown considering a lot of smartphones and mobile phones do include them. That’s no matter, you can always pick out some headphones of your own to wear while you’re exercising, commuting, or just chilling at home. Luckily, most smartwatches support a wireless connection to headphones through Bluetooth, just like your phone. The Best Bluetooth Wireless Headphones to Pair with Your Smartwatch Tracking down some compatible headphones that offer Bluetooth support and sound great might be a little tough, though. That’s where we come in. We’re going to explore some of the best headphones available that would make a great companion for your smartwatch.   Bluedio M2 Wireless Headphones Like it or not, most wireless headphones are designed to be worn over-the-ears and are quite bulky. That’s not ideal if you’re a runner or you plan to work out while wearing them. Don’t fret, because the Bluedio M2 wireless earbuds are fantastic. You might not have... read more

The Best Lifeloggers to Record Your Daily Experiences

Did you know that there are devices called “lifeloggers” that will automatically record your daily life experiences? We’re not talking about wearable action cams that can be used to film crazy stunts and extreme sports, we’re talking about something else entirely. Lifeloggers are like a visual journal or diary, recording different experiences that you may have throughout your day. Consider attending a concert, while a lifelogger captures the whole event without prompting from you. Let’s consider an experience that’s much more personal, shall we? Imagine being a part of your child or family member’s birthday party, while wearing a lifelogger that captures the whole thing. Later, you can take the time to review recorded images and video to find the best moments. There are devices that do exactly this, and believe it or not they’re not too pricey either. If you decide to pick up a lifelogger, you should brush up on your wearable etiquette first. Just because you can film certain things while you’re in public doesn’t necessarily mean you should, but we digress. The Autographer Unfortunately, OMG Life the company behind the Autographer decided to discontinue making it. That doesn’t mean you can’t find it for sale anywhere, however. Even better is that you can get it for much cheaper than the original MSRP, at about $350 on Amazon. What does it do, you ask? The Autographer includes a 5MP camera coupled with a 136-degree eye-view lens (wide-angle) which captures photos automatically from where it sits. The device comes with a lanyard that you can wear around your neck, or you can attach it to your waist — or... read more

The Best Wearable Cameras for Filming Extreme Sports and Activities

Imagine this: you just finished an awesome snowboard run with plenty of stunts, and sweet moves. Suddenly, you find yourself wishing you had access to a wearable camera, and that you had recorded your entire run. Because if you had one then you could have uploaded the video to YouTube — or another social sharing site — so that your friends, family and the world at large could see your skills. Expand that idea of filming your snowboard run to pretty much any activity you can think of: swimming, rock climbing, deep water diving, boating, jet skiing, hiking, spelunking. We could go on and on. Believe it or not, it’s entirely possible to film your activity and in high quality too. You might be even more surprised to know that it’s not all that expensive to acquire the necessary equipment. There is a ton of wearable cameras available that you can strap to your person and film away with. Maybe you’ve already heard of the massively popular GoPro camera? There are a bunch of other wearable cameras that work just as good — if not better — than the GoPro, too. The Best Wearable Cameras for Filming Extreme Sports and Activities We scoured the market and picked out some of the best wearable cameras. Keep in mind, this list is not comprehensive. If there’s a camera or wearable you prefer over the ones listed here, feel free to share it with everyone! GoPro Hero4 Naturally, we’ll start with one of the most popular brands on the market, GoPro. The GoPro Hero4 is the latest model of wearable camera from... read more

The 5 Best Smartwatches for Health and Fitness

Did you know that aside from the obvious fitness trackers and wearables, there are smartwatches that do the same thing just as well? It’s true, and there’s actually a difference between a smartwatch and a fitness tracker, in case you weren’t aware. A fitness tracker – like the Fitbit and Jawbone devices – is designed with a single purpose in mind, tracking fitness stats and information. A smartwatch, on the other hand, can usually perform multiple functions like connect to a smartphone and display notifications, alerts and messages, browse the internet, play music and media and much more. Some of them also include fitness tracking hardware to monitor steps taken, calories burned, and information like that. For example, the popular Apple Watch can handle basic fitness tracking alongside a whole slew of additional features. It begs the question, where are some of these health and fitness smartwatches? More importantly, which ones are the best available? That’s exactly what we’re going to explore in this article. The 5 Best Smartwatches for Health and Fitness So, you’re ready to join the smartwatch crowd but you want to make sure you pick up something that can also track fitness and health information too? No problem! We’re going to take a look at some of the best smartwatches for health and fitness that are currently available. Let’s jump right in! Please keep in mind, these are not ordered from best to worst. 5. Basis Peak The Basis Peak is somewhat dated by now, but it’s still a great device. Clearly, it was designed to be more functional as a fitness tracker as opposed... read more

