The Best Smartwatches for Under $110

Are there any cheaper smartwatches available? When it comes to buying a smartwatch, generally you hear about the big names like the Apple Watch, Android Wear watches or even the Pebble. Of course, there are plenty of other names too like the Neptune Pine, Razer Nabu... read more

How Secure Is the Apple Watch?

Is the Apple Watch secure? The Apple Watch does have a security lockdown feature, but it can be easily bypassed – without an iPhone – by design. This does raise the concern that the Apple Watch is incredibly easy to gain access to if stolen. Worse yet, thieves only... read more

Asus ZenWatch Review

When Asus first unveiled the ZenWatch, a budget-friendly, Android Wear powered smartwatch we were definitely impressed. Asus decided to go with a rectangular design and rounded edges, instead of a round device like Motorola and LG have done. Despite that, they somehow... read more

LG G Watch R Review

It’s difficult to imagine the G Watch R came from the same company that made the original G Watch. They are just so different from one another. The original G Watch is a great device, but it was wholly unispiring. There wasn’t anything particularly special... read more

LG G Watch Review

I’m going to tell you up front in our LG G Watch review that it is probably not the Android Wear smartwatch you’ll want to spend your hard-earned money on. If you have the luxury of purchasing several devices at will – and there’s nothing wrong... read more

Samsung Gear Fit Review

The Gear Fit is Samsung’s answer to a budding world of fitness tracking gadgetry. Of course, Sammy also included an optical heart rate monitor and native health apps in the Fit’s brethren, the Gear 2. The Gear Fit is, however a full featured fitness band similar to... read more

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Review

I have to admit, I snickered a bit when Samsung announced they weren’t going to use the new Android Wear OS for their latest Gear models. The original Galaxy Gear was a decent device sure, but it had its shortcomings: mediocre battery life, an uninspired design, and a... read more


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Smartwatch ModelMarket StatusBattery LifeiOS CompatibleAndroid CompatiblePrice
Acer Liquid LeapPre-production
AI Technologies AI WatchPre-production150 hrs standbyNoYes$279
AndroidlyOn Market2.2+$175.00
Apple WatchOn MarketUp to 18 hours5+No$549 to $1,099
Apple Watch SportOn MarketUp to 18 hours5+No$349 - $399
Apple Watch EditionOn MarketUp to 18 hours5+No$10,000+
ASUS ZenWatchPre-production4.3+~$99-$199
Citizen Eco-Drive ProximityOn Market1095 days5+$400.00
ConnecteDevice CookooOn Market274 days5+4.3+$130.00
Creoir IbisConceptYesYes
Dell SmartwatchRumored
Filip Technologies FilipOn Market2 days6+2.3+$199.99
Garmin VivosmartOn Market7 days$169.99
Google SmartwatchRumoredNoYes
HP Michael BastianConcept
i'm S.p.A i'm WatchOn Market.25 days4+4.0+$349.00
Intel Basis PeakPre-productionYesYes~199-299
Kreyos MeteorOn Market7 days4+2.3+$170.00
LG GOn Market400mAh (2 days)No4.3+$229
LG G Watch RPre-production410mAh (2 days)4.3+
LG Lifeband TouchOn Market2-3 days5+4.3+$149.99
Martian PassportOn Market7 days6+4.0+$299.00
Meta Watch Ltd. MetaWatch FrameOn Market6 days6+2.3+$229.00
Meta Watch Ltd. MetaWatch StrataOn Market6 days6+2.3+$179.99
MetaWatch M1On Market5-7 daysYesYes$249
Microsoft BandOn Market48 hrs$199
Momentum Labs MomentPre-production820mAh$229
Motorola Moto 360On Market320mAh (2 days)4.3+$249.99
Neptune PineOn Market.5-1 days4.1+$335+
Nicole Lapin CASHOn Market$139
Nokia FacetConcept
Omate TrueSmartOn Market4 days6+4.2+$199.00
Orsto X3On Market3-4 daysNoYes$399
Pebble Tech SteelOn Market5-7 days5+2.3+$249
Pebble Tech. PebbleOn Market7 days5+2.3+$175.00
PHTL Hot SmartWatchPre-production3 days5+2.3+$179-$249
Qualcomm ToqOn Market2 days4.0.3+$349.99
Razer NabuPre-production4-7 days5+4.3+~$100
Samsung Galaxy GearOn Market2 days2.3+$295.00
Samsung Gear 2On Market2-3 daysNoYes$299.99
Samsung Gear FitOn Market3-4 daysNoYes$199
Samsung Gear SPre-production2 days (300mAh)YesYes€299
Secret Labs House of Horology AgentOn Market7 days5+2.3.3+$249.00
Shanghai Nutshell Electronic Co. Geak WatchOn Market4.1+$330.00
Sonostar SmartwatchOn Market5 daysAny2.2+$180.00
Sony SmartWatchOn Market3 days2.3+$85.00
Sony SmartWatch 2On Market4 days4.0+$199.00
Sony SmartWatch 3Pre-production2 days (420mAh)N/A4.3+€229
Sony SmartBandOn Market5 days4.4+$99.99
SpeedUp SmartWatchOn Market20 hours7+4.0+1,499 IDR ($130)
VEA BuddyOn Market10 days, 2 wks standbyYesYes€249
Veldt SerendipityPre-productionYes$900
VTECH Kidizoom SmartwatchOn Market$59.99
WiME NanoSmartPre-production4 hr talk 120 hr standby4.0+2.3+
Won Rhee VachenOn Market2 days6+4.0+$169-$279
Yingqu Technology inWatch OneOn Market2 days4.2+$300.00