The Best Wearables for the Elderly

Did you know that there are senior alert systems – like buttons, necklaces, and wearables – that contact the authorities automatically in the event of an emergency? You might have heard about medical alert buttons before, but truthfully they’re pretty ugly and surely get annoying to those wearing them. There’s no denying the fact that they are a great failsafe, though, especially for elderly who spend most of their days alone in a single family home or apartment. There is a much more convenient solution, one that doesn’t look as bad as a large red button hanging from your neck. We’re talking about wearables designed specifically for the elderly. Thanks to the popularity of smartwatches and similar devices, many forms of technology are now being slimmed down into a more wearable form. Some examples include smartwatches, HD action cameras like the GoPro, lifeloggers, augmented reality glasses like Google Glass and many more. It’s no surprise then that these medical alert devices have also been slimmed down, and many of them have even been upgraded with better features. The Best Wearables for the Elderly Eventually, the Apple Watch, Pebble smartwatches and maybe even the Android Wear watches may see an application that supports similar features as the medical alert devices listed below. We’re not ruling those out at all. However, it’s better to focus our attention on devices that were specifically designed for the purpose we’re talking about: alerting family, friends or emergency services in the event of an accident. Why are They Necessary? Many elderly would rather remain independent, living in their home or apartment they’ve known for years.... read more

What New Smartwatches Are on the Way in 2015 – 2016?

Now that the Apple Watch is officially on the market will other manufacturers continue to produce new smartwatches of their own? It’s a valid question, especially since smartwatches aren’t exactly catching on like the big tech companies hoped. Does that mean they’re useless? Absolutely not. The lack of interest has to do with why they exist and what they are used for. You see, smartwatches are nothing more than a convenience item. That is, they augment the standard features of a smartphone by allowing you to access many of those functions on a wrist-worn device. For instance, once paired with a smartphone, many smartwatches allow you to receive messages, notifications, and calls or even reply to these alerts right from the watch. If you’re here, you probably already know that; you’re probably well aware of what a smartwatch can do so there’s no need for us to get any deeper than that. The question remains, what companies are working on new smartwatches now that a lot of the big names have already released their products? We have the Moto 360, Asus ZenWatch, Samsung Gear lineup, Apple Watch, Sony SmartWatch 3 and many others. Also, Huawei is working on a watch — which we’ve been anxiously waiting for — simply called the Huawei Watch. There are a few others out there too. Are There Any New Smartwatches On the Way? Yes, there are many new smartwatches still on the way, believe it or not. We’re going to take a look at some of the watches that are either still under development or are expected to be available soon. In addition,... read more

Which Apple Watch Should I Buy? (A Quiz)

The recent release of the Apple Watch has taken the country by storm. Now, everyone wants wrist notifications. And when it comes to choosing the right Apple Watch, there are only three models to select from. Nonetheless, it can be really confusing—even for hardcore Apple fans—knowing which to buy. That’s why the team at created an infographic that will help you determine which Apple Watch you should purchase: the sport, the basic, or the edition.   Click here to share this infographic.   Embed This Infographic on Your Site Copy this code and paste it on your preferred web page. “Which Apple Watch Should I Buy?” – An infographic by the team at 5 Main Points to Consider Before Buying  In more depth, here are some of the main things you should consider before buying an Apple Watch. Consideration #1: iPhone Compatibility To enjoy an Apple Watch, your iPhone must be a Generation 5 or higher. Sorry everyone still using the Generation 4! Consideration #2: Your Budget As you can see, the Apple Watch sport is the most affordable. The basic sits in the middle between $401 and $1,099. And the Edition starts at $10,000 USD. Price is probably the biggest determinant when deciding which to buy. Consideration #3: Your Band Preferences There are six different bands in total. However, not ever models have all band options available. For instance, the Sport only comes with the rubber band. (But with a range of colors to choose from.) Moreover, some bands only come in certain sizes. So be diligent: make sure the band you desire comes in your appropriate size. Consideration #4: The Watch Size There are two main sizes: the 38mm and the... read more

Will The Apple Watch Killer App Be One That Keeps You Alive?

Why should you buy an Apple Watch? Critics have been saying for months that there is no compelling reason to purchase an Apple Watch, because there is no “unique” function that it provides. Without a killer app, the critics say, the Apple Watch will languish as a vanity purchase for the tech-obsessed and the idle rich. This may be so. Time  will tell. What if we told you that the Apple Watch will one day soon be an absolutely essential device for a huge swath of the population? You would have to say the Apple Watch killer app had arrived. Believe it or not, that day may actually be coming soon. The Apple Watch Killer App Is Coming The fact is medical researchers around the world are developing tools and apps for the Apple Watch in order to convert the device into the medical monitor of record. If they succeed it will be the go-to device for consumers with health issues. In a demographically-aging population, consumers with health issues promises to be a giant proportion of the population moving forward. In an ideal scenario, each and every one of us with health issues will be wearing an Apple Watch in order to maintain contact with the caregivers that are treating our conditions. Why would we choose the Apple Watch and not other smartwatch competitors? Well Apple products have proven their networking superiority over other technologies for many years now. Apple devices communicate so easily with one another without all the complications that other hardware/software combinations can bring. Secondly, the Apple Watch app development platform is so much easier for developers to... read more

How Secure Is the Apple Watch?

Is the Apple Watch secure? The Apple Watch does have a security lockdown feature, but it can be easily bypassed – without an iPhone – by design. This does raise the concern that the Apple Watch is incredibly easy to gain access to if stolen. Worse yet, thieves only need to factory reset the device once they have it in their possession. This can be done, even if they don’t have your security passcode. Once the watch has been wiped, they could resell the device via the second-hand market. That sure seems like a scary prospect, but there are some restrictions and limitations when it comes to accessing a stolen Apple Watch. Contrary to popular belief, the Apple Watch is remarkably secure for a smartwatch. We’re going to take a closer look at the security features, how they can be bypassed and why that’s important. What Security Does the Apple Watch Have? For starters, we’ll discuss what the Apple Watch actually offers in the way of security. You do have the option to protect your personal information and data on the device by activating a personal passcode. It works similar to Apple’s Activation Lock feature, which was added in iOS 7. The idea is to allow Apple users to protect and secure their device in the event it gets stolen – namely the Activation Lock protects iPhones. According to iDownloadBlog, however, resourceful users can simply bypass the Apple Watch’s personal passcode lock by taking advantage of what they called a “bug” or security flaw. This can be done by simply using Force-Touch on the power-off option and choosing the factory reset option. Upon... read more

Why Do Apple’s Competitors Want the Apple Watch to Succeed?

The question still remains: Is the Apple Watch going to be a hit? Will there be a massive influx of customers buying one, like the iPhone, or will it turn into nothing more than an overhyped disaster like Apple TV? Unfortunately, we still don’t know. Quite a bit of doubt hovers as to whether the Apple Watch is a device that people really need, and until that issue gets resolved, the jury will remain out to lunch. Apple Watch Numbers are Good, Not Great, So Far The early sales numbers suggest that the Apple Watch is doing well so far. Industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo estimated that global preorders have surpassed 2.3 million units, representing more than $1.5 billion, 85% of which is from the Apple Watch Sport model, followed by 15% for the Apple Watch (Basic) and less than 1% for the Apple Watch Edition. This would mean that in just over one month, the Apple Watch has become by far the biggest-selling smartwatch on the market. In February, Pebble announced that it had sold over 1 million smartwatches since 2013, and it was reported earlier that about 720,000 Android Wear devices were sold in 2014. Looks like a smash hit, right? Not so fast, my friend. Apple is a company that turns over $18 billion in just one quarter. From that perspective, $1.5 billion isn’t that impressive. In fact, it’s underperforming. Compared to iPhone sales, $1.5 billion over a three-month period is close to an absolute minimum level for the tech giant. Here’s the strangest part of it all: The Apple Watch’s competitors, notably Pebble and Android, are hoping that Apple Watch sales go... read more

21 Apple Watch Questions That Need to be Answered

Why does shopping for an Apple Watch have to be so confusing? It doesn’t have to be, as long as you don’t go in blind. Apple allows interested customers to make an appointment at stores to try on the many different models. A hired guru will show you the ropes and help you choose the model that’s right for you. The problem is Apple stores are always crowded. You have to make reservations before you show up, and its tough to do that when you have a busy schedule. If you want to buy the Apple Watch on your own, without the help from an Apple “Genius,” you’re going to have a difficult time. Previously, we put together a guide to help you choose an Apple Watch model from the long list of options. If you already know you’re going to buy one, head on over there to see which model fits your needs best. 21 Apple Watch Questions That Need to be Answered This time around, we’re going to answer a few common questions that people have regarding the Apple Watch. 1. What OS is the Apple Watch Using? The Apple Watch is running by a special version of iOS, dubbed Watch OS. Essentially, Apple took their mobile operating system and adapted it for use on a wearable device. Watch OS still uses BackBoard and FrontBoard mechanics like iOS – don’t worry if you don’t know what that is. However, it features a Carousel based navigation system as opposed to a Springboard one. What does all that nonsense mean? When swapping between apps, contacts and watch faces the Watch OS basically... read more

What Can the Apple Watch Do When It’s Not Connected to an iPhone?

Many people were surprised to learn that in order to use an Apple Watch, you need to have an iPhone to pair with it. It does seem odd that you have to pay at least $350 for what is essentially an auxiliary device to a iPhone. I think most people would agree that, in a perfect world, you would be able to put all the capabilities of your smartphone into your smartwatch, so that you wouldn’t have to lug your phone everywhere, and you could have all your communications need met by a single, compact device. Such devices do exist. They are called standalone smartwatches, and we have reviewed all the ones we know about here. The problem with standalone smartwatches is that they are invariably big and clunky. Technology hasn’t quite advanced enough to deliver enough computing power and enough battery storage to fit into an ultra slim casing like the Apple Watch. That technology is coming soon — surely only three or four years down the road — but for now the Apple Watch is a paired device. It is worth noting that Android Wear will receive a software update that allows select Android Wear watches — with Wi-Fi support — to connect to phones remotely via an active internet connection. This means, Android Wear owners can leave their phone at home and connect over the internet provided their smartphone and watch are connected to the internet. Pretty cool! We only mention this in case someone out there is looking for this feature. Having said that, however, there are a surprising number of things that the Apple Watch can do without being paired... read more

What Features Are In the Next Big Android Wear Update?

In the wake of the Apple Watch release, Google will push a huge update to the Android Wear platform to introduce a bevy of new features. Their hope is to compete with their biggest rival, and perhaps even surpass them in a few ways. One of the most promising features being added is the option to use Wi-Fi to connect to your smartphone remotely. In layman’s terms it means that as long as you are connected to Wi-Fi, you can use your Android Wear smartwatch anywhere — even without your phone on you. Smartwatch enthusiasts have been asking for a way to use their device without a connected smartphone. With most Android Wear smartwatches, features become hampered when the corresponding phone is not within vicinity of the watch. Google is changing that with the latest update. Obviously, this remote feature will work with any Wi-Fi network — even if it’s not the same one your phone is connected to. However, you will have to configure a few settings before everything works smoothly. Most of the Android Wear smartwatch models have always included Wi-Fi support, but the feature has been practically dormant, until now anyway. Keep in mind that your smartphone is still necessary. It handles most of the processing, and still acts as a hub for messages, notifications and emails. Your watch simply connects to it remotely through the active Wi-Fi connection. It’s exciting because this means you’ll receive texts, phone calls, messages and more and you can leave your phone behind — provided the phone and watch both have access to a Wi-Fi network. This opens up a... read more

The Noodoe Watch Is the Most Customizable Smartwatch Ever

One of the main reasons why the Pebble devices have been so successful is because the software that powers them is extremely customizable. Anyone with the knowitall can create apps, watchfaces and a whole slew of software features and release it on the Pebble marketplace. This is, of course wholly different from Apple’s approach to the consumer market. The Apple Watch will most assuredly be locked down and under control by the tech giant. Any apps, software or watchfaces available on the platform will be regulated by strict quality controls and elevated fees. Then again, consumers have shown time and time again that there’s a market for this kind of thing. One startup believes that Pebble has the right approach with their idea of a platform that’s truly open to all. That company is called Noodoe, and they aim to create a similar smartwatch that is both simple and extremely customizable. They also believe in affordability, meaning their device will be relatively inexpensive for all. Introducing the Noodoe Watch The Noodoe Watch looks a whole lot more like a fitness band or similar style wearable than it does a smartwatch. It’s not packed with high-end hardware either, which means you’re not going to be using this thing for its power. Then again, we can’t remember the last time anyone claimed to need a powerful computer strapped to their wrist. Instead, the Noodoe Watch is meant to be unobtrusive and easy-to-use. That also means it’s easy to customize, even for those who might not have a great deal of technical knowledge. Out of the box though, it’s not designed to be particularly smart. Instead,... read more

The Huawei Watch Is a Stunning Android Wear Device with a Unisex Design

It seems that really good looking smartwatches are hard to come by these days. Sure, you have options like the Moto 360, Asus ZenWatch and LG G Watch R, but they’re definitely not for everyone. For instance, all of those devices have a seemingly masculine design. If you’re looking for something a little more feminine, you’ll have to make do with installing a custom wristband. That said, even some of the devices on the market are extra bulky and geeky looking. The Moto 360, for example is a pretty large device and on smaller — or thinner — wrists it can look pretty massive. Why are we dredging all this up again? Because Huawei just unveiled an attractive and stylish smartwatch that might change all that. The keyword in that statement being “might.” Huawei flashed around some top notch images of their upcoming flagship wearable, rightfully dubbed the Huawei Watch. Already critics are hailing it as one of the most attractive Android Wear watches in existence. It might be a bit of a stretch, but the device does look great. Who knows, a lot of you out there might even find it to be true? As we know well in the gadget and tech world, looks aren’t everything, so what does the Huawei Watch have going for it besides appearance? Is it worth the asking price? Is it really as attractive as media outlets are saying? Is this finally a watch that everyone can get behind, no matter what kind of style they like? Let’s take a closer look and see what the Huawei Watch actually has to offer. Huawei Watch Features and... read more

The Next Generation Pebble Smartwatch is [Almost] Here: The Pebble Time

Well folks, it’s finally here… sort of. The successor to one of the best — and most popular — smartwatches on the market. No, we’re not talking about anything from Motorola, LG or Samsung. We’re talking about the next generation of the Pebble smartwatch: the Pebble Time. It’s not available just yet though, and might not be for a while. This time around, Pebble returned to their roots and launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to help produce the next iteration of their smartwatch lineup. You might remember that they skipped the crowdfunding phase for their last model, the Pebble Steel. Before we jump into the particulars of the campaign, let’s take a look at the new model and the features that are returning, as well as those that are making their debut. Introducing the Next Generation Pebble Smartwatch: The Pebble Time We asked for it, and the Pebble smartwatch creators listened. The next generation of the Pebble — the Pebble Time — is using the same e-paper style display only it’s in full color instead of black and white. That feature alone opens up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to software customization. All the custom watchfaces, apps and functions of the device will now be able to take full advantage of a wide range of colors. Of course, with an updated display that generally means other areas of the device will suffer — more particularly the battery life which you’d expect to be reduced. However, the Pebble creators promise a full seven days of battery life in the Time just like the original models. Praise the smartwatch... read more

Meet the ‘World’s Smartest Wearable’ and the Most Expensive, the Neptune Hub Smartwatch

Do you remember the Neptune Pine? The ambitious yet not-so-popular standalone smartwatch that was running a full version of the Android OS? It’s still an impressive piece of tech to this day, even if it is quite outdated. Unfortunately, it never caught fire like the developers were hoping despite a very successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2013. Well, the makers of the Pine are back and this time they claim to have created the “world’s smartest wearable.” The device in question is called the Neptune Duo or the Neptune Hub if you’re talking about the smartwatch, and like it’s brethren it is standalone which means it allows you to shed your smartphone — sort of. Introducing the Neptune Hub, the ‘World’s Smartest Wearable’ and Most Expensive Interestingly enough, the Neptune Duo (what the entire setup is called) does not come in the form of a single wearable wrist device — not all by its lonesome anyway. Instead, it’s a pair of devices designed to work in tandem. There’s the actual Neptune Hub — a wearable and full-featured smartwatch — and the pocket-screen companion device. Wait, what? The idea behind the Neptune Hub is that it reverses the role of a traditional smartwatch completely. That is, instead of a powerful and full-featured smartphone delivering data and content to a wearable receiver-of-sorts, a powerful smartwatch is doing all the work for a low-tech smartphone-like device. Why? Because the Neptune Hub’s creators thought it was a cool idea, just like the Neptune Pine. More specifically, the brain behind the project is Simon Tian, the guy originally responsible for the Neptune Pine — as we’ve said... read more

Meet the Razer Nabu X: The Latest Fitness Tracker and ‘Smart’ Wearable for Gamers

The Razer Nabu took quite some time to hit the market — more than a year actually — before finally launching at the end of last year, in only the United States. It’s a shame because we were pretty excited for the device, which looked to be rather innovative despite its launch shortcomings. Razer didn’t make the same mistake with their latest device and successor to the original Nabu, the Razer Nabu X. It’s available right now on Razer’s online store for $49.99 in the US, or £44.99 in the UK. The biggest feature of the Nabu X is that it ditches the OLED display from the original model, instead packing three multi-color LEDs that will flash in different ways depending on what the device is trying to tell you. There are also some pretty cool game-based features too, like the Steam Gamers app which we’ll get to a little later. For now, let’s take a look at what Razer’s improved in the latest device and what it can offer those who decide to don one. Introducing the Razer Nabu X Just like the original model, the Nabu X comes as a pretty seamless — and decidely plain — band. It’s available in three separate colors: black, white and Razer’s infamous green. Instead of a touchscreen display or an OLED for notifications like the original model, the Nabu X includes three small multi-color LEDs. The LED trio will flash in different colors and patterns depending on what alerts or notifications are coming through. You see, like any other ‘smart’ device or wearable you can pair the Nabu X with a companion... read more

Asus ZenWatch Review

When Asus first unveiled the ZenWatch, a budget-friendly, Android Wear powered smartwatch we were definitely impressed. Asus decided to go with a rectangular design and rounded edges, instead of a round device like Motorola and LG have done. Despite that, they somehow managed to create an attractive, and visually stunning device. Asus ZenWatch Review As we know all too well, looks aren’t everything when it comes to expensive electronics. Does the ZenWatch live up to its name? Does it work just as good as it looks? Is the battery life decent, or is it shoddy like a lot of other offerings on the market? The question remains: is it worth your hard-earned money? Read on to find out. Overview Asus ZenWatch Review Overall: (4/5)   Build: (4/5) Design: (4/5) Customization: (4/5) Functionality: (4/5) Compatibility: (4/5) The Asus ZenWatch looks great, works great and there are quite a few features packed into this affordable $200 smartwatch. Considering Samsung’s older smartwatches are just now hitting that price point, the ZenWatch is a better choice in you want to stay in that price range. The battery will last for a whole day on a full charge, unless you’re using the remote unlock feature with your handset — more on that later. There are plenty of digital watchfaces to choose from, and you can change the stock wristband at will — though we have no idea why you would want to. In addition, it’s protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and has an IP55 water resistance rating meaning it can withstand splashes. So, it’s durable too. It’s powered by Android Wear which means it’s... read more

LG G Watch R Review

It’s difficult to imagine the G Watch R came from the same company that made the original G Watch. They are just so different from one another. The original G Watch is a great device, but it was wholly unispiring. There wasn’t anything particularly special about it that it made it stand out from the hundreds – if not thousands – of other smartwatches hitting the market. In fact, the biggest thing it had going for it is that it was one of the first wearables powered by Google’s Android Wear OS. The LG Watch R, on the other hand improves on the entire formula and offers a completely different experience. The most notable thing to say about it is that it imitates a traditional analog wristwatch, similar to the Moto 360, and it does it well. There’s also the fact that it has the best battery life out of the entire Android Wear lineup. Of course, it does cost $299 which is on the high end of the spectrum along with most of Samsung’s lofty devices and the Moto 360. LG G Watch R Review The question remains: is it worth your hard-earned money? Read on to find out. Overview LG G Watch R Review Overall: (4/5)   Build: (3/5) Design: (4/5) Customization: (3/5) Functionality: (4/5) Compatibility: (3/5) The biggest difference between the LG G Watch R and some of the other Android Wear smartwatches like the Moto 360 is that it’s lacking some of the bells and whistles. That said, it is hands down one of the best Android Wear smartwatches currently available. It’s attractive, durable and it... read more

Moto 360 Hands On: The Android Wear Smartwatch You’ve Been Waiting For

I had the opportunity to get a Moto 360 hands on session, and I have to say – it’s everything I’ve been hoping for. It is refreshing to see all the hype and excitement pay off, for once. Say what you will about the Android Wear platform as a whole, but it works great as-is and its future has a ton of potential. That said, no one wants to spend $250 on a device that just has “potential” so it matters whether or not the device in question is good enough to own right now. Hands down the Moto 360 is the best Android Wear watch currently available. That may very well change soon enough when some of the other recently announced devices hit the market, but for now it is what it is. Personally, I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised that Motorola pulled through and really delivered. Before jumping right into all the things they did right, let’s take a moment to look at the areas where Motorola missed their mark. The problems with the Moto 360 are incredibly minor, which is why it makes sense to talk about them right up front. Moto 360 Hands On: The Device’s Most Prominent Flaws The first is the battery life, which is severely lacking. In a world where you rely on a constant connection to your devices, smartphone, tablet, smartwatch or otherwise you’d think manufacturers would try painstakingly hard to improve the length of time you can use them. The Moto 360 battery is only 320mAh, which means at most it will last a full day. Under heavy usage however, it’s more likely the... read more

LG G Watch Review

I’m going to tell you up front in our LG G Watch review that it is probably not the Android Wear smartwatch you’ll want to spend your hard-earned money on. If you have the luxury of purchasing several devices at will – and there’s nothing wrong with it if you can – then you might enjoy playing around with the G Watch for a bit before moving on. It seems like an odd way to start a review and to add to that, I’m not implying that the G Watch is a bad device – on the contrary. Instead, it’s a brutally honest and valid point that needs to be laid out on the table. That aside, let’s take a closer look at what the LG G Watch has to offer should you decide to pick one up. LG G Watch Review Overview LG G Watch Review Overall: (4/5)   Build: (3/5) Design: (3/5) Customization: (4/5) Functionality: (4/5) Compatibility: (3/5) In case you’re not already familar, the LG G Watch is one of two devices on the market running Google’s Android Wear OS. In fact, the LG and Samsung smartwatches are the first two AW devices available period, with the Moto 360 – Motorola’s first AW offering – coming later this summer/fall. At their core, Android Wear watches are going to be nearly identical. Google is taking the reins as far as software is concerned, and they have already mentioned they will regulate updates across all affected devices. Hopefully, this will prevent OS fragmentation like what’s been happening with Android smartphones. That means, aside from various hardware implementations and functionality every... read more

Samsung Gear Fit Review

The Gear Fit is Samsung’s answer to a budding world of fitness tracking gadgetry. Of course, Sammy also included an optical heart rate monitor and native health apps in the Fit’s brethren, the Gear 2. The Gear Fit is, however a full featured fitness band similar to the Fitbit. What makes the Fit so, well… fit? It includes a bevy of health tracking hardware such as a heart rate monitor, a pedometer and more. What kinds of activities can it track? You can collect data while you’re walking, running, biking, and even sleeping. The display sure does look beautiful even if the wonky horizontal form factor is a bit of a turn-off. How does the device fare in terms of performance and usability? Continue reading our Samsung Gear Fit review to find out. Overview Samsung Gear Fit Review Overall: (3/5)   Build: (3/5) Design: (5/5) Customization: (1/5) Functionality: (3/5) Compatibility: (3/5) At first glance the Gear Fit is absolutely beautiful. When you jump into the UI and start poking around that appeal doesn’t disappear. Unfortunately, the device isn’t quite as glorious as it seems. It features a 1.84” curved Super AMOLED display that sometimes works in a horizontal orientation and other times works in a vertical one. Samsung devices have never really had issues when it comes to the display, and the Gear Fit is no exception. The LED shows incredibly vivid colors and sharp contours. In fact, the screen is what gives the device most of its external beauty. The biggest downfall is that it’s difficult to discern in direct sunlight. Even in the special “outdoor brightness” mode... read more

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Review

I have to admit, I snickered a bit when Samsung announced they weren’t going to use the new Android Wear OS for their latest Gear models. The original Galaxy Gear was a decent device sure, but it had its shortcomings: mediocre battery life, an uninspired design, and a very limited supply of apps. That being said it was Samsung’s first attempt at a smartwatch, which means one should expect a hindrance or two. With the new Gear models, instead of using the Android OS designed specifically for wearable devices Samsung opted for Tizen – their own proprietary platform. That means the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit are all running on the same Tizen based OS. If you didn’t already know, the original Galaxy Gear was running Android under the hood. How did the big swap turn out? Well let’s find out in our Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Review. Overview Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Review Overall: (4/5) Build: (5/5) Design: (4/5) Customization: (4/5) Functionality: (4.5/5) Compatibility: (3/5) The Gear 2 has been improved quite a bit in terms of design. When it comes to the UI, not much has changed even though Samsung swapped the OS. In fact, if you sit the original Galaxy Gear right next to the Gear 2 the onscreen UI looks identical. The battery life has improved, but it’s still not at a point where it needs to be. The camera is about the same, but they removed it from the strap and attached it to the main body of the device – where it should have been all along. Despite the improvements... read more


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Smartwatch ModelMarket StatusBattery LifeiOS CompatibleAndroid CompatiblePrice
Acer Liquid LeapPre-production
AI Technologies AI WatchPre-production150 hrs standbyNoYes$279
AndroidlyOn Market2.2+$175.00
Apple WatchOn MarketUp to 18 hours5+No$549 to $1,099
Apple Watch SportOn MarketUp to 18 hours5+No$349 - $399
Apple Watch EditionOn MarketUp to 18 hours5+No$10,000+
ASUS ZenWatchPre-production4.3+~$99-$199
Citizen Eco-Drive ProximityOn Market1095 days5+$400.00
ConnecteDevice CookooOn Market274 days5+4.3+$130.00
Creoir IbisConceptYesYes
Dell SmartwatchRumored
Filip Technologies FilipOn Market2 days6+2.3+$199.99
Garmin VivosmartOn Market7 days$169.99
Google SmartwatchRumoredNoYes
HP Michael BastianConcept
i'm S.p.A i'm WatchOn Market.25 days4+4.0+$349.00
Intel Basis PeakPre-productionYesYes~199-299
Kreyos MeteorOn Market7 days4+2.3+$170.00
LG GOn Market400mAh (2 days)No4.3+$229
LG G Watch RPre-production410mAh (2 days)4.3+
LG Lifeband TouchOn Market2-3 days5+4.3+$149.99
Martian PassportOn Market7 days6+4.0+$299.00
Meta Watch Ltd. MetaWatch FrameOn Market6 days6+2.3+$229.00
Meta Watch Ltd. MetaWatch StrataOn Market6 days6+2.3+$179.99
MetaWatch M1On Market5-7 daysYesYes$249
Microsoft BandOn Market48 hrs$199
Momentum Labs MomentPre-production820mAh$229
Motorola Moto 360On Market320mAh (2 days)4.3+$249.99
Neptune PineOn Market.5-1 days4.1+$335+
Nicole Lapin CASHOn Market$139
Nokia FacetConcept
Omate TrueSmartOn Market4 days6+4.2+$199.00
Orsto X3On Market3-4 daysNoYes$399
Pebble Tech SteelOn Market5-7 days5+2.3+$249
Pebble Tech. PebbleOn Market7 days5+2.3+$175.00
PHTL Hot SmartWatchPre-production3 days5+2.3+$179-$249
Qualcomm ToqOn Market2 days4.0.3+$349.99
Razer NabuPre-production4-7 days5+4.3+~$100
Samsung Galaxy GearOn Market2 days2.3+$295.00
Samsung Gear 2On Market2-3 daysNoYes$299.99
Samsung Gear FitOn Market3-4 daysNoYes$199
Samsung Gear SPre-production2 days (300mAh)YesYes€299
Secret Labs House of Horology AgentOn Market7 days5+2.3.3+$249.00
Shanghai Nutshell Electronic Co. Geak WatchOn Market4.1+$330.00
Sonostar SmartwatchOn Market5 daysAny2.2+$180.00
Sony SmartWatchOn Market3 days2.3+$85.00
Sony SmartWatch 2On Market4 days4.0+$199.00
Sony SmartWatch 3Pre-production2 days (420mAh)N/A4.3+€229
Sony SmartBandOn Market5 days4.4+$99.99
SpeedUp SmartWatchOn Market20 hours7+4.0+1,499 IDR ($130)
VEA BuddyOn Market10 days, 2 wks standbyYesYes€249
Veldt SerendipityPre-productionYes$900
VTECH Kidizoom SmartwatchOn Market$59.99
WiME NanoSmartPre-production4 hr talk 120 hr standby4.0+2.3+
Won Rhee VachenOn Market2 days6+4.0+$169-$279
Yingqu Technology inWatch OneOn Market2 days4.2+$300.00